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Match day thread: Ipswich



  • We're going to get battered

  • (thank me later)

  • Strangely feeling fairly chilled about today. With our next 3 games should wins, although obviously it’s never that easy, Bolton and Posh have tricky away games today too.

    Going to treat today as a shot to nothing. Maybe 532 with as much experience starting as medical science will allow.


  • Probably the least confident I've felt all season, please prove me wrong lads, like you have done so many times !

  • Tough games for all us contenders today so the table could be anything by tonight. No question you’ve got the toughest game at Ipswich but you just never know it might fire your players up and if you do get something good on you. Going to Exeter won’t be easy for the Whites today either but hopefully we can continue the form we’ve shown recently against the Owls and Plymouth last Sunday and get a result. Hopefully the Rams and Posh will slip up and we can both benefit. Who knows, we might all lose and it’s as you were? I love this time of the season because you just never know how things will go!! 😉

  • Can’t see us getting away without a battering but be great to be proved wrong.

  • Can't watch the game today? Don't worry, you can see the teams again on May 29th.

  • This game is a free shot for us. The games after are the ones we definitely could win to keep us in the mix.

  • 30 minute delay on the a14 after Bury St Edmonds due to a lane closure.

    Ipswich haven’t conceded for 776 minutes - we don’t want to miss that JJ inswinging corner being deflected in of Brandon’s arse after 90 seconds. Followed by a 90 minute ‘bus park’ and Mad Max being born from the pitch on his teammates’ shoulders.

  • I wonder what kind of reception Blooms will get from the Ipswich fans.

  • Would be surprised and delighted if we get anything today. Would be tough anyway, but with the injuries even a draw seem unlikely. It's not all over even if we find ourselves 5 points off the plays at the end if the day, but even though I hate the term, Monday would become must win and we'd have to put run together. Not unfeasible if we can get a few players back.

  • Anyone know if you can watch Wanderers TV in the WW app?

  • The match is available to everyone in all countries today, not a Saturday 3pm.

  • The last battering I can recall was the 7-2 “reverse” away to Brentford, now (a couple of years later) challenging for a place in Europe.

    We very rarely do batterings, unless you define ‘battering’ as being by two clear goals or more.

    COYB indeed.

  • Let’s see the lineup now.

  • Gape on the bench is positive news.

  • No clue on the formation.

  • Not confident,

  • Gape back in from nowhere, but no sign of the "very close" brothers unfortunately.

  • Two seniors and five under 23s on the bench.

  • Maybe Forino is playing upfront.

  • Can’t see that lineup getting a battering. Just can’t see us scoring too freely!!

  • Interesting to see where McCarthy fits in.

  • 4-5-1 maybe?

  • Oh dear, a week of other senior players getting contract upgrades and no mention of these 'could' be a coincidence.

  • edited April 2023

    What are their fans saying about us?

    'Matt Bloomfield sounds like a name on a Dulux Paint colour chart'

    And apart from that the chat is how much they are going to win by and will they keep another clean sheet. One poster goes for 1-1 but every forum seems to have a person who doesn't like the team.

  • This is either:

    1) A late Forino header from a JJ corner to win 1-0 in a scrappy game we deserve nothing from

    2) We lost 3-0 comprehensively and all the other results go against us. Season over.

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