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Portsmouth (a) - Attendance Prediction - '8 to go' - Match 39 - Sat 19th March 2022

No prediction from myself yet - I'll come in later after my poor and possibily misleading attempt at divining the attendance for the Fleetwood home game.

Please could someone else go first for this important game.



  • 15187 with 562 arriving on their chariots enjoying a score of Wyc i-o Pompey

  • 15,789 with 678 Chairboys/girls

  • 15335 with 602 away please

  • 17,576 with 815 chairboys

  • 18,000 with 655

  • How many of them have decided never to watch us ever again?
    16234 with 745 chairpeople

  • 16824 with 765, thanks!

  • 17386 with 875 away

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    Thursday morning - 8 predictions in:

    So far the averages are:
    Average for Total Crowd: 16541
    Average for Away Crowd 712

    Best voices to the Travelling Chairs.

  • 17,412 with 1,111 Chairpeople.

  • Portsmouth confirming that game is sold out.
    Just guessing now what capacity is…..

  • Restricted capacity at present

  • 16200 with 800 Chairboys. Come on Wycombe!

  • 16178 with 798 Chairfolk

  • 18169 with 1400 Chairpeeps

  • 16,088 including 749 Chairboys/girls.

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    Sounds like the final attendance figure will be down to us given that they’re expecting the home ends to sell out. Therefore I’ll go early. 18,682, with 1146 away fans.

  • It's already a complete sellout, home and away

  • Darn it. Oh well, glad we’ve sold out the away end.

  • 16,400 with 1400 away fans

  • I think we only had 1,000 tickets allocated. Feels slightly weird that those can all be sold but we aren’t given any more even though it’s only something like 6% of the capacity. I thought league games guaranteed at least 10% to the away team?

  • 17235 with 1000 chairboys

  • 19669 with 1000 travelling

  • 15318 with 1000 isolated Chairboys.

  • I didn't see that sell out coming, and I can't quickly find any information on what the actual capacity is for our game tomorrow during this particular phase of their redevelopment work.

    So it looks like a guess on how many seats are out of commission tomorrow or indeed what areas the contractors have needed to be closed off. Or indeed how many ticket holders will not attend

    So no change to the competition rules, one forecast only, if there is a published figure for the current maximum capacity, on here, or if I find one elsewhere, I will declare that as the the deadline point.

    Otherwise the deadline is 2pm Sat as normal.

    That seems to strike a reasonably fair balance between posting a forecast and waiting.

    I have no special knowledge and most of you will know how far out most of my forecasts are.

    I go 16395 with 799 Wycombe fans

  • The supposed sell out is a bit of a red herring as the away end will not even be half full.

  • 16000, including 1000 chairboys

  • 16,678 with 998 Chairboys.

  • 16420 with 975 Chairboys

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    The capacity at Fratton Park due to redevelopment/ health and safety works is 16200 ish. Some seats cannot be sold at this time. Attendance 15100 with 980 Wycombe.

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