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Match day thread: Bristol city (League cup)



  • Glad to see Al Hamadi get a goal. Great celebrations.

    A lot of the rest of the game felt like a bit of a drudge though. Certainly a difficult competition to get too excited for.

  • I was engaged until the triple substitution put a pin in it and I remembered the result wasn't the bit the management were bothered with. Silly me I guess.

  • The 1st half certainly was rather dreary. Don't think either side produced much to get excited about. The 2nd half was much livelier and both teams improved and made for a decent game. The subs didn't really help us though. Taking off Forino and Mehmeti made us weak at the back and lacking creativity up front. Understandable, but frustrating in terms of watching City take control of the match from that point. Fair to say they were the more dangerous team even before that though.

  • It was a disappointing and unnecessary raising of the white flag at a point where the game was potentially there for the taking. It then had its inevitable consequences.

    Had we won last night we’d have had a home tie with Lincoln in round three and a chance to get to the last 16 of a domestic cup competition.

  • I am very hopeful with AAH. Let's face it - players often need a run in the team to gain confidence and rhythm. I remember Gape coming back from injury and looking out of sorts for a couple of games. If AAH gets some minutes with Vokes out I could see him looking better at a more rapid pace than expected. That goal won't hurt, for sure!

  • Raised the white flag? The substitutions were planned in advance to protect players who will be needed for the upcoming league games which are far more important. We wouldn’t necessarily have had the same number as Bristol City in the draw so you can’t assume that we would have been at home to Lincoln, much less assume that we would have beaten them.

  • The ball numbers were determined before the game - I think they're based on tie order like in the FA Cup

  • That’s correct, the draw numbers were released earlier in the day so yes we would have played Lincoln.

    I didn’t assume we would beat Lincoln or Bristol City and didn’t say so. I said we’d have had a chance to get to the last 16, which is a perfectly valid comment.

    Its actually quite disappointing to learn that we had pre agreed plan to take those players off last night regardless of the circumstances.

  • It was a pretty clear indication that they weren't overly concerned whether they won the game or not though wasn't it?

    I think if Anis had stayed on we'd have won last night, for what it's worth

  • If you were manager and the medical staff told you that the younger players could play no more than 150 minutes between Wednesday and Saturday without risking overload injury, what would you have chosen to do?

  • Did that happen?

  • My mistake if that’s the case but it never used to be that way.

  • Ok, what on earth is going on here?

  • He jumped on his back to celebrate and fell off

    I was a bit concerned at first, fearing a Steve Morrow/Tony Adams type scenario

  • Reverse wheelbarrow racing is dangerous.

  • I was just pleased to know it was a 20 min trip home rather than the 4hours 20 after the Northampton game!

  • edited August 2022

    It sounds as though the likeliest candidate to be this season's Mehmeti/Forino may be Pattenden?

  • It looks a bit that way. He’s an extraordinary extrovert character, too.

    I’d like to think Ali Al-Hamadi is also very much in the running.

  • AHH looks a proper talent, based on what I have seen he has more about him than Mellor (who is not a striker imo) if vokes and Hanlon are out for mid to long term we need a striker as not fair to rely On AHH

  • They both scored good goals in the League Cup...and Mellor has an assist in the League. They are both new young players and except for devilment cannot see why one has to be played off against the other. I assume one is 'non-league LOL' ?

  • AHH is a proper number 9 and you can tell by his movement and physicality, old fashioned in the mold of vokes , I'm sure Mellor will come good however seems to be a box of tricks and needs to bulk out and add more nause to his game

  • Thats exactly what i thought when ive seen AHH, very much a throw back to an old centre forward, maybe not as tall as most traditional number 9's, but certainly quicker. and looks to have a strikers hunger.

  • I like AHH a lot but I don’t feel he is yet at the standard to deputise for Vokes. I still feel we need a new CF if Vokes and Hanlan are to be out for a long period.

  • He is also quick and powers past people, could see him playing alongside Vokes when we are chasing things.

  • Surely it's AAH, rather then AHH?

  • Given his background and all he must have been through, it's impossible not to root for him isn't it?

  • Whatever we decide to call him, Ali looks a real trier and deserves to be successful. By all accounts he wants to learn and puts a lot of effort into his training, so he’s got my support for sure.

  • Agreed.

    I can't have been the only one who wondered if he was some kind of "engagement" signing, but I like bits of what I've seen so far.

    Something quite De Barr esque likeability wise, but with slightly less aggression, but perhaps slightly more to offer?

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