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Josh Blunkell signs



  • Could have been surprise at the thought @Wanderers82 actually has a season ticket to watch a team and manager he has struggled to support or post more than 'this is shit' about during the last few seasons at least. I assumed he just set a timer for 3.38 every game and pressed 'post comment'

  • Perhaps a better way to think of the transfer 'window' is that if there was no such restriction, when would it be best to have the core of the team (surely the keeper) in place? That would surely be in time to get coordinated for the first game. I'm not too comfortable about where we are right now and don't think we are making great decisions for a tilt at the play-offs.

    It also seems telling that three quarters of the posts on every thread are old blokes tediously arguing about each other and not the team and the season ahead. It shows how little we are looking forward.

  • At what age is someone too old to have an opinion btw? And where do they list people's ages?

    I think most people would have preferred for us to have got a few more in and got a position or two sorted earlier but have seen enough of how we organise ourselves to have a little trust and understand why this isn't always possible or the only or best option.

  • Perhaps us ‘old blokes’ are a little more understanding of our club’s place in the football hierarchy and a little less impatient when things don’t happen immediately. Perhaps we also place e little more trust in a manager who has guided us to three play off finals in seven years.

  • For every business to be successful you need a dreamer, a realist and a worker. Sometimes one person can cover two of those roles.

    In this context, Rob is the dreamer at Wycombe. Always challenging the team and fans on what could be achieved. Pete C is the realist, looking at the facts and figures and presenting what could be possible based on the numbers. Gaz/Dobbo are the workers, straining every sinue to not only make the realists predictions come true but actually shooting for the dreamers vision as well.

    You need all three types to be successful. Without the dreamer you cannot strive for better, you don't get bought into their excitement. Without the realist you end up like Derby. Without the worker you under achieve. All three complement each other and form a strong leadership team that can deliver. Each person can have a little of the dreamer, realist and worker in them at different points but it is important they agree on the way forward.

    As much as Rob C has said we're smashing for autos, most of us are probably more realists than dreamers and believe that really auto's is maybe beyond us (until The Player arrives) and I would even argue our stretch this year is the play-offs again. Perhaps that comes because, for most of us, our experience of Wycombe is more than the last three seasons (the most successful in our history) and is probably 20+ seasons.

    The squad is good, we need a GK and another CB, do we need them now? Well only results will tell. If we lose three or four games before getting players in before the window closes, then it may have been a poor decision. However, if we win 3 or 4 games without them then it has no material impact on the season.

    I'm really happy with the squad we have, I'm happy if Dickinson starts the first few games. I'm happy if we only have Forino / Taf for first few games as long as they stay fit. If we lose Dickinson, Taff or Forino to injury then it is a risky strategy to not get anyone in. It maybe a risk worth taking if we get someone amazing at the end of the window on smaller wages etc, etc.

    I also don't believe getting a goalkeeper in late doors will have any impact on our performance. We've had plenty of emergency loans who've been terrific at only a days notice.

    It's going to be another terrific season, if we finish in the top 10, it will be our 5th best season EVER. Imagine that!

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    "It's going to be another terrific season, if we finish in the top 10, it will be our 5th best season EVER. Imagine that!"

    I'm not going to lose the plot if we don't make the play-offs, but we've got to be setting out standards higher than this.

  • especially if both GA and Rob are aiming for autos !!

  • We have? Rob has said autos, most of us think play-offs but equally if everything doesn't go to plan a top 10 finish would be our 5th best season ever. As you say, you're not going to lose the plot and neither am I.

    With the squad we have a top 6 is a possibility but let's face it Sheff Weds, Peterborough, Barnsley, Derby, Bolton, Ipswich, Pompey, Charlton are all arguably on same or better budgets than us (once Derby satisfy EFL needs). Plymouth, Oxford and Franchise will also be similar to us. That's 12 teams all vying for 6 spots.

    I haven't even mentioned Bristol Rovers, Port Vale or Shrewsbury who could all provide a surprise this season as well.

    I'd be chuffed with a play-off spot, autos would be unbelieveable given the teams in the division.

  • We've got our best ever squad and we're coming in off the back of a season where we got 80+ points in what I think was the strongest league 1 ever (still think we blew a golden chance to get automatic promotion personally).

    I'm not one for blind optimism but I don't understand any reason to be pessimistic about our chances. I'm expecting a decent tilt at the top two but a play off place at the very least.

    If you can't believe in this manager/squad then you never will. That Franchise game where we comprehensively played off the park one of the very best teams at this level was two games ago.

