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Stand Alone Prediction Competition for the FA Cup

Here is what I hope will be a bit of fun.

There will be points for Score Prediction, Wycombe Scorers and which Round we will reach.

Please first predict which round we will reach. In this competition Goalscorer predictions can be altered up to kick off if your prediction is not named as starting or on the bench.

Round prediction Points:

10 points for getting it right.
Minus two for every round we don't make up to your prediction.
If we progress beyond the round you predict, your are relegated to the subsidary 'Europa League' competition.
All predictions in the Champions League must be consistent - your can't predict a winning score in a round which you have said we will be knocked out or a losing score in a round beyond which you have predicted we will progress.

Match Result Points
(Similar to @DevC's system but tweaked)
5 points for correct team to win in normal time or extra time.
10 points for predicting a draw after extra time.
2 additional points for predicting a win on penalties.

Plus 5 points for correct winning margin and two additional points if the score prediction is accurate
Minus 1 point for every goal difference between the goal margin and your prediction.

Goalscorer Points

5 points for correct prediction of a Wycombe goalscorer - with 2 additional points if they are not named on the club website as a forward. Two additional points for anyone who scores as a sub. 5 points for the correct prediction of an own goal. 3 points for any opposition goalscorer correctly named
3 points for any opposition goalscorer.

1 point for an assist by any player predicted as a goalscorer.

10 bonus points for all goalscorers correct.

Predictions for the Preston game appreciated in the following form:

Wycombe to reach Round 5

Wycombe 2 (Horseman, Delaney) Preston 1 (Ainsworth)



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