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Important Gasroom Referendum - Prexit

*Not to be taken lightly, but you can if you want to ;)

Thank you @drcongo for the suggestion of 'Prexit' on a earlier comment. Your leave campaign has been immense and I myself am a leaver. In addition to this, please do not make me leave for stealing your idea.

In context to this important vote, @Proactive was a fierce entity who despite not listening to warnings, has continued to be provocative and has participated in bad behaviour on this prestigious forum. We cannot allow the reputation of this hallowed ground to go downhill.

It looks like Prexit will be delivered swiftly. I also understand that the population of the Gasroom to be in favour of a no deal-Prexit.

The referendum will take place on this thread.

(Nothing to do with Brexit, just stealing the idea)

  1. Should @proactive leave or remain?30 votes
    1. Leave
    2. Remain


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