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Stop the Split for Derby



  • Makes perfect sense when you see it writ down like what you just done @MorrisItal_

  • The Family stand bit is a farce here and neither fans get the benefit, we couldn't sell tickets there to fans without children so 250 odd seats weren't sold and home fans were forced to relocate.

    The additional allocation was welcome and Wednesday fans appreciated it.

  • My usual seat in the Frank Adams was warmed by an owl last Saturday. Watching the game from the other end was akin to viewing the match through a mirror and it was horrible! Everything seemed back to front (sadly, the scoreline wasn't an illusion). I understand the desire to maximise matchday revenue and maybe my opinion is skewed because I was directly affected, but the inconvenience of moving does alter your mood. When the Origin stand was handed over to the mackems I was equally peeved for our locals who are generally way more regular than me and had to migrate to our side. I'd be interested to hear their thoughts now. Possibly a little smug?!! The visitors' stand is approximately a fifth of the ground capacity and I believe that is more than adequate to house any club without having to disrupt the home supporters. The character of a ground is defined by it's architecture and layout and it's atmosphere is created by putting the right people in the right seats.

  • All of this is looking rather silly now with the swathes of empty seats set to dominate that area of the stadium tomorrow.

    An attendance north of 7,500 looking unlikely.

  • Whilst there maybe many seats still available, I still think the correct decision was made.

    There is a real segregation concern due to the recent administration and shenanigans involving the the two clubs. It makes perfect sense to keep fans in separate stands due to this alone. I appreciate that majority of Derby fans will be extremely well behaved and will bare no ill will. However, if just 5% of fans decided to play up and had tickets in that stand, then that could be as many as 50 people potentially causing issues. I think the club have taken a sensible decision on this occasion and it's just not worth the risk, especially in the family stand.

    It's half-term. In my group, there would have been 12 attending this fixture in term time due to the attraction of playing Derby. However, there is only 1 of us going as the rest are away. I'm bringing one mate to at least reduce that slightly. Only one of the 11 missing are STHs.

    I'm sure there are plenty of others "missing" this match due to half term.

    I expect the attendence to be just under or over 7000 unless there is a massive rush for sales today.

  • The issue is a reduced away allocation will mean it’s more likely away fans will be in home areas, and that poses a far greater risk given the bad feeling between the clubs.

  • It's not a reduced away allocation though. The standard away allocation is 1800. Derby have been given the full allocation.

    We occasionally increase that by 800-1000 dependent on whether the Origin Stand or Frank Adams is used. However, that is dependent on a number of factors. The primary one being safety. So far, I can only remember 4 occasions we've provided additional allocation in league matches since opening in 1990.

    Sunderland, Sheff Weds, Ipswich and I'm sure there was one other around the Sunderland time, was it them two seasons in a row? Happy to be corrected if it's more than 4 but it is definitely not into double figures. So, in 600+ league games at AP since 1990 we've given additional allocation in 1% of matches.

    On this occasion, it was deemed "unsafe" as far as I'm concerned to provide the additional allocation.

    Whilst there are ways around it, you cannot buy tickets for this game unless you already had an account. It is restricted online. There may well be some Derby fans in home ends but that may still have been the case even if they'd been given the addtional allocation.

  • We've given Pompey fans extra seats in the main stand before

  • But yeah, it would have been utter madness to increase Derby's allocation

  • It used to be standard practice pre Dreams Stand expansion in 2001 to give away fans a couple of blocks in the old main stand.

    Over the years we have also given the entire old main stand to Luton, Port Vale and Aston Villa. I remember Watford being given the entire family stand in 98 (?) as well.

  • Thanks for the update! I think I remember the Luton game now. Villa would have been one of the cup games?

    The old main stand corner was always reserved for away fans wasn't it? I seem to think we didn't sell home tickets in that section so no one had to be moved. Possibly from when we had a terrace at Hillbottom Road end, so there was a seating and standing option.

    Was away studying from 97-00 so have probably missed some there!

  • @Vincey: Splitting the Family Stand definitely disadvantaged Wycombe supporters with young families, the portion left for Wycombe fans sold out for the split Ipswich and Sheffield Weds games and the seats sold in this stand for the Derby game already exceeds those that would have been available if split.

    This and the reasons above make me sure that the club has made the right decision.

    Shame about it being half term for this week. It will certainly be interesting to see what the actual attendance is. I have a feeling that it won't seem too sad or silly on the day.

  • If my memory serves me correct, you are right I had a season, I think it was 95/96 in that fathers health had reached the stage where he needed to sit at matches rather than stand on the old Woodlands Terrace, so we relocated across the pitch. They were always away fans in the seats to our left from where we were sitting every game felt like an away game! Fortunately, the following season they built the Frank Adam stand, so we are able to move over to the other side

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