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Match day thread: Bristol city (League cup)



  • Will no good players ever stay at Wycombe during the summer or the transfer window?

  • Pattenden looks a great player

  • Oh my days Obita. What terrible defending

  • Thats a shame, keeping an eye on the score and the thought of pens was distracting me on the train from some hideous entitled children running riot while their hipster parents look on admiringly. Not often I hope for some sharp braking on the train.

  • More horror defending. Who the feck did that????? Jeeeeeez

  • Pleased Al-Hamidi got a goal, they all played well to get us back into it, but the gulf in experience & class showed in the end.

    No shame on our part

    Now to focus on the league

  • You are the Wycombe owner.

    Championship club bids £1,000,000 for Mehmeti.

    What do you do?

    You are Mehmeti.

    Championship club offers you £5k-10k per week compared to the £1k - 3k/week you're on at Wycombe.

    What do you do?

    So answer to your question unless we can offer the same wages - is...."no".

  • I have no regrets that we are out of this competition.

  • No-one is going to bid that much for the Albanian Messi in my opinion and if they did you're right...hands would be bitten.

    I also doubt he would walk straight into a team paying those sorts of wages and playing regularly beats warming a bench.

    I hope to be proved right!😁

  • No shame in being beaten by them. I've always wondered when they will/if they will ever make the jump to the Premier League.

    Big club and always had a good following. Semenyo was linked with a £12-£20m move away not long ago. That's the difference.

    I remember when Mickey Bell was my favourite player as a kid. He went to Bristol City and we played them at home shortly after his move. Their fans taunted us with "we've got Mickey Bell" chants all game. They packed the away end and I remember being devastated as a kid.

  • Their owner is one of the richest guys in the country, although idk how much he's pumping in.

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    If he can produce Scott Twine levels of consistency over the course of the season then I genuinely think we could get more than £5m for him. I'd be pulling all the stops out to extend his contract beyond 2024 to bump any fee up.

  • Only listened this evening but sounded like a good run out for some of the Development guys. Pattenden seemed to be involved a lot. Al Hamadi got his first goal, Wakely got a full game and appeared to make some good interceptions. Liked what I heard tonight COYB

  • I'm worried about JJ, lost track of the amount of errors he's made already this season

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    Kind of doubt we'd have the game to turn down bids around the million pound mark so it probably wouldn't get that high but in the spirit of the original post not every player who impresses or gets linked goes immediately, let's enjoy him while we have him.

    Good to see Ali get a goal too, and would love to see that one nugget a season return from the Dev squad / cheap young signings turn into a club defining production line.

  • When is Mehmeti contracted until?

    Nothing but respect for players that have been knocked back and gone on to better things. That takes some big character.

  • 2024, I believe. We either get him for two more years or get some serious cash!

  • Absolutely @Shev

    Their first goal was a handball/bad goalkeeping from TD.

    How did Jack Young play?

    Another observation/question, is our pitch shorter this season?

  • Pattenden very good, Al Hamadi worked very hard and deserved his goal. I hope his injury doesn’t keep him out for long. However, being absolutely honest, you cannot play with such a weak keeper and get away with it. I have been very supportive of Tyla but tonight he was very weak indeed.

  • Ainsworth out.

    Embarrassing club.

  • Disappointing to have been knocked out but the triple substitution screamed that our priority is Saturday.

    I thought both Forino and Mehmeti oozed quality. Saw plenty of potential in Jack Wakely and Jasper Pattenden, the latter particularly after switching to right back. Adam Leathers was very neat and tidy with the ball after being introduced.

    Plenty of work to do for Dickinson and Al-Hamadi to do. Dickinson has no control over his penalty area and doesn’t want to come off his line. Al-Hamadi worked hard but was too passive, didn’t get his head up and wasn’t in the right position too many times.

    Obita’s defending for Kane Wilson’s goal was appalling. We’re not looking great at full-back right now with Jason McCarthy and Joe Jacobson looking like shadows of their former selves this evening.

  • Definitely some horrendous defending going on here, though Mehmeti’s goal setup is a delight:

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    Did Pattenden remind anyone else of Dannie Bulman?

  • Pattenden was man of the match for me. Some excellent stuff from the young lad tonight. Happy for al hamadi to get himself a goal....

    Hmmmm.... anything else??

    A very youthful side and some fringe players got a run out....

    I think that's it for any positives....

    We move on to the league

  • I thought the youngsters all equited themselves well. Biggest disappointment was that it was the senior players who made the crucial errors. Really poor from Obita for their 2nd goal and likewise from JJ for the 3rd.

    Liked the look of AAH. Decent in the air and won some good headers. Also some good hold up play. A work in progress, but showed real promise.

    No complaints on the result. We started the 2nd half well, but City then went up gear and the clearly pre arranged subs on the hour mark seemed to me to show where our priorities were.

  • Torn over tonight to be honest.

    Some great performances from some of our younger players against a more experienced side.

    Looked good until the triple substitution ripped the spine out of the team.

    Left the ground wondering if I'd been conned in to watching a training match. We do know how to disrespect a cup match.

    Finally though great to see Jason McCarthy back on the pitch and not surprised by posts already writing him off.

  • Agree with a lot of that, although I think you're being more generous to Wakely, and far more harsh to Al-Hamadi than I would be.

  • I had a such a grudge against the whole city of Bristol for a long time after the Mickey Bell thing. It felt really unfair. I refused to even consider going to university at Bristol even though it was many years later. It all seems a bit odd now and I quite like going to Bristol.

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