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Attendance Prediction / Discussion - Burton Albion (h) - Sat 30th July - Match 1

Yonder sky is lightens, slowing turning blue and this thread is a sign that sunthing is just below the horizon and that the warmth of a new season will be on us.

How many will be there to greet it, full of anticipation and hoping to either bask in its glory or at least preparing to enjoy the odd sunny interval?

All are welcome to predict the attendance on Saturday, the closest prediction gets crowned 'Forecaster of the Week' on here. I have the idea that this should be a forecasting competition and I have the view that increasingly the actual attendance is more knowable as kick off approaches, unlike the score , which in Wycombe's case is not knowable until at least10 mins after the game should have ended.

I will again run a very similar season long competition where what counts are the best ten of your predictions over the whole season. This will be free to enter, but I would also encourage all to also join in @DevC's excellent score prediction charity contest which I will post on very soon so it too reaches the top of the gasroom.

Can I also give a shout out for @railwaybeth's 'King of the Mountains' competition which closes in 5 days time when the season starts! It requires a prediction of the top five home and away attendances for the season and a punt on the games with the highest attendance for each calender month. I am going to post on that thread too to bump it up the list before it is too late.

First game last season was Accrington at home which attracted 4551. Burton at home last season was a Tuesday night and had an away crowd of 102. So with all my fingers in the air I go:

5149 with 222 Brewers.



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