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Man of the Match - MK Dons (H)


  1. Who is your Man of the Match for MK Dons (H)?68 votes
    1. Stryjek
    2. Grimmer
    3. Forino
    4. Tafazolli
    5. Jacobson
    6. Scowen
    7. Wing
    8. Wheeler
    9. Hanlan
    10. De Barr
    11. Campbell
    12. Freeman (sub)
    13. McCarthy (sub)


  • Josh. Forino also excellent. Really really disappointed today.

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    Thought Forino had a decent game, Grimmer, Taf & JJ were mostly ok,

    Probably worst game I have seen from Wing, Scowen was below his usual standard.

    Up front Chem was ok in patches, TJ worked really hard, sadly Hanlan isn't a number 9 no matter how many times we try to play him there, Wheels was probably the one who stood out most as besides the 2 goals he worked really hard for the team.

  • Has 2 B Wheels.

  • Scowen head and shoulders.

  • Scowen below standard? Grimmer mostly ok? Wow, I must have watched a different game.

  • We all have our own takes, that is what makes life interesting....

  • not sure he covered himself in glory with MK’s first goal.

  • Scowen good and bad today. Don’t think he has been at his best since coming back from injury. Didn’t quite happen for Wing today either. JJ good, Hanlon and TJ worked hard but our set up wasn’t working for them and we reluctant to try something different. Has to be Wheels today for me.

  • I was going to go for Scowen who was as good as usual for me but mainly because he was as frustrated at points as I was that Hanlan and Campbell weren't pressing. But went for Wheels as he worked his socks off, scored two goals...almost secured an unexpected victory before some defensive madness.

  • I probably should give it to Wheeler, but still thought Scowen bossed it despite a couple of errors. If only we could involve Campbell for 90 mins and we would be firing.

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    Wheeler gets it for the 2 goals, other than that not really a lot to choose from.

    Who the f#%k keeps voting for Freeman ?! I mean seriously, come on

  • I’d say only Wheeler and Scowen can hold their heads high after that.

    I gave it to the former for his goals but Josh was the only player to still play to his usual high standards during our particularly poor start to the game.

  • I think you watched the same game as the majority of us to be fair.

  • Same as this. Can't look beyond a 2 goal guy in an overall disappointing game.

    And probably is time for the Freeman gag to end whoever is doing it.

  • A disappointing day despite finishing it 1 point nearer the playoffs.

    However we did look much the better team for large parts of the game against an improved MK.

    Wheeler the obvious MOM for me but I agree with some others that he may well be the better option up top with Vokes absent - Hanlan simply doesn’t look up to it as a no 9.

    Freeman should surely be starting, his experience really should put him ahead of either TJ or Campbell. I thought TJ was growing into the game wear as Chem was fading when the substitution was made.

    still 4 winnable games if Vokes is back soon. I’m keeping the faith….. just

  • Im not sure we can go to Portman Road on Friday with the 4-2-3-1 formation we’ve been using of late. We’ll just be too open and could get murdered. Whenever MK had a bit of momentum (first ten, just before their second goal) we looked all at sea.

    A straight 4-4-2 for me with Wheeler and De Barr up front, Hanlan getting up and down the right flank giving Jack Grimmer the cover that was lacking today and Freeman on the left.

    I know 4-4-2 is sometimes dismissed by the youngsters as football from the dark ages but there’s more and more teams going back to it - such as Aston Villa who have been outstanding since Emery came in.

  • Wheels for me. Harlan not a lone striker doesn’t work for me. I would like to have seen Forino up front for the last 5/10 minutes. I want to see us going for the win not settle for a draw. Did not understand McCarthy substitution at all. 😳

  • Having seen the highlights, brilliant piece of improvisation from Tjay to recover from the mishit and get the assist.

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    Agreed on TJ & Chem. TJ was the obvious sub early in the second half but just started getting himself into the game when it was finally made, whilst you could really see Chem had started to struggle.

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    Much as I admire Nick Freeman, I think someone must have been “‘avin’ a larf “ to vote for him as MOTM on the strength of a 15 minute substitute appearance.

    But he is too good a player to be limited to substitute appearances and I think he justifies a start now that he has regained full fitness (if not perhaps fitness for a full match, if you see what I mean) !

    Ipswich will be a different kind of challenge. A more sophisticated brand of football to which Nick is better suited. Tjay to replace him, if appropriate, as an energetic impact sub.

    Fingers crossed everyone for the return of Vokes and McCleary.

    I thought Anthony Stewart was outstanding. Their MOTM. Have him back in a flash.

  • It’s probably just me, but now when I see McCarthy running around like a man possessed I can’t help thinking that they’ve given Tom the (none)drummer a game!

  • I’d love to see the actual justification/constructive counter-argument for specific thumbs down. It’s pointless and of no interest to recipients/fellow Gasroomers unless, just occasionally, a glimmer of reasoning could be put forward. The conclusion has to be that none exists.

  • That’s the meaning of life nailed there @micra

  • You're just asking for it now @micra 😉

  • It’s the way I see it @Wendoverman.

    OCD/autism/pedantry combine to breed an unrealistic and obsessive tendency to think that I am always the voice of reason (as @glasshalffull once very flatteringly described me - a long time ago, mind !). I still cling to that belief but I’m clearly not seen that way by everyone and wouldn’t expect to be.

    I just wish people would occasionally show the common courtesy of explaining the reason for their disapproval of what I like to think are generally constructive and innocuous posts. I obviously exclude that Forino forward fiasco of a comment ! That was made in a moment of despair following the late killer goal against Barnsley and in the context of our inability to score more than the odd goal or two despite camping in opposition penalty areas. Although, not unreasonably perhaps, no one actually spelt out the reason for their absolute derision, I understand where they were coming from.

    PS @bluntphil did mention on commentary yesterday that Chris Forino played as a centre forward a few years ago.

  • Whereas I've come to the conclusion that giving a thumbs down rather than getting into a heated discussion about why their post is total cack is better for the soul young @micra . Hold your opinions and don't mither about the reaction of your peers (and others!)

  • He probably didn't claim he'd be a better option up front than Sam Vokes though did he?

  • Emery plays a 4-2-2-2 akin to that used by Hasenhuttl (and now Selles) at Southampton. It's a variation, but the flat 4-4-2 is largely dead.

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