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QPR sack Neil Critchley, let the rumours begin.



  • I really hope they say no after they've been for interview. I think we will find Dobbo the greater loss in the long run if they go. His attention to detail, recruitment strategy, player identification is going to be sorely missed if he ever departs.

    GA then moulds those diamonds into incredible atheletes and makes them achieve amazing things by instilling absolute belief in their capability.

    As a pair they are a force of nature.

    Fingers crossed they stay otherwise there is a strong possibility the wheels may fall off for awhile.

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  • Nathan Jones has just managed (albeit very unsuccessfully) in the Premier League and last year almost got Luton into the Championship play offs. He isn't coming to Wycombe.

  • I doubt there are many clubs queuing up to hire Nathan Jones at the moment. He’d be fortunate to get another Championship job this season.

  • If he is offered the job, he would be mad not to give it a go. He loves QPR and it is an easy journey for him and Dobbo.

    It will be a massive loss to Wycombe at the key time of the season but maybe our board have done a bit of succession planning.

    I really hope he stays to the end of the season though.

  • Well as an outsider and competitor for a play off place it would obviously help Wanderers for you to have some disruption but for your club I hope he stays for you. All clubs are vulnerable to losing quality managers and GA has proved himself umpteen times but when a bigger club comes calling it’s hard for even the most loyal managers to resist. As you say on here, you don’t want to stand in his way of a job he could succeed in and not having the disruption of moving home would also be an advantage. I hope for our sake he goes because I see you as our main rival for a top 6 spot but for your sakes I hope he doesn’t. 🤔

  • I think this will be when shit finally gets real for the Couhigs. They've been extraordinarily fortunate to land so firmly on their feet by coming into a club with Ainsworth as manager.

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  • Steve Evans 😂

  • I will be gutted if he goes. It’s almost impossible to imagine Wycombe without him.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he took it though. Loyalty counts for little in football.

    Even on this august message board, sacking Gaz was openly discussed earlier this season, and not just by the usual idiots.

    Couple of defeats on the bounce and we’ll be back to people groaning on about ‘no plan B’ and questioning his ability to plan substitutions.

    I suspect the big difference this time would probably be the waning interest of the Couhigs, coupled with the colossal rebuilding job that needs doing in the summer on a much lower budget. We might sneak in through the play-offs but that’s still very much a long shot.

    Equally, that has to be weighed up against the shambles that is QPR, with Sir Les roaming around in the background. Can’t imagine enjoying that when you’ve had almost total control for years.

  • Would be incredible nostalgia, but a real fear it didn't go well and taint the glory days a little?

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  • It wouldn't be his last chance at a Championship job though. Mainly because he's got a good chance of promotion by staying our manager this season. And clearly he'll have options in the summer too, when other Championship clubs make changes

  • QPR are a complete mess of a club - they've just sacked a manager after a matter of months, again. Of course Ainsworth is a legend there, but everything else about his management style and person seems completely opposite to everything QPR and their current ownership stands for. On the other hand we have given ourselves a real chance of sneaking into the top 6 this season. I think it would be a mistake for him to take the job, but would of course wish him well if he did.

  • Huge battle to get into the playoffs then 3 epic battles against giant teams to go up this year, faced with a big struggle to stay up against the odds again.... versus cruising straight into that division already with a much bigger club.

    It's certainly not exactly a mad idea leaving now.

  • We are currently 12-1 to get promotion this season (surprisingly high perhaps?)

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    MO'N as an interim doesn't seem out of the question, but I think anyone expecting a 'name' in the longer run will be disappointed. That's not to say we won't be able to appoint a good up-and-coming manager, but the main attraction of Wycombe has been Gaz and Dobbo - without them, we're really just another League One club.

  • If Gaz goes, which I don’t think he will, I reckon there would be a phone call or two to the Cowley’s…

  • Always amazes me how stupid with no actual knowledge some fans are... just seen someone post on the QPR forum.. "Ainsworth isn't isn't man for us, we need a good man manager who can get people going"

    Bloody hell, I'd love someone to tell me 5 better man managers in the league than Gareth !

  • Martin O'neill is over 70 years old.....

    This is real world not computer game football manager.....

    Why would we want an interim anyway?

  • How old is Warnock ? Won his first game back at Huddersfield at the weekend... how old was Ranieri at Leicester when they won the league... age is just a number

  • If he does go, then I want Disco Danny Senda in as boss.

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    I am not an expert but given the financial mess that is QPR do any of you really think they can afford to pay us compensation for GA & RD (because they come as a pair) especially after having to pay off Critchley at least some of his 3.5 year contract.

    They have flirted with failing profitability & sustainability rules for some time & cannot afford the points deduction if they fail them as that would pretty much ensure relegation to L1.

    Given that why would any sane person (& I consider GA to definitely sane) even consider QPR?

    Oh & I personaly think it is premature to be considering his replacement, Gareth is our manager for now.

  • Whilst wishing for these rumours to be baseless - in the awful event that they are true, we could do worse than to turn to Senda.

  • And caretaker is probably the correct term, but someone would have to unless we've already got a replacement.

  • Exactly. Huddersfield have just appointed a 74 year old Neil Warnock!

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