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GasMan appreciation thread

edited August 2017 in Football
Seeing as quite a few regulars missed the chance to say thank you on the OG gasroom, and seeing as the man is a legend who deserves a thread to himself - here's that extra chance to show your appreciation.

Thanks GasMan.


  • Thanks GasMan. Very sad to see the demise of the original. Onwards and Upwards
  • Thank you and Huge respect for all the hard work and effort you put in these last 17 years.
  • The Gasroom was like Marmite; I love marmite ;-)
  • Cheers old son. 17 years is a lifetime to some
  • A big, big thank you to the Gas Man for all his hard work over the years, a true legend.
  • Hear, hear. Maximum respect GasMan. Incredible dedication. A chairboy legend.
  • Gutted Mr Gas Man, gutted. First thing I did when arriving home look up the gasroom. Life will never be the same!
  • I will remember the helpful and entertaining posts making up most of the Gasroom very fondly. Thanks Gasman.
  • Thanks Gasman, for all of the hard work over the years. The Gasroom was the home of so many good things, from the 19,500, to the Soul Owners and so much else in between. If this forum ever gets close to the standards that you set, it will be doing very well, but whether or not that comes to pass, The Gasroom will be a cherished memory for me amongst many others.
  • Seventeen years? I knew all this fancy t'internet gubbins would just be a passing phase.
  • Thanks Gasman. While I have been calling for an updated forum for a while, now it's actually happened I feel very sad indeed. I started supporting Wycombe in 2001, so it has been an utterly integral part of my experience of WWFC.
  • Cheers Gas Man for all your hard work. From one who was there at the start
  • I - like many others - was a long-standing 'lurker' on the Gasroom. I only posted occasionally but spent a considerable amount of time reading the many thousands of interesting (and probably just as many not so interesting...) threads over the years.

    It's a very sad day but hopefully Gasroom 2.0 will prove to be a worthy replacement.

    The king is dead, long live the king!
  • I can't thank you enough, it represented one of the last democratic means of communication and it couldn't come at a worse time in terms of what is going on right now. Thank you Gasman for what you have done for so many years. You don't know what you've got until it has gone.
  • Well done Gasman, 17 years is a real achievement
  • Thanks, Gasman. 17 years is quite an achievement.
  • Here here. A brilliant effort for all these years
  • Great effort GasMan and great effort drcongo for v2.0
  • An end of an era, here's to the future and thank you Gasman for the last 17 years
  • Massive thanks for all the selfless time given
  • Marvellous stuff Gas Man, I do hope you realise how much you've contributed to many fans' memories and experiences following the Blues. I look forward to your new plans for the gasroom.
  • Can't believe it's over - been on the gasroom for most of the 17 years.. Sad day but a real thanks from the heart for hosting the site for so long and giving the fans a forum - it was good fun and loved the banter with the other fans. You are a star. Don't stay away for long.
  • a sad day but all things must evolve or die, well done GasMan & well done Dr Congo
  • Still remember waiting a minute or two for it to load up on a knackered old computer at my university. First external website I ever visited was Chairboys on the Net and Gasroom soon after. It's rare that a day has passed in the last 17 years that I've not taken a look - a tribute in itself.

    Enjoy your retirement Gasman and thanks for your efforts.
  • Thanks for everything, Gasman. I made a number of friends through posting on the Gasroom. Have fun in retirement and, perhaps, we'll see you posting on this new forum soon?
  • edited February 2015
    The Gasroom is dead. Long live the Gasroom.
    Well done and thanks to Gasman.

    Thanks too, to drcongo, for picking up the baton.
  • Thank you Gasman, you created something very worthwhile.
  • The Gasroom was/is a cultural institution, along with (arguably even more importantly) Chairboys on the Net. Gasman's contribution to Wycombe Wanderers FC cannot be overstated
  • Gasman just want to add my thanks to all the other posts of appreciation. Gasroom may have gone but it will never be forgotten!
  • A great 17 years. I can understand why you pulled the plug though.
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