  • we have 2 GK with Zero experience, we have no back up to Taf and Forino , these are potentially huge problems , mid field and attacking we are good, defence and GKs don't lose you matches, Dickinson may be good however you blood hin in not start him as number 1 in League season when we had stocko last season!

  • What makes you think Vale might spring a surprise? Genuine question as I've been going over them for a piece I'm writing and, as things stand, they're weaker than they were last season. Wondering if I've missed something obvious as they're being widely tipped to go straight back down.

  • Maybe yer mind goes blank after midnight. Can’t understand people coming on the Gasroom after midnight meself.

  • Maybe I'm being too pedantic, but I struggle to understand how anyone could argue the squad right now is stronger than the squad at the start of the summer containing Stewart and Stockdale.

  • When you realise what you’ve written is crap, the only way to clear the comment box is to delete and post. That’s what I just did.

  • Yeah, it definitely isn't - but it might well be come the end of the window.

  • I tend to agree with you @Last_Quarter however I do trust the process and that it'll all come good in the end. Stewart and Stocko have been amazing players for us and have been massive loses for us and I think their departures will be felt at some point during the season. However, this is now the time for someone new to step up, either from within the squad or have been brought in to fill that gap. If they have been brought in, I'd prefer it to be a signed player rather than a loanee who will be a stop-gap.

    Where the line is crossed is when people are complaining about our lack of ambition while knowing little or nothing on the signings that we have made. Give them a chance before broadcasting your views that our transfers aren't good enough or have wasted resources, I think that's what is annoying a lot of people here

  • So you think defence and goalkeepers don’t lose you matches. Not at all sure about that but, if that’s what you believe, try to relax a bit. In any case, I’m sure we’ll have ample cover in that area once the season gets under way.

  • Arguably not stronger but definitely refreshed compared with the depleted squad (as a result of injuries to key players and Wing’s suspension) towards the end of last season. And not forgetting the welcome return of:

    Nick Freeman

  • @SolR people arguing with each other (old or not) is more or less EVERY football fan forum.

  • I'm a big fan of only buying a season ticket because the chairman said we were going to go up. Twice. Personally I only bought mine because he said the toilets were going to be improved.

  • I'm not sure I buy your visionary, realist, worker triumvirate but accepting the principle for the moment, I'd say you mischaracterised the three key protagonists. Surely Rob Couhig is the realist, regularly warning that we have to live within our means, looking for ways to maximise value from assets. Pete Couhig (slash the current commercial management team given he's hands off now) are the workers, delivering on what Rob mandates. It's Gareth and Richard who are the visionaries, working with limited resources yet always surpassing expectations.

  • One club that no-one expects to do well, always tend to spring a surprise. They've got a reasonable supporter base, club seems to be through it's financial woes from the outside and Darrell Clarke has experienced something I wouldn't wish on anyone. Perhaps all that together might just create the type of dressing room and culture that pushes them on this season.

    Nothing more than that, haven't looked too much into their squad or signings but as we know with GA/Dobbo it's not what the squad looks like on paper it's what they do on the pitch.

  • Fair enough! The Clarke aspect is a very good point - I hope they do well for that reason.

  • The fact is most clubs are going to be disappointed this season (not just because of losing to us)...that's football. To have a club and a good squad to watch pushing for promotion is not to be sniffed at. Until a ball is kicked anything else is pure conjecture...good players could disappoint, new faces could surprise...and so it goes on and on. Only @trevor and @Wanderers82 offer nothing new.

  • It is a very strong league this season and very hard to call. The obvious list of Derby, Peterborough, Sheff Wed, MK Dons, Ipswich, Oxford, Portsmouth and Plymouth. Then you have Barnsley who look very strong, Bolton, Forest Green and maybe Charlton.

    We will be in the hunt and as @Commoner said earlier, teams like Port Vale could be a surprise package.

    So a very strong line up and an intriguing and exciting season ahead.

  • It seems as though League 1 is becoming as competitive if not more competitive and unpredictable than the Championship as you can look at the league and you can see a lot of difficult & strong teams with fallen giants still here + joining us this season and small clubs that are up & coming. Some of these clubs have taken the gamble on splashing the cash (that they do & don't have) and brought in big names (for this level), some haven't made as many transfers that other would expect and some have gone about their business quietly and could spring a surprise or two along the way. This is why I prefer football outside of the Premier League where everything is almost structured and pre-arranged. The EFL is where some of the great games can be found and the stories written.

  • Tedious old blokes arguing tediously is what makes the gasroom so special.

  • I think even the professionally optimistic can't argue it.

    They'll instead cling to Forino having a promising spell, and keep quoting how many days of the window are left.

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