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Club shop rip-off



  • POTD.

    When you've watched WWFC at Loakes Park with no more than 500 other supporters, when we were no more than an average Isthmian League team, being beaten at home by the likes of Windsor and Eton, and run by a committee with seemingly no ambition to move forward, you put any current shortcomings into perspective.

    OK, so this season may have seemed a bit flat at times compared to the previous few, and there may have been some misjudgements with things off the field, but none of that has stopped me doing the 100 mile round trip to AP. When I think where we were in the mid 80s, there's simply no comparison.

  • Floyd and NewburyWanderer have perfectly encapsulated my own thoughts. We have enjoyed unprecedented success for a club of our size in recent years and we are still very much in contention this season. We started poorly for a variety of reasons that have been well chronicled on here, but we are currently just two points behind the playoff places. Imagine being a fan of that other club in Buckinghamshire who find themselves in a relegation position just a few months after facing Wycombe in the playoffs. Things are by no means perfect, but they could be a whole lot worse and I’m pleased that some people are prepared to acknowledge that.

  • There is only one Shell station up that way, just along the road from the girls High School, and that isn't the Old Turnpike, which is Esso I believe, the meeting point for many a potential new signing. 😉

  • Ah, I went to the loo after, that's where they were! 😉

  • Things are by no means perfect, but they could be a whole lot worse, and they'll continue to get worse as long as we keep driving fans away and stopping them spending money with the club.

    Fixed that for you @glasshalffull

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    The last sentence in meme form.

    the dogs fine because he’s got he’s hat, a cup of coffee and he’s not dead yet. But the smoke and fire is suggesting things aren’t as rosey as they could/should be.

    But sure, it’s important to acknowledge things could be worse.

  • So tell us what would make you feel more positive about your club.

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    Not treating us like mugs with a £51 badge would be a start.

    remember that cheerleader debacle they did? They listened, recognised that it wasn’t going to fly in the future and haven’t tried it since. Trying not to obviously rip us off and almost be vitriolic about it by quoting increased revenues and margin would also be a great start.

    ”sorry, we got that one wrong” would go a long, long way.

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    Also, the issue for me is they are making it feel less and less “my” (or rather “our”) club and more and more “their” club.

    That may well be the reality of the situation of them buying it and owning it. But you can forgive people for feeling less connected because of that fact.

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    Are attendances significantly down this year? Genuine question.

  • Probably difficult to get a definitive answer if season tickets and subscription numbers are included even if people don’t turn up. It doesn’t feel like they are (pure subjective that of course) but they may be buoyed by last season.

    next season maybe a better barometer.

  • Season ticket sales seem to be a good barometer of people's commitment level, everything else being equal.

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    but also to show I can be positive:

    They have their pricing for under 10’s spot on imo. There is no better or cheaper place I can take my two who are 5 and 7 on a Saturday afternoon than the Family Stand for 3 quid a ticket. Literally the best priced entertainment going.

    And they now want Wycombe shirts for Christmas. Which after Pete’s comments to me almost made me not get them. But as that would be punishing the kids, so grandparents are getting them instead.

  • I don’t necessarily agree with everything you have said, but I respect your opinions and thanks for the feedback.

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    Yes and no for me. It’s a barometer of how the previous season(s) went, not the current one. Although that water has been muddied somewhat with our subscription model.

    It would be interesting to see if that’s dipping. But anyone with about a million subscriptions for apps and tv streaming services know companies have to do something pretty fundamentally wrong for people to actually bother to sit down and audit the subscriptions they have (I’m talking about you Netflix and CCP for the eveOnline players out there). Most just let it auto roll over each month thinking “I’ll use it more” because the average consumer is fundamentally lazy. Not to call @ReturnToSenda lazy but he did rather highlight this point in this very thread. People will let a subscription roll, even if they don’t use it because….reasons.

    which, btw is another example of excellent business sense the couhigs do have. They know a monthly subscription is less of a thought process than a yearly big bill for a season ticket 😉

    see, I can be positive about them and there business sense to make a profit and criticise when things are also on fire. The glass doesn’t always have to be half full. It can be half empty at the same time.

