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Scott Kashket

I thought this may be worth a thread of its own.

It is a genuine pleasure to see Scott Kashket running around playing two full games a week and succeeding at such a high level. Remarkably he is still only 24 yet he has had to deal with what sounds pretty obnoxious bullying at a previous employer, a potentially career ending injury and a public shaming from a gambling transgression. Any one of those could easily have beaten him. For him to get past all three and now be performing so well is an inspiration. Perhaps the surprise of the season so far. Well done young man.



  • I agree with @DevC's assessments. I think he is better than Pukki and was contemplating starting a thread by saying that.

  • If he carries on like this I wouldn't be surprised if he gets a decent money move in January.

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    I don't think he would get a move - largely because of his lack of physicality putting clubs off. Not a single manager would get as much out of him as Ainsworth has - and that goes for a lot of our players. I worry about Thompson getting a move if he keeps up his current form, but I think Kashket + Wycombe is a match no one could come close to replicating. If he becomes prolific then maybe it'll be a different story, but I think we're safe from poachers for now!

  • Anthony Stewart will be on a few clubs' radars I'd have thought

  • The thing about our β€˜shop window’ players: Thomo, Scotty, Tools, Grimmer(?) is that they all had bad experiences at other clubs so I’m sure appreciate the dressing room vibe and arm round the shoulder of Gaz/Dobbo, β€˜once bitten twice shy’ hopefully.

  • From the Gasroom, May 2018:

    "if any of our front players are loaned out, more likely to be Scott Kashket in my opinion. think he will need to play games to rediscover his scoring touch, not sure he offers much at Lg1 level until he rediscovers his scoring touch. spending autumn at an Aldershot or Sutton or Bromley or Maidenhead may do him the world of good."


    "If Kashket does well in preseason and scores goals and then that transfers into regular season scoring like he was 18 months ago, then he would be first choice.

    If however preseason doesn't go so well, then I think he would be quite a long way down the pecking order as unlike many of the other strikers, he doesn't contribute a lot apart from goals he scores. rather than being fifth or sixth choice and just getting the odd opportunity, I think it might benefit him and WWFC for him to spend a few months on loan in the conference playing every week and hopefully rediscovering his form of the season before last. If he does that, he might well go back into the team as first choice after Christmas.

    I haven't checked to see what the rules are this season coming on loans between league and conference to check whether he can be recalled out of loan window (say playing Aug, Sep and Oct at maidenhead and returning to us in Nov or whether he would then have to wait until Jan)"

    Lucky nobody listened to that nonsense, eh?

  • @DevC said:

    Well said @DevC and I fully concur, Scotty is a remarkable young man and well done!

  • Scotty has been brilliant, hadn't even thought about him having injury probs in the past. Maybe his enforced lay off with Gym work but no footy helped.
    He's been creative and snappy and I'm not sure him being small would make much difference if he went on a bit of a goal spree.

  • I was surprised how often we saw him on the edge of our own box defending last night too.

  • @DevC finally something I can whole-heartedly agree with you on. I'm so happy for Scotty.

    With regards to clubs coming in for our players, Anthony Stewart is without doubt the one I'm most concerned about. Curtis Thompson is a fair shout as well though. It's a tough position which he is absolutely bossing at the moment.

  • Kashkett seemed to come back from the suspension fitter and sharper. And he’s working his socks off chasing lost causes, which has been key to the first two goals he scored this season. Deserves real credit for turning a difficult experience into a positive one.

  • Sensational call back from our frank

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    The switch to two up top has done wonders for us - and Scotty has looked a threat whoever he's been paired with / played just in behind, although he's at his best with the big man. Interested to see him alongside Uche on Saturday, assuming Bayo doesn't start that one.

  • Would it be in order to name the β€œguilty” party? Or perhaps have a little competition to identify them? Not that I have a clue myself but may have a stab at it after a re-read.

  • Surely not the OP poster. That would be the ultimate irony but I don’t think so because there are elements there that suggest the writer had watched Scotty play a fair bit.

  • I know I'm being greedy but I really want him to become the new Jamie Vardy

  • It’s extraordinary that we did not have a single player even rumoured to be linked with another team in the summer. Teams that finished below us in the league sold players for good money. And now I look at the past few performances and think million, 2 million, might get 3 for him etc etc.

  • What I have been impressed with, considering the supposed step up in skill and fitness, is that we are still pressing and attacking in a Wycombe League One stylee against 'much better players' for the 90+ minutes and managing to do it despite the quick turnaround in games. I think the fact it appears we don't seem to give up despite the intensity (I know the players are actually probably totally knackered in the dressing room) means teams cannot relax. I think that will be a factor in some games against superior opposition. I'm very keen to see how we deal with Forest at the weekend!

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    Kashket and Fred are the two most likely to earn money moves, as good as Stewart is (and he's immense), he doesn't fit the mould of defenders that bigger clubs would want, If anything Knight looks more likely to be an "Alfie Mawson" of the pair, he's just that much more composed on the ball. I really hope we keep him for the season

  • Agree on Stewart, he's also at the older end of the age range they'd generally look at.

  • @Wendoverman Who are you supporting on Saturday?

  • Sitting on the fence like humpty dumpy probably!

  • i.e. not at all? It was a wall unless time has dulled more than my libido.

  • @HCblue said:
    i.e. not at all? It was a wall unless time has dulled more than my libido.

    They ran out of bricks.

  • Tricky though it is for me, as the season pans out I think we will need the points from this game more than Forest so I'm hoping for another historic Blues away win to make the return game when we are all back in AP (😁😁) more exciting!

  • @mooneyman said:
    Sitting on the fence like humpty dumpy probably!

    This is rather cruel...its just a few extra lockdown pounds I tell you!

  • Agree with all the above re Scotty - fantastic to see. For me though, one of the really brilliant things is seeing Bayo and Scotty linking up as a front two. It’s a long, long time since they have paired up on a regular basis and it’s a major part of our resurgence in the last few games. If both can stay fit, I actually think it’s a partnership that has a helluva lot more to give.

  • The Premier League would be way too much of a step up for any of this lot. No way we will be sitting here two years from now wondering how Kashket just scored a brace against Arsenal. Absolutely impossible!

    Have I tempted fate enough yet? :)

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