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Ipswich trains

Anyone worked out how to do this?

The station is only 5 minutes away but would probably still have to leave before our last minute winner and celebration to catch the 21.43. The 22.43 wouldn't get to London in time for the last train to Wycombe.



  • I was looking at this yesterday. There's a later met line train you can get from Liverpool Street, but you'd either have to get off at Chalfont or Chesham and get a taxi for the rest of the journey, making an already expensive trip even more expensive

    The return to Ipswich is pretty extortionate as well

  • LX1LX1
    edited November 7

    Think if going by train it's cheaper to buy 2x advance singles for Β£10 each (London-Ipswich/Ips-Lon), plus your London travelcard from Wyc. @railwaysteve needs to clarify this.

    I'm leaning towards stopping over and giving my combine harvester key to a tractor girl

  • The Couhigs should surely be looking at hiring out some large farmhouse and laying on some beers and a place to sleep after the game?

  • I bumped into Rob Couhig the other day and he said he's in talks with Lovejoy who may have access to a vacant manor house nearby. Apparently Tinker can get his hands on some knock-off booze.

  • Reminds me of the 2002 World Cup in Japan. England were playing Denmark in the last 16 in Niigata. At the train station we asked the information desk for details of hotels for the night. She informed us that there were no rooms available in the whole city, so the local mayor had arranged an all night rave where the supporters could spend the night! Luckily we won 3 nil and a great night ensued.

    Can you imagine that happening in Europe? Way ahead the Japanese. Way ahead.

  • The other thing about that met line train btw is that if you wait until the end of the game it gives you about 10 minutes to get from the train to the underground, which is fine if it's on time

    If the train is 10 minutes late though you're stranded in the city

  • I saw the thread title and thought β€œnot for me, boring stuff probably” but glad I dipped in. Lovely stuff from @LX1 and I was there with him in Japan.

  • You must have been that guy handing out 'sweets'.

  • Must I? I’m sure I would have done if I’d been there literally @LX1 - not just in spirit as I was when I read your post. β€œSweets” are of course a euphemism.

  • The last Met line tube only goes as far as Rickmansworth and arrives at 1 in the morning. The train to catch from Ipswich to meet this tube leaves at 2223. This would mean parking at Rickmansworth - that's my plan.

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