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World Wide Wanderers posting in russian

Looks like as a Championship Team we would be able to look forward to russian money.

Seriously though - don't click - try not to click - one possible result could be to send money or information in the other direction.

@drcongo: do you want a couple of extra moderators to help clear this up - I am sure there will be volunteers.


  • @railwaysteve Thanks Steve but quickly cleared up with a couple of bulk rules. Damn spammers.

  • I deleted about 10 threads yesterday morning as soon as I saw them

  • There were 17 in total I think. How do you (does one?!) delete a thread? I thought only the good doc and moderators could do that. I was glad to see them disappear.

  • Tom is a mod, though I regularly forget this until I notice that he has quietly cleaned up some mess for me. Sorry and/or thanks Tom.

  • Cheers.

  • Haha no worries :)

  • It's his Lambretta that gives it away for me, rather than his efficiency with a bed-pan

  • My Triumph Speedtwin puts me in the opposite camp.

  • edited October 2019

    I had a T21. It was an ex Buckinghamshire Police machine in black with a slot in the tank for the radio and the registration was BBH 91B.?

  • Was that a Tiger Cub?

  • I’ll answer myself! No, that was a single cylinder 200cc bike.

  • No, though I had one of those earlier, it was a single carb 350 twin.

  • Don’t recall the registration of mine but it had maroon rear fairing and was a 500cc twin cylinder with plenty of poke. Topped the ton on the M1 before the 70mph limit came in. I do recall that the police had very similar machines.

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