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Do you remember the first time?

Reading the Fans Appreciation thread got me thinking: it's exactly 40 years ago this year since my first Wycombe game - a 0-0 draw vs Dagenham at Loakes Park - and I know I'm nowhere near the longest serving supporter on here.

How long has everyone else here been coming and what was your first game?



  • On 5th December it will be 60 years since I first saw Wycombe. Unfortunately we lost 5-1 in the FA Cup at Watford. My uncle took me whilst I was still in short trousers!

  • Mine was the 92/93 Trophy final. So May will be 27 years.

  • Cor blimey. As a late arrival to the area mine was a 1-1 in 2006 against Grimsby. I believe Rob Lee was playing.

  • Mine was also in 92/93, a dull 1-1 draw against Farnborough.

  • Late sixties, Loakes Park, no idea who against, proud dad, far too young, bored after five minutes, spent rest of game "driving" round terrace pretending to be a car much to the enjoyment no doubt of the regulars for five minutes or so and irritation thereafter. (Did learn that winking and clicking tongue is a very good impersonation of a car indicator - a skill that I am still waiting to be proven as invaluable as I once hoped.)

    I think next game was a few years later (possibly the amateur cup semi final at brentford run??)

  • Also 92/93, Wycombe Vs Salisbury in FA Trophy 1st Round. A 2-0 win, but there was a massive fire in a factory outside the ground and fans had to be kept inside after the game.

  • Not 100% sure, but I think it was against Farnborough towards the end of the 89/90 season.

  • January 1975, FA Cup Third Round v.Middlesbrough.
    I was working for BBC Radio who sent me to cover the game at Loakes Park. The great Brian Moore covered it for ITV.

  • 1974 Wycombe v Newport FA Cup 1st Round and we won 3-1, lost to Peterborough by the same score in round 2.

  • Gary Lester's testimonial v Spurs


  • Some of you people are much older than you were in my head. @mooneyman I had you down as 40 at the oldest!

  • @drcongo said:
    Some of you people are much older than you were in my head. @mooneyman I had you down as 40 at the oldest!

    27 years out young man!

  • August 1995 League Cup match versus Leyton Orient at Adams Park. 3-0 win for Wycombe. I had just moved into the area, didn't know anyone, thought I would go along for something to do and found myself instantly hooked. I blame Miguel Desouza and his goals that night for the fact that I kept coming back.

  • v Blackpool in Div 2 towards the end of the 96/97 season. Won 1-0 courtesy of a Scotty header in front of the Valley End. I walked down our road singing "Oooooooh you're s**t ahhhhhh!" - a little too loudly it seemed, as I got an almight bollocking off my mum when I walked through the door.

  • Reading away in October 2000. We got beaten 2-0 but Brownie got sent off for punching/headbutting someone and he instantly became my favourite player.

  • 10 Oct 1995, LDV Cup vs Fulham, rather a non event of a game tbh and didn't come back until I started stewarding the following year in peak "Sm*th is awful get him out" era.

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    @drcongo said:
    Some of you people are much older than you were in my head. @mooneyman I had you down as 40 at the oldest!

    Though a Wycombe newcomer, I was in the Market Square when Forest bought the European Cup back in 1979 @drcongo if that helps the carbon dating. I have a memory of wearing a parka but I may be mistaken as it was May...

  • No idea of first game, would have been long before my first memory!

  • @FmG Similar experience for me re. Brownie becoming my original favourite, except I had to wait until my second match to see Brownie get sent off when he headbutted a Bournemouth player.

  • Following on from @Jonny_King first game, my nephews first game was the QPR away (Prosser's famous Senda/McSporran game). He was about 7. Delivering him back to his mum over a family meal with grannie, I asked him what the fans were singing expecting him to entertain us with "come on you blues" or suchlike. In pitch perfect choirboy style, he regaled us with "the referee's a w*nker". He didn't get to go again for a while......

  • My daughter (though she never repeated at home) found the swearing and adults behaving badly (sometimes even in the Family Stand) part of the entertainment.

  • @Jonny_King I remember a very similar conversation with my own mother.

  • 95/96 1-0 win over walsall i believe......

  • Not WWFC related but on the theme my eldest sat in her high chair around the family dinner table with sister and her family and grand parents and a couple of other guests all in attendance. It was a proud moment. I'd just finished some DIY on the house and ready to show off my house and daughter to one and all. She dropped her spoon. The room went quiet. A little voice piped up. "oh fuck it" she said. Shocked silence followed by mum asking "what about a bucket darling". still paying the price with the wife.....

  • @floyd said:
    Mine was the 92/93 Trophy final. So May will be 27 years.

    Runcorn at Wembley for me too. I remember struggling to comprehend quite how massively we outnumbered the Runcorn following, and then loving every minute of what unfolded before my eyes.

  • A friendly against Southampton in 1996 as a 6 year old. Season ticket ever since.

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    A 2-0 home loss to Wigan in February 2003 - the last time we played them.

  • Home to Bournemouth in the FA Cup in 1980 for me.

  • @Chris said:
    Mine was also in 92/93, a dull 1-1 draw against Farnborough.


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