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Badge talk

Seeing as it's one of our favourite pastimes, I figured the Gasroom would probably appreciate this...



  • All your own work I see, Tom. Haven’t looked at all 90 (?) but 74th seems commendable.

    Have to admit, I’m not into badges - hence what is probably a crap comment!

  • You're playing all the right notes, just not necessarily in the right order.

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    I should point out that I didn't have absolute discretion over the ranking

  • There were a few very surprising rankings, I have to say. Enjoyed it a lot though.

  • Really enjoyed that, thanks! It would be interesting to get some graphic designers from another country to vote on it.

  • All mine bar the intro. I didn't realise quite how many clubs 92 really was until I did this - a bit of a slog!

  • It was good work indeed. A lot of satirical material found for that many badges!

    A couple of notables I would have had much higher: Plymouth and Blackpool. Beautiful badges. The top ten or so were mostly undeniably great, with Barrow being the only one I could not understand.

  • I find absolutely nothing to argue about in the conclusions reached in this far-reaching, well researched article.😄

  • Puns win prizes (no idea how I never spotted the bee and arrow thing before)

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    Wolves always seem to be right up there in any assessment of badges, and deservedly so. A bit superhero-ish, but still great for all that. Forest's is iconic too.

    It would be interesting (maybe only to me!) to have a Gasroom head-to-head voting tournament for all the badges, to see who would win.

    I grew up when the Panini albums were a huge thing for schoolkids, with my first one being the legendary Football 86. Probably owing to the impressionable nature of childhood, I always feel as though the top flight teams in that edition "belong" there (aside from Oxford and Luton, of course) and also love any badge from that top flight that has remained the way it was then (aside from minor tweaks, perhaps). So Forest, Southampton and Birmingham City get top marks, but Sheffield Wednesday's badge saddens me.

  • Excellent study, this definitive work should be referenced under each match day badge thread as a critical guide going forward this season.

    Oh and if we are to get higher in the ranking our swan needs to be reclining on a Parker Knoll.

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    I did once have someone mock up our badge with a swan on a desk chair

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    I am sure our opponents would lobby for our badge to be a broken stopwatch and a football looping over the nose of a plane.

    It would be fun to redesign other clubs' badges, come to think of it.

    Oxford: An ox in a hall of funny mirrors which makes it seem much larger than it actually is.

    Plymouth: Sailors in the Mayflower whining about the tactics of a pirate ship before it has even fired a cannonball at them.

    Sunderland: A black cat in an alleyway looking down on the other alley cats, because it once lived in a nice house.

  • MK franchise could be a swag bag, encased by a hideous Wankleman floppy haired Corinthian Wreath.

  • The only badge I would rate much differently to their choice is the Forest 'nuclear explosion'. I never have liked it so would place it nearer the bottom than the top.

  • Franchise should be 92nd, obviously (if not just ignored completely)

    Birmingham was the outlier for me. Absolutely love that badge.

    And I'd have had Southampton as number 1. It's perfect

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    I have a few rules when it comes to badges. Firstly, it should have a degree of gravitas. Referring to local industry is good, to a nickname not so good. On the latter score therefore Bristol Rovers badge deserves to be somewhere near the bottom of the pile. And if you are going to refer to local industry don't make a cods of it - Swindon's steam engine is a real mess (no excuse as they have a railway museum in the town) and they have a robin in the shield so straight down to the relegation zone for them. I agree on Barrow's badge - looks like the College of Arms have rolled their sleeves up and got really stuck in.

    As for Burton, I think you've been way too harsh. Although they break my first rule, they deserve to be at least mid-table if only for not taking themselves too seriously and giving everybody a laugh.

    I'm afraid ours looks like the result of a project given to next door's thirteen year old in the early stages of GCSE Art to come up with a football club badge. Surely we deserve better.

  • Speaking of which @CarParkPete have you seen the badge now being used by John Hampden? it is an abomination for a school that should be proud of its technical back story.

  • Just looked up the Johnny H badge....not sure I like a panicking swan as a logo.

  • Agree that our current badge looks like dreadful clipart output.

    I'd like to see a coat of arms based on chairs, swans and a fat mayor on a weighing scale.

  • I’m happy with our badge. Familiarity breeds content. Familiarity also breeds, full stop. Ask any lollipop person.

  • Oo that's grim, although I suppose there is a precedent for the black swan as the mill pond in Little Missenden had one for some years until its demise 5 or 6 years ago. Heraldic animals are supposed to look stately like the lion of Scotland. The JH swan just looks as if it's waddling off to get its lunch...

  • Our badge is superb. Although if the swan was shitting on Derek Adams I think the morale of all supporters would improve. Sort it out Couhig.

  • Looks more like someone has kicked it up the backside...

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    Out of interest @ReturnToSenda , were you commissioned to do this list, or did you take inspiration from the match day thread comments of recent seasons?

  • Yeah not sure about Forest being the best badge. Our badge is pretty thoughtless to be fair,

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    They already had it in the pipeline and put me on the case - I didn't actually expect to end up doing all 92. I'm not sure if they've done this list before, but we once appeared on their list of the worst badges in the world...

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    Just opinion, and you're guaranteed to get people talking (and accusing you of having an agenda against THEIR club) whatever ranking you come up with for things like this! Forest fans seem happy, though...

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