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Club shop rip-off



  • That’s a slightly different matter. They kinda have a captive audience once someone at the ground and hungry so a premium price for an average product makes “sense” (in a maximising profit kind of way)

    Dont think there’s many people/times when someone’s got to the ground and only just realising they need to buy a coat.

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    Not at that price I didn’t.

    I’d get a much nicer one for less money. Which is a shame isn’t it. Because I would have spent money with the club and now I won’t 🤷‍♂️

  • To be fair, it is an excellent coat that has kept me warm during this cold snap. However I wouldn't have paid over £100 for it (it was brought as a birthday present!)

  • They'll be the same people you see in the luggage shops in airports

  • Not sure about your captive audience point. I have been coming to Adams Park/Loakes Park for over 40 years and I almost always bought food and a hot drink at a game. Since the Couhigs upped the cost and reduced the quality, I now always eat before I come out. So much for improving the "matchday experience".

  • That’s why I added the word “kinda”. Eating at home before/after a game is always an option but if you’re hungry once at a place you’re more likely pay a tenner for a burger due to convenience than £106 in the highly unlikely event you forgot to bring a coat.

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    I think I would prefer to buy the coat rather than 10 burgers🤠

  • I’ve heard and seen so many people in the same situation. I should really do the same, for me it’s not the price but the rubbish quality and lack of options.

    When they had different and/or better food each week I was OK with it. Funky Elephant in particular was excellent.

    I’m curious to know if having the same 2 crap options (average sausage & burnt onions for £7 or £10 for the most foul smelling fish & chips), alongside their BBQ (Just about OK food at scandalous prices), is a conscious decision or they’ve simply priced out the other vendors.

  • You do wonder why the much heralded invitations to loads of exotic food vendors have suddenly disappeared.

  • I appreciate that vegan van stopped trading but it was that kind of imaginative fare that got my daughter and I going down earlier and spending time mooching the shop and beer tent.

    With the current offerings we go to the ground at closer to 3 and eat at home before and after.

    As others have said, it’s quality and choice that people value. Price, to some extent can be overcome if they get the other bits right.

    We used to give the club money through a fivers worth of 50/50 tickets and a programme but they don’t seem to want that income from us anymore.

  • Like others in this thread I no longer buy food at the club or buy merchandise. Subconsciously the pricing must have hit that point where I don’t find it reasonable. My circumstances haven’t changed, I didn’t make a deliberate decision I just don’t. And when I see the pricing banded around I can see why.

  • When I’ve brought non-footballing friends to the ground, interestingly they haven’t been put off by the prices of the concessions. However when I’ve invited more seasoned football followers they’ve balked at the menu and decided not to bother.

    I guess they’ve been exposed to lots of different clubs catering and something about what we’re offering just seems a step too far for them.

  • Linda gets our money now, whereas in the past we may have had the meal in the Vere Suite or just the generous portion of chips they used to do.

    She must be doing a roaring trade and at decent prices. I do hope she keeps those prices though, as it is good value for what she serves. This is what the prices should be inside really.

  • Sat up in the Woodlands last week, was interesting to see the how the food and drink works up there

  • Like others, I have previously spent a bob or two at AP but now choose to shop elsewhere. Bring back a choice of real ale at reasonable prices and I'll get there early and help to swell the coffers.

  • I have been in conversation with the Trust re pricing of merchandise. Whilst it’s a club decision, we have two seats on the board which enables us to have our voices heard.

    To add to what others have said, I was a season ticket holder last season but I’m more than happy bring an armchair fan this season. I haven’t been to a single game and I’ve also skipped my annual trip to the club shop for Christmas presents.

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    I've not spent a penny at the club since the Couhigs took over, everything so expensive. Got lots of merch down the years and eat and drink in town.

  • If the comments on here are magnified by 1000s across the supporter base it's pretty worrying isn't it?

    Maybe it's not. Maybe a lot suck up the prices without worrying?

  • I still pay for a subscription but have barely been this season and generally don't engage much anymore. But I've felt that way for the best part of a year now.

  • The saddest part of it all is thinking back to my childhood. I had the kits, I had the posters, I had flags, hats, scarves… the future generations probably won’t have that as it’s less likely to be affordable for their parents. It’s not often these days you see someone walking around town wearing something related to the club.

  • Didn’t Pete say on twitter that the merchandise was doing record numbers this season? Perhaps the posters on this thread are the minority.

  • Yes but how long have things been ‘recorded’ for?

  • In the early 90’s we actually had a small catalogue for a couple of years when the shop in town was on the corner by the old bus station. Sorry but Pete wouldn’t have a clue what was sold back then.

  • He said higher revenues (more money taken?) and a better profit percentage (higher margin?))

  • Whatever's happening, it's not going to touch the sides of our massive losses though is it?!

  • The gasroom has history for being no reflection of the overall Wycombe fan thinking, but on this one that does sound odd.

    Our owners have made many comments about how x, y and z will be the best in the league/country/world etc.

    And our own twitter feed have pumped out, dare I say misleading stats at times. Like the one where they suggested a game was a "record" crowd, which turned out to be for that month, counting only home fans, excluding a certain game, and buying on the day. Or some real convoluted but technically accurate info.

  • Now this is worrying, as with all the love in the world you're an absolute obsessive.

    And if the obsessives are losing interest we have a big problemo.

  • Idk if it's just that other stuff has taken precedence and going to the football has become less important to me, but I don't feel like I'm missing out on much at the moment - even when we're winning.

  • It is quite possible that the people bemoaning the current state of affairs (including myself) is just a case of us leaving football and not football leaving us. Holding onto the past of a pint of real ale, a nice plate of chips pre-match whilst flicking through a programme was 'my football' and it might not be everyone else's football today and today's football is the new owners focus. I am probably becoming THAT GUY who stood behind the goal at Loakes Park who scorned when the first talk of Adams Park came around.

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