  • @TheDancingYak This has actually reminded me to audit my subscriptions, so thanks 😂

  • THat 'dog' looks too coked up to the eyeballs to worry about anything

  • If I was to cancel my subscription for a month or so then restart it, would I have to give up my Trust membership? Does being a Legacy member confer any voting rights or status anymore or did that go with the vote a few years back?

  • I genuinely struggle to believe everything we are being told, when what actually appears to be happening can sometimes be quite the opposite.

    We will run the club Sustainably = £3m loss this season.

    I'd certainly be a lot more positive if they announced they will cover that loss through capital investment and not loan notes.

    I'd be more positive if I knew we will cut our cloth accordingly next season if we don't get promoted or don't get any more capital.

    I'd be even more positive if they understood that mid L1 is hugely successful compared to the rest of our history and that being in the Championship would be magnificent but highly unlikely sustainable even if we were there for a few seasons.

    I'd be more positive if they acknowledged that to fill the home ends our home support would need to almost double. This may happen but I just don't see it happening in L1.

    Bring back the player interviews in the Vere Suite after the game.

    Bring back meal deal for £6 and chips for £2.50 in the Vere Suite before matches.

    Bring back the 50/50 half time draw.

    There we go, just a few things that could be done, some really don't require much effort.

  • I really think the season ticket subscription idea is an excellent idea that the owners have put in place. I am not entirely convinced that the season ticket pricing is perfect yet but doing encouragement deals without p1ssing off existing STH is always a difficult balance. Post pandemic it would have been a nice thing to introduce Blue Light pricing for example. I know a number of Blue Light workers who are loyal to the club but can't justify as ST due to shifts.

    My other commitment to the club is Wanderers TV which I have now ditched. Not enough content for me to justify I'm afraid. I had a vision of what it was going to be and it is not that. But that's not to say it won't be and I won't return.

  • Indeed, Subscription is an excellent and forward-thinking idea on many levels. For both the consumer not needing to find a big lump sum every year but also for the supplier because they know people are likely to forget about it after a few months because it becomes one of the many accepted outgoings each month while looking like they are being ultra-modern, forward-thinking and flexible.

    That is in no way a criticism of the club as I am sure you can read that as me implying they are being sneaky. I'll repeat, it's an excellent idea as it can benefit both sides. Just the consumer has to be on top of it and any small increases that will inevitably come

  • They got away with the season ticket hike because of promotion.

    Whacking it up to £500 for the Frank Adams seats for league 1 would have been insane otherwise, but we've sort of let it go because we did go up in between.

    The subscription idea is genius in a way, but how many existing season ticket holders took the chance to move away from a one off cost to monthly, reducing the traditional big pot of wad in the summer? Is it a high percentage?

  • I don't understand why the Trust can't organise and run the 50/50 draw to boost its own funds?

  • I suggested it at a Trust meeting but it was quickly dismissed as no longer relevant as they have a monthly draw.

  • Can I run my own 50/50 lottery then? Happy to stand on Hillbottom Road with a card machine that fits in the palm of my hand to make a few quid. Literally only needs to connect by Bluetooth on your phone.

    Its genuinely so simple I’m amazed it’s not done. Glad to hear The Wanderer is finally going to do this

  • The ability to purchase chips in a football stadium that managed to do so for over 25 years.

  • Have chips stopped entirely then?

    I know quite a few bigger clubs don't bother, but then imagine the operation needed to dish 1,000s and 1,000s of portions out every game.

  • And bearing in mind Americans love them it seems very strange the Couhigs effectively banned them.

  • Whilst never intended to replace the 50/50 ticket draw as such, we took advantage of a 'gap in the market', when the Trust launched the QBC Draw last year.

    Half of each £2 paid goes into the prize pot.

    So 40% of total income is paid out each month (currently standing about £770) with 10% going to the rollover bonus. Should the blue quarters ball be drawn then that bonus is paid, currently standing at an extra £3500.

    The other 50% (less card fees etc) goes to Trust funds to support the club as and when required.

    You can pay monthly through Square . Full details here

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