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Match day thread: FGR



  • With the respective fixtures those 3 all dropping points makes it a marvellous day. Especially Bolton on 95.

    Still an outside chance but if we can follow this up with another win or 2 who knows.

  • Is 'toothless up front' on the Gasroom bingo? Must admit good job we scored from set pieces. Job done but we need Vokes and McLeary back.

  • Agreed. Voles, Hanlon and Mcleary is a superb front 3 in this league.

  • Misspelling three players' names in one post... Are you going for the Gasroom record?

  • Could have conceded four? It was the most comfortable win of the season and Max was hardly troubled.

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    I couldn't deal with @wendoverman repeatedly spelling McCleary wrong, so went all in myself 😄

    I thought for a man of your sharpness "Voles" was the clue, as Voakes is the acceptable misspell.

  • I tried and failed to come up with a rodent-based pun on Voles

  • Did they have more than one shot? I agree with @glasshalffull it was a real stroll.

  • Looks like 78 points could be the holy grail for the Playoffs.

    Can we get 4 wins and a draw from the last five.

  • You must have seen a different game to me. Max saved a one on one. Max also saved one off the line from a corner. Both of which against better opposition could’ve resulted in goals being conceded. There were also multiple instances of the ball flashing across the six yard box where there was an opportunity for an easy tap in. I completely disagree that Max wasn’t troubled. Bloomfield alludes to these instances in his post-match conference.

  • If you truly believe that was anything bar the easiest game of the season, I don't know what to tell you.

    It was pre season intensity, and you can see why they're going down by a huge margin.

  • One of those teams that try to play neat passing football, but generally just aren't good enough to carry it off, and the move usually breaks down before they get it anywhere dangerous.

  • Lot of rubbish written at times guessing what level some players can play at but we've arguably played the best and worst teams in the league this weekend. Not sure the results places any differently to the table but 3 points is always good and some good info for Matty and team, hopefully this can shut up any suggestions that he doesn't get a good run at next year.

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    I agree with your sentiment but I interpret it differently. Yes, they are the worst in the league by a considerable margin. Yes, that was the easiest win of our season at pre-season intensity. But, it is quite alarming that they still unlocked us very easily on multiple occasions. We were frail in defensive phases of play. Fortunate to keep a clean sheet. Not the end of the world. We got the win that was necessary. Hopefully, we can push on now.

  • There was one spell where they had about 10 passes between their defence, then booted a long ball that went straight through to Max.

  • We didn't change position, but it's a massive lift seeing Bolton, Derby and Portsmouth drop 2 points each in games we'd have thought they'd win.

  • Burton on the opening day was easier

  • I thought FGR were poor, but agree with @frequentstander on a couple of their chances being edge of the seat stuff. Either way, I did feel incredibly untroubled aside from those two instances of sidling to the edge of my seat.

    Hopefully this can get our confidence up, Vokes and GMac can come back in to the team, and we can go on a tear. GA had us on a record 5 game win streak when he left, and we may need to match or beat that!

    Either way, we look locked in for no worse than 9th, which would be our 5th best ever finish in the league (four of which would have come under GA and then GA/MB) and would have been pinch-me territory a few years ago. Well done all!

  • Not an especially memorable game save for the post on here saying that Vokes must be injured because his wife was driving the car. I had to look out the window to make sure I wasn't back in the Middle East!

  • It was noticeable that Wycombe had to tweet that Tafa was benched because of a niggle. So imaginations didn't run wild.

  • We’re never more than a dozen posts from ‘Taf at Revs,’ are we?

  • We made a strong start to the 1st half and scored, then made a strong start to the 2nd half and scored. Not much else to report! Forest Green were very poor, although in fairness they certainly gave everything to the cause, as you'd expect from a Big Dunc team. Max did make 2 big saves, albeit one of these was right at the end of the game.

    Other results unexpectedly going our way was a boost, as was the return of McCleary. Really hope Vokes is back next week, as I suspect Morecambe will be a real battle.

  • Er, don't think I did say that old chap.

    Here's what I said: Saw Vokes in the car park before the game. Driven by his wife/partner. Either he isn’t even fit enough to drive yet or he’s planning on having a few bevvies later?🤷‍♂️

    No mention of the word "must". 😊

  • It was a stroll. We had a couple of opportunities to shoot ourselves in the foot but Lady Luck and terrible finishing kept our goal safe.

    But we need to work out Hanlan before his confidence evaporates with it any play off chance. He has shortcomings so we need to get him to play to his strengths and they are getting on the shoulder of the defenders and powering past. Back to goal he was beaten time and time again, into feet he doesn’t have the close control of Tjay, GMac, Freeman, Campbell and Wing. So we need to get him in the right places and get him the right ball. We literally have no other options so we need to get him firing.

  • How they beat Wednesday is beyond me because they were very very poor today. God alone knows what Ipswich would have done to them.

    I didn’t think we were great, Wheels worked hard and I prefer a long ball played to him than Brandon all day long. Josh did the business as ever. Some defensive worries at times but FGR have nothing left to give this year so I was never worried. GMac back is a great sight, please Lord send us Sammy V next week.

    We did enough and onwards we go. Three points next weekend, a slip by a playoff rival and it make a trip to Cambridge a must.

  • I thought Wing looked out of it today. Seemed pushed much higher up which stopped him having room to find good passes.

  • For those that weren’t watching the WW live stream (and apologies if it’s already been posted) but Vokes was on co-comms - he said he had picked up a calf injury at Burton (A) and would be “back soon” (in classic non-commital fashion).

  • I think we do have an option. For me, TJay and Hanlan are both playing in the wrong positions.

    TJay would be better in the No.9 role using his close control to get under the big centre-halves feet and turn them or hold the ball up for his team-mates. I think (although not certain) it’s where he normally plays and is better suited to that than playing a deeper role, but we’d need to learn to play it into his feet as he will win a few headers but not loads.

    If anyone saw Dion Charles’ outstanding performance leading the line at Wembley for Bolton in the Pizza Cup you’d have seen that you don’t have to be six foot plus to play that role if you’ve got the ability and your team mates are attuned.

    That would also free Hanlan up to play on the flank where he’d be much better off and Wheeler could then move inside either into the No10 role or as a twin No.8 with Lewis Wing if we keep playing the 4-1-4-1 formation we saw today, which worked reasonably well (against poor opposition though).

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