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Putin's War

edited February 2022 in Not Football

I guess many others have been watching the news of events in Ukraine. I have been appalled, fascinated and guilty that there is not much I can do.
My daughter - @railwaybeth - found a small useful gesture which I thought I would share because I think that some posters, especially those who read prediction threads, might be interested.

@railwaybeth and I both play computer games - and the creator of a game (which we both love and can recommend whole heartedly) is donating all monies for sales of this game, for at least the next week, to the Polish Red Cross's 'Help Ukraine Fund' - the game developer is Polish. The game was specifically designed by him to have no conflict in it. It is a strategy / resource management game which is easy to learn but challenging in its complexity.

I have shared @railwaybeth's copy of the game up to this point, to her frustration on occasions, but I have just bought my own copy. It seemed to me a very good gesture to make in these gobally connected times and @railwaybeth might be pleased that I will no longer lock up her Steam library while I play.

I hope this doesn't fall foul of Gasroom Rules on advertising - I don't think it should because it is asking for a charity donation - the Game is called 'Slipways' and is hosted on 'Steam'. It costs about half the cost of a seat in the Frank Adams and a single play through takes about the same length of time as a game - for me a Wycombe game complete with partridges and for 'railwaybeth quite a bit less. I have spent almost as much time playing it as I have on the Gasroom over the last year.

Anyone want help with finding out more - I can post on here or send a private message. Take care all.



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