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Match day thread: Millwall



  • Good game I thought despite the result. A ridiculously disallowed goal and in it to the last kick you cannot fault the effort. Still optimistic.

  • men against boys

  • @Wanderers82 what did you expect this season?

  • we tried really hard but simply are nowhere near good enough. Rob should of backed GA more ...this sqaud will be lucky to pick up 10 points this season

  • We were brilliant, but I despair when we have good goals taken away. We could easily be on 7 points if things had even gone slightly differently.

  • @Wanderers82 said:
    men against boys

    Maybe pop back in August, take up pottery or something in-between

  • @Wanderers82 said:
    men against boys

    Money against paupers.

  • Gutted.. not saying we were the best team but was definitely the best weve played so far. Robbed of a point by a ridiculous decision !

    Thought the new lad looked decent for the last 20 minutes he came on

  • That was one of the worst refereeing decisions I’ve seen in a while.

  • Signs of life. Properly competitive against a good side. Robbed of a goal although Millwall missed a couple of sitters. Anis Mehmeti looked pretty useful when he came on - definitely got some vision.

  • Bits more today than we've seen before, a goal, two if you aren't blind. Going to be a long season against good teams but who knows, we are not dead yet to quote Monty Python.

  • Knight looked good didn't he? And we really might have found someone in Mehmeti.

    If we're going to stick with JJ at left-back we really need to build the whole left side around protecting him, which is not ideal. I wish we'd kept hold of Mascoll, altho he didn't start for Bolton today, two divisions below us. It's a cliche, but other teams are making more out of our mistakes than we are of theirs.

    Even apart from the disallowed goal the officials were appalling today.

  • @Wanderers82 said:
    men against boys

    I don’t think we want to hear your fantasies this early in the evening.

  • Absolute joke regarding the decision.

  • @Wanderers82 said:
    men against boys

    Its your support that makes all the difference.

  • The crossbar was our MotM, the lino was Millwall's (no one's going miraculously stop a certain goal like that for them again all season). Hand on heart we were plucky and gave our best midfield display by a long chalk, but ultimately we were second best. If the score was 4 or 5-2, would we have that many grounds for complaint?

    On a sidenote, Mehmeti showed a lot of promise in his cameo. Certainly looks like he's got an eye for a through ball, which will surely help play Kashket, Horgan and Fred into more promising positions than they have normally been getting the ball so far this season.

  • You can't really legislate against decisions like that, it's an absolute shocker.

    Good game, decent performance. This is the most disappointed I've been so far though. I felt there was a real chance for at least a point today after the early goal.

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    That JJ corner being ruled out was obviously a disgrace, but I think it'd be easy to forget that they hit the woodwork about 5 times, and not just when we were stretched. Smith, who reminded me of a young Keith Scott on steroids, should have had 4 goals himself.

    We're going to have to be defensively perfect in games to get any points, as we don't look like scoring very many at all.

    Only 5 games in, but I think anyone with even any sort of balance has to be worried we're going to set a record low points tally here. We're relying on Gape and Uche being real game changers when they eventually get on the pitch, which I think is massively unrealistic.

    Apologies if that's a bit Trevor. Signing out now - see you Tuesday.

  • That was more of a Wycombe performance. Shame about the early pen second half which settled them and rattled us but we were not out of it (perhaps thanks to the woodwork) until the final whistle. Im signing out for the weekend too...I find the truth tellers too depressing.

  • It didn't help today that Stewart was playing on his wrong side. The sooner Tafazolli is back, the better.

  • I thought Thompson was bloody excellent in midfield. If we can get Gape back then along with Adeniran the midfield looks a lot stronger than it did for the first couple of games.

    We also looked fitter today I thought. Perhaps helped by the two week break.

    Sadly, we are going to need refereeing decisions, luck and good performances to get results. Any points we pick up will be by a narrow margin in any given game, so we desperately need our luck to turn with the officials.

    It was progress again in terms of performance but we still look a little short of ideas on how to score, and capable of small, costly mistakes in defence.

  • You don't want to lament luck but, aside from Smith having an off day, we really didn't get much.

    Stewart was having a superb game, makes one error and we're punished. Fantastic JJ corner ruled out. Nothing bouncing our way at the end.

  • Also, thought Knight and Thompson were immense today.

  • @Wendoverman said:
    That was more of a Wycombe performance. Shame about the early pen second half which settled them and rattled us but we were not out of it (perhaps thanks to the woodwork) until the final whistle. Im signing out for the weekend too...I find the truth tellers too depressing.

    At least you can celebrate Notts Forest's win tonight, what else have the rest of us got!

  • @Wendoverman said:

    @Wanderers82 said:
    we are absolute garbage. it would.of been nice to be at least competitive....signings did not come means looks like guaranteed

    Not massively proud of the team you 'support' anymore then?

    the team simply isnt good enough the only one good enough ta this lvl is horgan thats it why we wasted money on the b team is shocking should of been used to sort out the first team as proiority .

  • Tough to take today. Another horrible decision on the disallowed goal and a decent all around performance. Just switched off the central midfield on their winner. Need Gape back.

    What I refuse to do though is defend this group of players to trolls intent on moaning, destroying and generally disrupting. If you are not going to support the team at the moment just say nothing at all. That goes for those answering them too. Don't give them anything to breath on.

    We are getting closer to some points and only one win from being outside the bottom three. Support this group with everything you have. I feel our support in the ground today would have got us to something so whilst they continue to play without us at least support from afar.

  • It was great to watch a match we were truly competitive in from start to finish, the first since Rotherham. I couldn't see why Millwall belonged in this division in the first half but boy they turned it up a level in the second. That Wallace player is sensational.

    The problem we have to work out a solution to - and I don't think it will be easy - is that we either stretch our midfield to give necessary support to our full backs, making it easy to go through the middle; or we pack in a tight midfield and watch the opposition destroy us on the wings.

    It's good to see Thompson back and he's exactly the sort of player we need on the pitch every game. I think the formation we played today would have really benefited from Gape alongside him, it's worrying he's disappeared, some clarity there would be appreciated. Wheeler is such a wonderful, adaptable player, one of Gareth's top five signings in my opinion, but we're going to lose a lot of what he offers if he needs to spend matches covering for JJ (and, sadly, he clearly will). Maybe he and Fred will alternate in that duty, freeing the other up to play the creative forward role alongside Horgan.

    I fear Bayo showed in his 25 minutes why it might be a season too far against Championship defenders, though these five matches have shown that our only real option is to double down on the long ball to a big man up front. At least with Bayo back we can play to our strengths, and hope that Kashket, Horgan, Wheeler or Fred can benefit from the second balls. An update on Ikpeazu's injury status would also be nice to have.

  • Your second para is spot on righty. I used the ignore button for the first time this afternoon. It’s sad if that’s how they want to spend their Saturday afternoon, but there’s no reason to interact with them.

  • Clearly a better performance but realistically did we ever look like winning the game. What is happening with all these injuries? Are we just unlucky at the moment or have we bought a duff in Uche? Why did we buy Parker? How can Horgan play for the Republic and cannot start for us.
    I share the same concerns as @Malone that we are likely to end up with the lowest points ever. Average points to stay up is 45. We now need an average of more than 1 point a game.

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