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Season ticket renewal

Pretty sure this has been asked before but couldn't find it on here. Are general season ticket renewals happening anymore or is it just the subscription thing? No announcements or anything on official Twitter and they've usually been on sale for a couple of months at this stage. All I've seen was that prices would stay the same.



  • Not sure, but I was under the impression that if you pay by subscription you can sort it out now, but not on general sale yet ?

  • I inquired as I could not renew my seat online and I had automatically became a subscriber apparently so my monthly ST payments just roll on.

  • I asked the question last week, Ben at WWFC kindly replied as follows: “When the renewal period opens, you will be able to renew your season ticket without going through a subscription. You will still be able to purchase a season ticket outright.”

  • Thanks PJS - thought I'd seen something along those lines but couldn't see it.

  • I'm a big fan of the subscription system. It makes total sense to me (other views are available and respected). From a club perspective having 12 months of regular income rather than 1 month of peak cash flowing in. Why it has not been more widely adopted is beyond me.

  • I converted seamlessly from my usual one-off annual payment to the monthly subscription, but as people have said, there doesn't seem to be an option online to renew with a single payment as in the past. Pretty sure I read a post from Alan Cecil somewhere saying that once the staff had put all the Wembley bits and pieces to bed, they would start pushing season tickets, including the facility for one-off payments.

  • If you paid a fiver for a physical card, and are keeping the same seat, you can keep the same card for free.

    A small, but appreciated touch ( as long as I can find it, as I slung it in the corner after the last game!)

  • It used to be seen as an essential pre season injection of funds in a period without any gate income. That was always the idea.

    I suppose you can argue it either way with the benefit of subscription. Something happens to you, and someone else has to know / remember to cut off the funds or they'll come out indefinitely. One off fee, the worst you can do is lose your money for that one season.

    Not looking at it too pessimistically like!!

  • No ST’s for sale in the last two blocks of the Woodlands so they can be sized for away fans ‘from time to time.’

  • Unless you pay for your card within your subscription (like I do), in which case it seems you continue to pay for it each season.

  • Can't believe the season starts in July and only the week after the schools break up for the summer.

  • The subscription option really only benefits the subscriber in cash flow terms. For the club, having all the money in your bank account is always better than getting it monthly.

    I do wonder if the subscriber system stopped the club offering half season or final ten game tickets. I heard a few people say they had looked for those options but could only subscribe for 12 months.

  • Good spot that @Vital . Not sure I can get too revved up about 42p a month but really, it should’ve been taken off after month 12.

    I’d imagine it’s either an oversight or it’s too complicated to fix.

  • As a business owner I'd suggest having regular, predictable income is a huge benefit to the club.

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    Regular income over unknowns is of course essential.

    But in this example, the income isn't really an unknown. It's getting money over a year rather than the same money in maybe 2months.

    So what is the specific benefit of instead of say bringing 500k in in 2 months in the summer, instead bringing say 250k in the same period, and having the other 250k split over 10 months?

    Are there some tax implications having the money all in one go, or is the risk that the people running the club don't budget properly? Do more people buy season tickets as a whole, given this approach?

    As a non business owner, it looks fairly neutral to me, and is just good for the buyers, who aren't stung with any sort of interest that would have been the old way,

  • It makes budgeting easier as you know what's due. Once that 1 year contract runs out though, could make it harder.

  • As someone who doesn’t get full value from my ST due to the distance I live from Wycombe, the subscription certainly makes my decision to stay on board easier.

    With the number of midweek home games we had last season, I may have jacked it in if I’d had to find the full cost up front. I appreciate I’m still paying exactly the same so perhaps there’s a bit of psychology at play as well as business budgeting.

  • You've previously said your ticket never goes to waste though. Assume you're dishing it out free of charge? 😋

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    And far more importantly, when I'm on holiday.

    Morecambe or Fleetwood away, please. Sadly that won't happen however as they'll almost certainly be Tuesday night games.

  • A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. A season ticket gives both a full years cash and a full years income. The subscription gives lower cash upfront and uncertainty on income and future cash based on cancellation policy.

    I think the subscription service is great for fans

  • Yeah, nothing in return. I don’t ask, they don’t offer 😐

  • Done and just switched to the monthly subscription option . Hopefully fewer midweek games next season which are a pain if you live out of the area .

  • Fair Play. If I were one of them, I'd at least dish you a tenner or so, get you something back.

  • Popped down to the club this morning and renewed ST and Upper Car Park. Request to add Honours Lounge this season was met with a response of, "It's going to be free this season but you'll have to email the commercial team for further details"?

  • Interesting because the club said they'd be making details of Upper Car Park renewal available some time ago but nothing has been mentioned either on the club website or via email.

    That you were able to renew suggests it should be an option but wasn't when I did my ST last week!

  • Yes @Twizz, that was partly behind the reason for my post.

  • Here's what it still says in the website FAQ

    Part of the article published on 30th May ...

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