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All quiet on the twitter front

...anyone else wondering whether the next announcement from the club is a big one (good or bad) after 6 days of silence? (yes yes I know about the bank holiday weekend)



  • They tweeted happy birthday to a kid yesterday, on hol I imagine!

  • Give it another week and despite the fact we always do our business late in the day there will be widespread 'WHY NO NEW PLAYERS?????' concern.

  • I was a bit disappointed with the level of post-Wembley coverage to be honest.

    Would like to have heard a bit more post-match analysis, and perhaps something from the Couhigs

  • Completely agree @eric_plant - I said similar here the week after. I know we lost but the whole aftermath (and actually a lot of the day itself) just felt like a damp squib. Which is in stark comparison to the 2-3 weeks before.

  • Yes interesting point that when thinking about the training ground mantra of 'we don't lose we learn'.

  • Really? There was a decent amount of coverage, then it felt like a case of back to business as usual / focusing on going one better next year. I'm not sure there's a whole lot to say after losing a play-off final.

  • Bear in mind, the transfer window doesn't open for another 3 and a half weeks and all those considering their options might still be away thinking things through (not that they should be thinking too hard!)

  • I agree too. No Ringing the Blues podcast with interviews and the usual social media performance after a defeat.

    When we win I get message after message with highlights and interviews cut in to various versions. Lose and whilst content appears my feeds are much quieter.

    Never too high, never to low.

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    I imagine that after an intense 10 months or so of preparing for and playing in a play off season, They’re on a very well earned and well deserved holiday.

    if the players and management staff are on a beach in marbs or Jamaica (which I think stocko and Bayo were looking at social media) you can’t really expect much in the way of interviews and day to day content creation from the club. I’d imagine even the media team get some enforced downtime at this time of year given it’s pretty full on from preseason onwards.

  • Whilst we are chomping at the bit the players will be feet up in Dubai etc. and deservedly so.

    We now enter the classic phase of a player with a wages in their pocket hanging on for the big offer to come. It’s only when the looming truth that no more wages to pay the mortgage is the truth that the realism of an offer hits home.

    JJ and Stockdale will rightly be at ease and be thinking about life choices.

    All is well

  • Aside from briefly checking the Gasroom, I'm on a break from football too. It's been a hectic footballing year and next season is going to be mad with the World Cup in the middle of an on-going domestic campaign. Still wondering if we will be playing Wayne Rooney's Derby next season or having another 23 team league, is there really anything else going on until the end of the month?

  • I don't begrudge them time off, they deserve it after a season producing brilliant content.

    But don't try and claim there would have been a similarly sparse post match offering had we won. It would have been a marvellous overload of joyous content.

    Maybe it's just human nature. I certainly didn't feel like doing much for a few days after

  • We can still announce deals before then (hope this does the trick...)

  • They’d have been some wild celebrations lots of interviews from the immediate aftermath and then maybe some rehashed articles phoned in the day or two after the final, just like it was the last time we won.

    The only difference is they couldn’t even go away as it was mid covid lock down.

  • I suspect nobody was up for the post-mortem even our garishly shirted media chief...but I was also surprised there was no ringing the blues @eric_plant

  • You know things are quiet, when the busiest threads are the bloody Wordle ones !!

  • I wouldn’t worry about Wayne Rooney’s Derby County™️ they will still be asking for and receiving extensions to deadlines well into next season and probably the season after.

  • Do you reckon they’ll actually let us know if the players who are out of contract have actually signed the extensions or are we expected to just carry on and assume they have?

  • Summer 2019 we didn’t know if we’d survive to start the new season. Summer 2020 we were in the play offs. Summer 2021 we had alternate fixture lists. I reckon we’re due a quiet one.

  • Cue the discovery of an enormous Anglo-Saxon gold hoard during the pitch renovations

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    Track record of being relatively secretive with what information comes out. I would have hoped we’d have heard something by now. I would be more interested hearing about the new contracts than transfers atm

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    They've never been secretive about contract extensions... They might be delaying announcements until later in the month as we build up to pre-season - or, probably as likely, players are still mulling over the offers. I wouldn't have expected to have heard anything yet.

  • Does that mean we can finally afford Dave Tarpey? Or a new carpet in the Vere Suite?

  • Why is it Dubai is synonymous with footballers holidays. Personally I can’t think of a worse place to visit if you’re looking for some culture and bearable weather (43* today).

    You know a place is to be avoided when a shopping mall, fountain and tall block of flats/offices are the main attractions.

    We really do need some transfer news or a Phil 60 minute podcast to chew over.

  • I don't know if the twitter guy is on holiday, but I'd have probably expected at least one of the 4 to have been confirmed on by now. Especially a JJ who has been here 8 years, is 35 now and clearly would love to stay.

    Didn't Wing "reveal" he was staying in some tweet? I didn't see it but it was mentioned on here a while back.

    Maybe were trying to combine news with the release of the new kit.

  • We were pretty secretive over some 'multi year' extensions not long after the Couhig's took over.

    Looking at social media I'd say holidays are a big reason for a lack of news.

  • Footballers and culture aren’t a usual bedfellow. But to suggest the Middle East doesn’t have its own culture is a bit insulting isn’t it? Sure it’s been over taken by the want to attract tourism some what but it’s there….

    anyway, why is dubai synonymous? Is there anywhere else in the world where you could go on a dune safari in the morning, a quick skydive before lunch, an excellent lunch, before ski-Ing on real snow in the afternoon, relax by the pool before dinner, another excellent meal in a different top quality restaurant in the same hotel before going on a yacht around coast in the evening all with guaranteed sunny weather and air conditioning everywhere you go. And all within the same city with ways to get you to everything in minutes (helicopter taxi’s etc).

    or they can just relax on private islands/hotels being waited on hand and foot.

    it’s bloody expensive but then money isn’t exactly a problem for footballer.

    personally I think dubai is very “try hard” and I wouldn’t want to go back myself. But it’s certainly not a mystery as to why they might want to go there.

  • Tbf he didn't suggest the Middle East lacked culture, just Dubai - which I don't think is inaccurate?

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