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QPR sack Neil Critchley, let the rumours begin.



  • I’m worried, this job (or Reading) would always be the logical next step for Gaz.

  • I just realized what doomed us - QPR listened saw Ian Evatt's interview and realized they could get all of the marginal refereeing decisions owing to GA's niceness. Who wouldn't want that?

  • Dobbo is part of Gareth, they're a package.

    Would be a heck of a step up to move from the development team to managing the first team.

    I'd have no idea how the Couhigs would even approach going for a new manager though.

  • He'd be mad to go, QPR are a basket case of a club... if he does go Bloomfield is his natural replacement.

  • The Couhigs would probably hire based on who likes adolescent rock n roll songs the most.

  • Saw that. Certainly not a good sign! But bookies aren't often caught out.

    And we've got a range of ITK so it's unlikely they've not got wind too!

  • Just can't get over how poor the timing would be for us. Winning 5 L1 games in a row for the first time in our history, and the bit well and truly between the teeth.

  • I would take Jasper Pattenden over Nathan Jones - at least it would be fun!

  • It seems to me that Ainsworths slow building of a culture “The Wycombe Way” is totally at odds with a club that has sacked its last manager after 12 games and is clutching at straws.

    But this is football and anything can happen.

  • If @thecatwwfc is calling it after the Mehmeti move then I am convinced it's on.

  • At least if we appoint an interim, Gaz can just come and take his old job back at the end of the season

  • Even in jest, there is a lot of truth to this - I don't think this will be the end of GA managing Wycombe if he leaves (unless he is absurdly successful and ends up in the PL).

  • Didn't Critchley only just win the QPR manager of the month competition?

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    Gaz to QPR and Pete Couhig takes over managing the team.


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    I'm sanguine about this.

    Assuming sanguine means crying and shitting yourself.

  • It does feel like this is finally it. The timing is awful for us, but at least we can all say that GA has left us on a high.

    The last two home matches have shown just how good he (and Dobbo) have become at tactical preparation with the squad in place to deliver it.

    He is getting better and better as a manager and in a season that hasn’t gone to plan has still somehow got us into a position where we can still dream of queuing up for 3 hours to squeeze onto a packed (but happy) train back from Wembley to Wycombe.

    Despite that however, we are probably long odds to get promoted and all he would likely have to look forward to is another season in League 1 with a much reduced budget.

    By all accounts QPR are under-performing so I am pretty sure he will feel he can turn that around.

    I just hope he doesn’t poach Josh from us!

    But he more than deserves the chance to move on, hard as it will be to see him go and near on impossible to replace him.

  • With the potential of Ainsworth going and it’s seems more and more likely, I fear the club has the potential to implode , not only this season but next with players leaving and the whole culture and fabric of the club changing. If he does go , I would use the compensation we would get and try and prise Bloomfield back to the club.

  • Bloomfield won't come back, surely he has more class than walking out on a club after a couple of months, a club that has also given him his first chance in management. Would be an awful look

  • This is going to be quite the disaster isn't it? Just when it looked like we'd make the play offs.

  • Gaz leaving would be a tragedy. This is the strongest and most formidable we've ever looked over the entire 10 years he's been in charge. I genuinely think we have a fantastic chance of promotion if he stays.

    He always said that it would take "something special" for him to leave. How does being QPR's third manager of the season (and working under Les Ferdinand) fit that criteria?

  • I know diddly squat about football management, but in any type of job, you would have to be slightly mad to join a company who sacked the previous incumbent after just 2 months.

    Not only that, but it's also possible that QPR could end up in L1 next season, while WWFC are playing in the Championship.

    GA would be well advised to stay at least until the end of the season, and if he continues to do as good a job as he has done so far, there will be better opportunities opening up if he wants to move on.

  • From both an Ainsworth and an us perspective I do think this would be one of the worst times to go out of all the occasions he's been linked with the job, but the ITK posters are putting their necks on the line after pulling some nasty rabbits out of the hat in recent weeks. This would be the worst of the lot.

  • If Gareth does leave, people are obviously worried about a new man coming in and momentum lost.

    Que, bring in Saint Martin till the end of the season. Attendances will go up, he knows the club, his style favours the direct approach.

  • Exactly. Logically, this feels like a very strange time. Having multiple ITKs supporting it is what really worries me. But it can't be a done deal yet? Gaz would surely want a few days to think it over and discuss with Dobbo? It's up to him at the end of the day, and his mind can be changed (I'm hoping so anyway)

  • Yep, was thinking the same, bring Martin in, he seems to have been around a bit lately, til the end of the season, then Gaz can come back in the summer when QPR get rid of him for not getting them promoted

  • Gareth is 50 in a couple of months. There will be limited opportunities to test himself at higher levels and earn a bigger salary while doing so. While he surely has job security at WW, it is not clear what budget and hence playing success he can expect here in future seasons. Perhaps this may be his last chance at a Championship job. Really difficult decision for him to make (albeit one he may have been approached about last week and made by now). I am sure virtually every Wycombe supporter would love Gareth to stay. If he gets the opportunity to go and chooses to take it, he will surely leave with the best wishes of all decent supporters. I suspect either way we will not have to wait to long to discover.

    If Gareth does go, his shoes will be huge ones to fill. Not sure I would want a club legend like Matt Bloomfield to take on what could well be a poisoned chalice. Insiders will know whether Sam Grace is ready to step up - if so he feels like a good shout.

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