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Man of the Match - Bolton (H)

Fantastic game!

  1. Who is your Man of the Match for Bolton (H)?92 votes
    1. Did not see/abstain
    2. Stryjek
    3. Grimmer
    4. Forino
    5. Jacobson
    6. Obita
    7. Scowen
    8. Wing
    9. Wheeler
    10. McCleary
    11. Vokes
    12. Hanlan
    13. Willis (sub)
    14. Freeman (sub)
    15. De Barr (sub)


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    Yet again a superb team performance, they all worked so hard & stuck to their tasks so well

    Max didn't have a lot to do & then pulls off a superb save late on

    Forino looked so assured first alongside Grimmer & then Willis who looks a great signing, JJ looked comfortable too

    Scowen was well Scowen, hardly put a foot wrong and grafted to protect the back 4 & almost scored for a second week in a row.

    Wing was solid too & what a shot for his goal

    GMac, Hanlan, Wheeler & Vokes were all good both going forwad but also getting back & helping out in defence.

    The subs were decent & TJay really is Samuels Mk 2 isnt he

    Wish there was a button for Ainsworth/Dobson because their tactics & set up of the team was what nullified a very good Bolton side & forced them to play our game.

    So hard to choose again, but gave it to young Chris Forino in the end .

  • Whilst Scowen (again) gave an MotM-worthy showing, I'm going to give it to Wing today. Took a while to get going from a passing perspective, I thought, but when he did...obviously a banger of a goal, but stroked it around nicely and did the defensive stuff well too.

    Hanlan - a massive pain in the arse and won a bunch of balls that he had no right to

    Wheeler - so, so good in the air

    GMac - again a good showing, great touches of skill

    Vokes - one of these days he's going to get a netbuster and then hopefully go on a scoring run

    but again, an excellent team performance all round,

  • Hanlan or Forino, went for latter who seems so assured whoever he plays alongside.

  • I think if Vokes had got to that late ball across the face from Obita(?), I might have given it to him for his effort. Some of his flicks and headers, one in particular back to Wheeler second half, are superb and it's a wonder we didn't make more from them.

    Eventually went for Wing, all round top performance capped by another stunning goal.

  • He’s here. He’s there. Quite surprised anyone has voted elsewhere!

  • One of Wing's best games in a Wycombe shirt. Very much the man of the moment from an attacking perspective.

  • Great performance all round,Max gets MOM fir that save at the end

  • I hate giving it to the goalscorer as it always makes me feel like those match day sponsors who only look up from their prawn sandwich when the goals are announced so always give it to a scorer. But, Wing was absolutely superb today. Feels like we've really found a way to make the most of his gifts lately.

  • Josh for me yet again. Covered every blade of grass.

  • Vokes. Absolute class today. Won everything

  • Went with Wing, but another game where it is hard to find someone undeserving!

  • Absolutely. I thought he also put in an excellent defensive shift today. My MOTM but a good case for many others too.

  • Scowen for me.

    Absolutely played his rival number off the pitch, which being a premier league "starlet" made it even more impressive.

    Wing is definitely a key player though, another really good game, and can feel hard done by on the above!

  • Again a real team performance with outstanding performances from all. I agree with others who have said that was Lewis Wing’s best Wycombe performance which he capped with an excellent goal. For that reason he shades it for me and gets my vote

  • Sir Josh of Scowen

  • Sensational team performance but the middle three of Wing, Scowen & Wheeler (who was seemingly playing 3 different positions at once) deserve special mention. Winning the midfield battle was key.

    Vokes’ work rate was very impressive and Hanlan was everywhere, causing their man mountain of a defender no end of issues.

    Defence played well throughout, lots of bodies on the line defending, that we’ve excelled at for so long.

    And, Max. Great save at the end (just work on that kicking)!

    Wing MOTM but everyone can stake a claim for todays overall team performance.

  • Almost convinced me to change my mind and give it to Josh again(!) but shall stick to my original decision. What a midfield duo they are.

  • Worth noting that part of the reasons Wing is currently excelling is because of the job Scowen does alongside him.

    Even when he’s not winning MOTM polls he still has a part to play in who does!

  • Yep, Wing's ability on the ball is definitely above this level, and I think even the biggest sceptic has come round to understanding that now.

    However, Scowen is probably THE key player in the whole squad and when he was out it was a huge loss.

  • I work in the basis that’s it’s Josh every week and this week no different. Could have easily have been Wing or Wheeler or even Hanlan. But I went for Forino. So little game time against one of the most potent attacks in the league at the moment. He was imperious. Just need to keep him fit and the sky’s the limit for the lad.

  • I never quite worked out whether Wheeler had been given a man marking job or what, but he was really popping up everywhere. The lovely thing about that though was how the rest of the team reset around wherever he was so there was always someone covering him. Also, he seemed to win a ridiculous number of headers today - maybe that’s what his roaming was all about.

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    Wheels was 100% on aerials today (6/6)

  • This is what makes Wheels so special isn't it? He never seems to be playing a position, but wherever he turns up on the pitch you're glad he's there.

  • Josh is MOTM again - but I’ll vote for Lewis as he deserves the tip of the hat for an outstanding day.

  • It is crazy that Scowen is so good that we all look for reasons NOT to give it to him!

  • I gave my vote to Wing with Scowen and Hanlan a close second.

    All very different roles yesterday but all performed them with aplomb.

    We are so lucky to be achieving such success in League One, let’s hope for a money spinning Playoffs at the least to keep our spending to income on a sensible level.

  • I went for Wing but blimey we’re very good as a team. And what about Tj. Good times indeed.

  • Playoff monies, tv and Wembley gate go into a pot to all 24 teams don't they?

    They're not as much of a money spinner as we'd all have thought.

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