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Euros 2022

Well here we are 2 days after the most momentous event in English football for decades, England winning a major trophy and not a peep from the Gas Room. I wonder why? It is because it has taken England's Women to show the men how to do it and having a coach who has shown tactical nous and not afraid of making big substitutions in a game. Oh how we could have done with that during last year's Euro final.

for me the last 3 weeks of football have been a joy to watch. No obscene chanting, no drunken brawls, no temper tantrums from the players. Expert punditry and excellent female commentators.

I expect there will be some fireworks now.



  • Peeps in several threads. But well done them. Again. Great game. No need to make silly comparisons with the men's game. Can just enjoy it for what it is.

  • The ‘other football,’ thread has discussing it all tournament.

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    What he said. But well done @bobbyblue finding a totally spurious point to have a go at people about

  • I'm going to light the fireworks now to celebrate the funniest attempt to have a dig at gasroomers of the season. This one won't be beaten.

  • As others have said a strange attempt to have a pop

    @drcongo & myself, as well as others, posted regularly in the "Other Football" thread about the Euros, in fact I pretty much posted a comment about every game played.

  • I'm imagining someone who only visits the gasroom 6 times in 7 years has no idea what has, or hasn't been mentioned elsewhere.

  • You did indeed, sir.

  • I think it’s even more extraordinary that someone who has visited the Gasroom six times in seven and a half years (subject to confirmation as I seem to remember that the figures in personal profiles can be misleading) should suddenly be inspired to hold forth on something which had a fair bit of coverage on separate threads at the time.

    I can vouch for the fact that my 7,220 visits are genuine. Some may say “is that all ?”

  • To be fair to @bobbyblue, he's posted some good comments on pubs in the past and anyone who does that is alright by me.

    for me the last 3 weeks of football have been a joy to watch. No obscene chanting, no drunken brawls, no temper tantrums from the players.

    And I'm not sure this bit has been remarked upon before. I'd never attend an England men's game as I simply can't put up with the jingoism, "patriotism", flag shagging and general obnoxiousness of so many of the fans. I'd happily go watch England women though. I was also struck by how little diving and play-acting we had to put up with.

  • I've never been to a senior men's game (just a couple of U21 matches 10 years ago or so - dirt cheap and a chance to go to new Wembley) for the same reasons, and the Euros have just reinforced my aversion. Hopefully the women will have another Wembley game soon.

  • Don't know how much truth there is in this but, a mate of mine told me last night that the average time spent on the floor/grass by men is 30 seconds longer than the ladies. That is pretty much my take on the whole saga.

    The men are "Pansies" but I could be covering up for my abuse or their MH issues eh! 😁🙄😂

  • Does your mate watch with a stopwatch @EwanHoosaami ?!

    I’m only posting this in case anyone thinks I’m the mate in question.

    I only watched the England games. It seemed to me that the women spent a lot more time on the deck than the men do and often two or three in a pile.

  • Sadly, one cannot help but think as the women's game becomes more popular the drunken patriots will eventually see another opportunity to ruin things. It's football innit don't bring your kids if you dont want to hear banter (obsene swearing), see fighting, etc etc. It did seem a strange thing for @bobbyblue to have a go at the Gasroom about though.

  • In amongst some of the largely good natured banter about the women showing the men how it's done etc, I hadn't realised that the England U19s actually won their Euros a mere month ago!

  • I fear the women will soon adopt male shithousery.

  • Did you see the last ten minutes? 😁😁 Gareth would have been proud.

  • I freely admit that on the whole (other than my beloved Chairboys) I prefer to watch the women's game & absolutely loathe both PL & CL, predominately because of the levels of cynicism & cheating.

    The women's game is different from men's football but the level's of skill, tactical nouse, fitness have all hugely improved over the last few years and the general level of sportsmanship is second to none. I sincerely hope that the success of the Euros & England's win on Sunday leads to more people taking in a few WSL &/or Championship games along with greater financial investment.

  • Didn't look superb sportsmanship when one particularly tall England player was telling her opponent to"[email protected]# off" , or the last few mins of time wasting.

    That looked very reminiscent of the men's game.

  • think you mean "managing the game out" don't you? 😁

  • No @micra he got the stats from a mainstream outlet though for the life of I can't remember which one!!!

  • That "particularly tall player" was Jill Scott mate, an England legend. This is like describing Harry Kane as some gormless blond bloke.

  • I must to admit that the English lass looking over the shoulder of the German lass trying to read the (presumably) German note handed round near the end made me laugh out loud.

    have to say it has been an absolute delight to watch the last few weeks. The skill level seems to have improved dramatically from a few years ago and I love how they appear to have the freedom to make mistakes. Loved the amount of times someone tried to dribble past their opponent one on one even if it rarely worked.

    listening to some of the players comments post-match though I am now convinced that the main motivation for reaching the final and winning the cup was so they could have a damn good piss-up.

    which to be fair is exactly as it should be. Full respect

  • I was at the game, absolutely brilliant atmosphere and I genuinely didn't see one dickhead amongst the 90,000 crowd

    But I've been to plenty of England's men's games and I've enjoyed those as well. It doesn't have to about which is better all the time

  • Quite right.

    The tedious comparisons are an absolute bore.

    Is it really so difficult to support both the men’s and women’s teams for what they are?

    Embarrassing levels of virtue signalling going on from people declaring they don’t like the men’s team because of the behaviour of the fans. It’s like saying you won’t go to the pub anymore because there are a couple of drunks that end up brawling outside.

  • I really enjoyed watching the Euros and in particular the England team, but I agree that comparisons with the mens game are pointless. I wonder if the new found enthusiasm for womens football will be reflected in increased attendances at club games which are currently very low?

  • Delighted that this has become a point of discussion. Loved it. Watched every England game and a few others. We were brilliant at times and a joy to watch.


    Don't make comparisons with the mens game. It does either no credit. We don’t compare other elite gender separate sports like cycling

    Don’t politicise it

    Don’t say fans are better

    Just celebrate it and celebrate the players and all behind it

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    People's reasons for not wanting to physically go and watch the men are quite valid - we've all seen the trouble that goes with it. Doesn't they mean they can't still support both teams.

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    Who's said they don't like the men's team because of the fans?

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