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Ipswich Town (H) - Saturday 17th December 2022

Think this is unprecedented - away fans in the top tier of the Woodlands stand



  • I’m going to have to move 😢

  • £25000 extra revenue

    if it can be done safely without disturbing too many STH, why would you not do this (and give yourself the headache of stopping away supporters buying tickets in home areas?

  • Segregating the family stand (which doesn't currently have a pitch perimeter fence) should be fun...

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    Also a very good way to irritate a lot of loyal fans at a time when they're pissed off enough as it is

  • I'm still wondering why we jeopardised winning £41,000 in the FA Cup by not playing our strongest team.

  • Sticking a load of rowdy away fans next to young fans and families we want to encourage back seems really sensible, too.

  • Just seen this and watched the video of Rob stating this isn't for financial reasons but more for "added excitement." Bollox.

    He says they will do this for a few other games also, maybe even Portsmouth, which to me has been f*cked about with due to the TV too much already. Really not happy about giving away the FA stand.

    Does he not get this might piss people off? People have their ST seats for years, getting to know other around them and have running jokes over the years.... seems Rob just doesn't get the traditions that are bound up in football.

    ...Might add some spice to what might already be a spicey evening this Wednesday.

  • Not coming to that then.

  • Absolutely Clueless, disgrace that ! Is he just trying to completely piss everyone off this week ?

  • Does this leave the families in the family stand with only one kiosk and one set of toilets between them?

  • We’re no longer little Wycombe, except when a bunch of big time Charlies bring some day trippers then we are, thanks Rob.

    When is that vote.

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    Next: removing the roof for a full-on American experience. This might be the worst thing he's ever done.

  • I don't have a huge issue, per se, with doing this to increase revenue. However, we really shouldn't be moving STHs and if I had a ticket in that area I would not be best pleased. If I had known this was the plan I could at least decide to move for the whole season or come to terms with moving for a few fixtures.

    If this was a future plan in the close season then we should have kept those 6 blocks free to allow sales to away fans for any home game and only sold tickets to home fans on a game by game basis, so as not to move STHs.

    These additional tickets should only really go on sale 10 days before the fixture if we don't need them for home fans.

    I'm sure the family stand would probably sell out for Ipswich, Weds and Portsmouth.

    Plenty of grounds have both sets of fans in one or two stands, so it can be done safely. They could also only sell the family stand tickets to Ipswich fans who buy a junior and adult ticket together as a condition of sale to that area.

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    Although I’m not personally affected as I sit in block P I know a lot of people who will be and they will not be happy. The club seem to be bending over backwards to annoy supporters at the moment.

    I would suggest that the honeymoon period is well and truly over

  • It looked like A B K and L were not on sale for a few games earlier in the season including Plymouth. Have I got that wrong?

    Assuming it can be done safely, it always seems a shame to me when people who want to watch a game cannot do so even though seats have not been sold.

    I can see the logic in not wanting away supporters sitting directly above home supporters - especially home supporters kids.

    it would be better if Ipswich families were directed towards the seats in the family stand. I presume this is the intention?

    Couhig does have a tendency to spin unconvincingly. This is not about the “experience”. It’s about grabbing £25k of extra revenue that would otherwise be lost. Best to just be straight and honest.

  • If it was about the “experience “then offered cheap tickets to the kids like they did against Morecambe. No it’s about money may be a case for that but at least be honest

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    Out of interest, who thinks their 'matchday experience' has improved since the Couhigs came in and started banging on about it? Personally, it's not a concept I'd ever considered before - I go to watch the football and what happens on the pitch is all that really matters - but I get that feeling that for a lot of people it's become worse and that is important to them.

  • To be fair new floodlights and the big screen.

    on the other hand same smelly old toilets queues for the kiosk and you can’t get a match day programme.

    So overall not really

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    Food is either crap or expensiv, so don't bother. Getting Rebellion in is one bonus, but the "village" is basically now just an outside bar in a tent. So I'd say still slightly better than when they turned up, because we didn't have have it then, but not amazing or anything to shout about, I can see why the Hour Glass is busy on a matchday still

  • I assume your ST wasn’t affected by this decision.

  • Don't see the problem with it myself

  • Some questions I have:

    1) Who made the decision?

    2) Were WWT consulted?

    3) Were any STHs affected consulted before the decision was taken?

    If concerns weren't raised at point 2, then point 3 would have nipped it in the bud, or at least allowed the club to come up with a way of compensating those affected.

  • This might be a completely false memory, but I believe Wolves fans had a block in the upper tier for the 00/01 FA Cup 4th round tie as well as the lower?

  • My season ticket seat has been sold to an away fan, which is most definitely not an improvement for my match day experience. Having said that, I've barely been this season because when I have, between the closed kiosks, terrible food at sky high prices and the dire entertainment, everything has been awful. So, no, it hasn't improved, and as of right now there's not a chance in hell that I'm renewing my season ticket.

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    I don’t have a problem with it. I’d rather they were tucked in the corner than all the way down the old main stand side like we have done before for Luton/Sunderland etc.

    Realistically in those blocks there’s going to be what, 100 st holders, maybe? It’s not where mine is but I wouldn’t have a problem moving for 2/3 games a season.

    If the development plans go through and we ever got back to the championship this may become the normal away allocation. Which again, I don’t have a problem with

  • All I can say is they’d better not try that v the team from Milton Keynes when they visit Adams Park. Personally I’d give them just 950 tickets in the away end as a maximum after the Play-Off Semi-Final 2nd leg.

    I think WW need to capitalise on all revenue opportunities as long as it doesn’t affect or upset loyal supporters. There’s a healthy degree of BS from Rob Couhig talking about improving the atmosphere. It is all about the money. Ipswich supporters are usually quite noisy but I doubt will be a problem.

  • You must’ve been on the mushrooms at the time. I was sat up there and the only Wolves fans in there were on the sly.

    They were in the lower tier (family stand) though.

  • Apparently some blocks weren't opened up to ST holders in the first place for this reason?

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