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Nico Yennaris

I know we are still all smarting but I thought Nico had a real good game and what a superb loan signing he has been this season. I for one would love to see him come back to Wycombe next season, either for a further loan or maybe as a Wycombe player.

I know Sam Saunders is the bigger name, and it would be great to have him back also, but Nico would be a real catch if we could get him.



  • You wouldn't get many games out of Saunders, wtf happened at kick off, threw us a serious curve ball. Never saw the challenge or foul on Saunders it was that quick.

  • best player on the pitch by a mile, sadly everyone else would have seen that too so makes it more difficult to get him back

  • I think Southend were determined to stop us getting off to a flyer as we did in both games against Plymouth. The guy that jumped on on Saunders was 3 yards in our half before we'd even kicked off!

  • Yennaris was my man of the match by a long way.

  • @Ciderk1d Southend player ran into our half before kick-off was taken, Saunders hesitated and got stomped.
    As for Yennaris and Saunders I've been hugely impressed by, sadly I think the only way we were going to keep them was if we got promoted.

  • I highly doubt we'd be able to afford the wages of an established senior player on championship money, Pierre was still a youngster but Saunders and Yennaris would be a different story. Mawson? Maybe, but he's bound to have attracted the attention of bigger clubs.

  • In the sun..they said nico had a quiet game! 6/10..but also gave saunders 6/10 for 2 seconds on the match..ludicrous. .star man in the whole match was JJ..8/10..

  • Sky gave corr man of match yet sun gave him 6/10 as they said alfie had him in his pocket. .all about opinions I guess..
    Would love if nico stayed. .would also like the rest of the loaned to stay..guess we will have to see.

  • Yennaris or Holloway for MOTM.

  • Wouldn't want to choose between any players. All played a part and a big well done to them all.

  • Yennaris for me

  • I thought Bean was outstanding. And I usually moan about him....

  • @Tom said:
    I thought Bean was outstanding. And I usually moan about him....

    Really? I thought Bean was poor.

  • Bean did a tidy job, as he has done for the last few games.

  • If the season had been the last 5 games bean would of been player of the year. His penalty was also excellent under the most pressure

  • Nah..Bean decent over the last few games. Played in a position that is new to him..give him credit..

  • Keep them both.. but Bean was probably my man of the match

  • At last, I've been observing the posts all day on players performances, waiting patiently for Bean to get a mention. Personally, since his move to right back, I believe he has been outstanding & believe he had a very solid game yesterday. I feared for us when they put on the very direct Miles Weston against Beans' flagging energy levels, however I thought he coped extremely well. Bean will be a very good asset for us next season as he can "multi task", in midfield and defence.

  • 5 to 10 games ago, people were abusing Bean and booing him, pretty shameful stuff amd now he is a hero, has there ever been such a big turn around in a few games for a player?

  • Steven Craig?

  • Steve Brown

  • Joel Grant

  • Took a while for Brownie but certainly a classic case of villain to hero

  • Can't understand the animosity towards Bean. Was class at Wembley and other games too. Even when he is having an off day you cannot fault his commitment. Surely this is all a fan can ask for after watching the Dean Morgans of this world playing for our club!

  • Yennaris stood out as clear man of the match for me. There's a lot of 'Scowen' in his game, which is sadly why he's probably too good for us in League 2.

    Part of me is still dreaming of a repeat scenario of the Pierre news last summer, this time with Mawson. That would be a signing to top them all.

  • @WWFC_AE said:
    Ciderk1d Southend player ran into our half before kick-off was taken, Saunders hesitated and got stomped.

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks that, maybe I'm over thinking it, but I do wonder if that wasn't a pre-planned move on Southends part. They knew exactly where they were going before the ball moved.

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