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Is it right that Bayo has been fined for wearing a Liverpool shirt to training!



  • No, I think it is wrong.

  • Very unjust.

  • Eh eh kerm down.

  • Wrong to fine him.

  • I'm probably in the minority here then... all players support other teams, but he's currently a Wycombe player

  • He knows the rules. He said in his video he was happy to pay the fine

  • I latched on to the ambiguity in @yorkyblue’s question/exclamation to make a rather feeble joke.

  • But, thinking about it - yes, a fine would be disproportionate. A socially distant word in the shell-like might be appropriate but surely Bayo has licence to say, wear and do what Bayo likes!

  • They have a fine system for all sorts of things, let's the senior players keep everyone in line with a bit of humour thrown in rather than it being the manager all the time, Bayos was a fairly deliberate obvious paying up front, I'd guess it was a fiver or something not a weeks wages, nothing to worry about.

  • @Ozzie_the_Relaxed said:
    Eh eh kerm down.

    Is that a Scouse accent @Ozzie_the_Relaxed ? I picked up a whiff of whining wining Jamie Carragher.

  • Lots of sports clubs have a token fine system amongst the players. I'd guess this was part of that.

    Nothing to get outraged over but this is 2020

  • Imagine waking up less than a week ahead of the first play off game and wanting to wind up one of our key players because of the shirt he put on.

  • I always think the fact that players (and managers) are fans of other teams must make for an interesting undercurrent. Who else do we know?

    JJ = Cardiff
    GA = Blackburn
    Nick Freeman = Arsenal
    Bloomers = Ipswich

  • I believe that the "fines" for minor offences are usually who buys the biscuits? Move on, nothing to see here moment.

  • Grimmer: United

  • Blooms is an Arsenal fan

  • Scotty Kashket's a Spurs fan.

  • JJ and Kashket are Spurs fans

  • The "fines" system is all a bit of fun and good for team morale.

    Anyone who saw Bayo's Instagram post on the subject would have seen it was all adding to the general bonhomie and "banter"

  • edited June 2020

    So with Bloomers/Ipwsich and JJ/Cardiff it is more of a "boyhood club" thing?

  • Also, on a related note, I assume a lot of you grew up in Bucks. What was the mix of supporters like there growing up? I grew up in Hertfordshire, and the other kids at school were probably 60% Arsenal, 20% Spurs, and then Chelsea, Liverpool and Man United fans for the rest. I knew one Everton fan and that was it.

  • Went to DCGS in Amersham and there was the usual mix of Arsenal, Chelsea and Spurs fans (typical teenage glory hunters) along with a fair few Liverpool fans (it was the 70's after all) but also a couple of Wycombe fans (one of our PE teachers played for Wycombe - 76-78 if I can remember rightly) plus a fair few Watford fans plus lads that followed Chesham Utd & Slough Town

  • I went to RGS in the 00s/10s and there were SO MANY Gooners.

  • Growing up in the 80s there were plenty of Liverpool glory hunters but also plenty of QPR, and Watford, especially out towards Amersham/Chesham way. Still the case today

  • Terrible thing to do, however if he scores an hat trick on Friday I may just forgive him!

  • @Erroll_Sims Who was your PE teacher who played for us?

  • One of my old PE teachers also played for Wycombe... Dave Alexander, midfielder if I remember correctly

  • Aah, Dave Alexander. Stocky bearded midfielder. I remember one game in East London/Essex (?Barking) when he hadn’t been playing that well but got knocked out cold in the second half and, after “treatment” with the cold sponge, played a blinder for the rest of the game.

  • @HolmerBlue said:
    One of my old PE teachers also played for Wycombe... Dave Alexander, midfielder if I remember correctly

    Wellesbourne legend!

  • Geoff Anthony was my old PE teacher at Chesham Technical High. Wasn't he a Welsh Amateur International?

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