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Programmes looking for a new home - all free.

We've gone all Marie Kondo and are decluttering in preparation for putting our house on the market. One thing that has to go is my stash of pristine home match programmes - about 130 going back to 06-07 though largely reflecting the seasons where I generally bought a programme and have 15+ (10-11, 11-12, 17-18, 18-19). There are some from all of the others from 06 up to the recent Blackpool game - and even our trip to Wembley v Sarfend. I am happy to pass them on to a good home, free, gratis, for nowt. I live in Risborough if anyone wants them and can pick them up, or I can do a hand-over before the Bristol Rovers game - though be warned, 130 programmes are quite heavy to carry! Anyway, if anyone wants them, please do give me a shout.

I had a similar clear out when we moved here in 2004 and got shot of all my 84-2004 ones - so I've none from that period available I'm afraid...and have no idea what happened in 2005!


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