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Best away game ever?

As I am fed up with speculation as to who is fit for Thursday lets have some opinion on best ever away games. The obvious ones, Charlton & Chelsea in the League Cup, Millwall, Wimbledon, Leicester and Liverpool in the FA cup, I missed Carlisle away in the play offs, Saturdays game at Plymouth was epic. Evening games always seem to have a better atmosphere to me. For the old uns like me away at Slough in the Conference and the now premier league Bournemouth in the FA Cup. My #1 away Altrincham FA Trophy semi Final, I thought we would never get to Wembley. #2 Leicester, #3 Wimbledon both FA cup.



  • Well for me the best team performance I ever saw away was the 3-1 win at Maidstone Utd in 1988/89 on New Years eve, the season Maidstone won the conference and had spent big money to do it. It was played at Dartford's old Watling Street ground. We were at that time, for a few weeks the best footballing side in non league football, free scoring with the much loved John Kerr the USA international up front and the bulk of Martin O'Neills team he would inherit from Jim Kelman's brilliant blues. We dominated the game and it was the day I first thought we had truly arrived as a force in the GMVC. Just for the record we didnt lose another league match untill April when the Big home match with Kettering Town ended with a 1-0 reverse. Happy days.

  • Lot's to choose from; Carlisle away was amazing (and running away after the coppers legged it), Man City (stuck in that weird corner stand), Preston (plastic pitch and Hayrettins stunning winner). But Leicester for me, fairytale stuff that I will never forget. Good times :-)

  • Wasn't that a fantastic time. The Kidderminster home game when the town woke up to how good we were and over 4000 turned up and watched us massacre a good team (it was only 1-0 but we were superb) is one of my favourite all time Wycombe memories.

  • Memorable for me if you dont include the obvious ones: Col U when they invaded the pitch and the ref called it off and going into the wrong pub in Birmingham and walking away with a win and Maine Road in the corner stand spoiling their party.

  • Wimbledon in the cup no question. It had everything.

  • So many great games, at so many different levels, but one that always sticks out for me is Northwich Victoria in the 91 Trophy quarter final. 1000 Blues fans making the long trip north, a riproaring, roller coaster cup tie. For me, that cup run was the making of the modern Wycombe Wanderers. I've often wondered if any footage of that match exists, don't think I've ever seen any? I vaguely recall Keith Scott lobbing the keeper from 30 yards, sparking wild scenes in the away end. Great times.

  • Torquay was pretty cool.

  • Tight for me between Leicester and Wimbledon in the FA Cup, Wimbledon probably just edges it though.

    Taylor's penalty save to take it to extra time, followed by McCarthy's last gasp leveller, Rhino missing his penalty thinking he'd lost us the tie & then Williams blasting over. That game had everything, what a night!

  • Wimbledon for me as well. You couldn't ask for more drama and excitement in one game, plus an awesome atmosphere as well.

  • Wimbledon away, a game that had absolutely everything.

  • @Noodle_Noggin said:
    Lot's to choose from; Carlisle away was amazing (and running away after the coppers legged it), Man City (stuck in that weird corner stand), Preston (plastic pitch and Hayrettins stunning winner). But Leicester for me, fairytale stuff that I will never forget. Good times :-)

    Mr Noggin, Have you been stalking me! I'd probably go for beating Man City at Home..! What a day. Oh and lets not forget this season away at Poxford... Can we call the play off final v PNE an away game?

    The most depressing away has to be at Newport last season. Awful game and what a grim place Newport is.

  • Forgot Torquay last season....

  • Wimbledon, Charlton and Leicester cup games go without saying. Bury away under Waddock was truly special. Torquay of course last season. We've been blessed with some crackers this season: Oxford, Luton, Northampton, Plymouth

  • Wimbledon(away) it had all the the emotions rolled in one night.

  • Leicester away for me. Only time I've ripped my shirt off in excitement at a game (not a pretty sight I might add).
    Closely follwed by the first ever FL visit to Carlisle. Got a Carlisle bage for my hat that I promised never to remove so long as we stayed in the FL. Proud to say it's still there.
    And just behind that the semi-final at Altingham which set-up the first trip to Wembley & the Wembley game itself.

  • Beating MK Dons away under Waddock was amazing too. Not only because we looked nothing like a team about to be relegated, but Kevin Betsy's winner was a prize moment.

  • Lincoln must be up there.

    Wimbledon takes it by some margin though.

  • Kevin Betsey's goal at MK did immediately spring to mind, though it ultimately meant nothing.

  • I'd go For Wimblefon. Totally surreal and we seemed to have it lost at least 3 times. Other than that Leicester. Bournemouth in the cup just before Middlesbrough and the Altrincham Trophy win. Others include Garner spoiling Huddersfields new ground party and Birmingham away the same(?) week. there are also a couple where we lost that I look back fondly/proudly - the Middlebrough last minute cup defeat, the Peterborough FA cup game and a Fulham League Cup(?) game we lost 5-4 or something like that.

  • Has to be Wimbledon. I can see Martin Taylor now, having scored his penalty.

  • Apart from the obvious ones, Wimbledon, Leicester and Man City for me it's Macclesfield in 98/99, the only away game I ever went to with my grandad, the start of the great escape.

    And ColU in the cup in 95/96? Maybe my third ever away game with my dad, they scored during a pitch invasion.

  • 96/97.........."BWK"

  • Some lovely memories in this thread, but it's got to be Filbert St hasn't it?

  • Can't add to some of the absolute classics mentioned already, but our first two visits to The Manor in the league are still special for me. The first because, living in Oxford, I was promised we'd get a lesson in proper football by assorted Oxford fans, and we beat them, and the second because I was promised they'd exact terrible revenge on us, and we absolutely annihilated them. The away game in absolutely torrential, near-horizontal rain a few years later when Rhino scored the winner in the last minute retains a magical quality too.

  • Deffo Wimbledon away in the cup. That match had every emotion going. A real them and us battle!

  • @eric_plant I knew i was risking it putting the date in there. I've thought since that day our change kit should always be red with white trim.

    Can i add a shout for Fulham away in the League Cup in 06/07? There seemed to be something magical about that night.

  • Specially made for that game that red kit. John Gregory told the manufacturers only to make short sleeved shirts as he was going to need "real men" out there.

  • Brizzle Rovers away, not sure what year it was, 3-1 down with 20 odd minutes to play and winning 4-3!! Terry Evans I think scored the winner.

  • that was 96/97 as well I think. One of the coldest days in history

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