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Face In The Crowd?

edited July 7 in Football

Did anyone else on here get their boat race put onto one of those corrugated plastic shapes in the Beechdean?

Smashing initiative, especially the crowd funding to get the images of late players, fans and officials included.

I ordered 2no. on the 29th June - 2 days before the deadline - but try as I might, I couldn't see either of my cut outs amongst the others on any of the pre-match images and video on social media, nor on the Sky Sports game footage.

Anyone else in the same boat? I have emailed the club to see if I am going blind, or whether a genuine mishap has taken place.

All seems pretty irrelevant in the greater landscape of things, at such a joyous time for the club; but I feel a bit short changed of Β£50! Especially as I have just received the Certificate of Authenticity for them via email to rub salt into the wounds!


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