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Huddersfield Game kicks off at 7pm

I may be the only one who has missed this but just in case it has
slipped under your radar ,Tuesday’s game kicks off at 7 pm


  • Thanks, I would have been a miffed bunny when I tuned in on IFollow to find I'd missed the 1st half!

  • Was there any reason given for this odd kick off time?

  • A number of these midweek games involve fairly long travel for the away team so early kick-off allows them to return home in good time.

    No idea why Luton v Birmingham is a 7pm kick-off though ...

  • Yes I understand the reason for the kickoff but it’s been poorly advertised. I only spotted it by chance when I was looking all the fixtures on the good old BBC red button

  • Are our midweek games at Stoke and Barnsley on ensuing weeks being moved to 7pm then?

  • I believe both clubs have to agree to change the kick-off time. If so, under the current circumstances, I'm sure the EFL/FA would agree to the change.

  • I think it’s now wise to check kickoff times for all games both mid week and weekend. As I said earlier I only found out by chance by checking the fixtures on the BBC red button. I think the club need to ensure that they get the message across.

  • anyone know is this game is in the sky red button ?

  • Thanks for the heads up @Mr67 . Hadn't realised the early start time

  • Nor me. Ta.

  • LX1LX1
    edited November 2020

    Also worth remembering some of our midweek matches are Wednesday games, including Stoke (H) and Barnsley (a) in early December.

  • Ta LX1.

  • @Wanderers82 said:
    anyone know is this game is in the sky red button ?

    @Wanderers82, Huddersfield is not on red button but Stoke on 2 Dec is.

  • Ooops forgot me at. Got me coat though

  • Funnily enough, my Google calendar reminder popped up saying 7pm KO and I was just checking that when I noticed this thread! I'd essentially assumed it was correct as it comes direct from WWFC.

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