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Match day thread: Wimbledon



  • Looking forward to it @bluntphil, regards from Norway. COYB!!!!

  • Maybe @bluntphil they can pipe you into the away end as you can only normally see about 80% of the pitch from there.

    Anybody reading this in a pub around Waterloo might want to head in as the trains are a shambles.

  • why is Bloomfield starting?!!

  • bench not looking the strongest with no fred or smyth

  • @Wanderers82 said:
    why is Bloomfield starting?!!

    Why not?

  • really?? Pattison all day long. bring blooms to shore things up if we are winning towards end of the match

  • Think this will give us a better feel for whether Freeman is better as an impact sub or has developed enough to be a regular starter.

    Not the easiest of games for him to shine in I feel as it’s likely to be a bit of a battle but hope I’m wrong

  • Interesting (ish) stat.

    Wimbledon have the second lowest passing accuracy so far across the top four leagues.

    We are below them....

    Enjoy the game guys. Wish I was there.

  • Well, we had the better chances in the end, but that was a tight, feisty game, and I would take away draws and home wins all day long.

  • I think Freeman showed he deserves to start too - the only thing missing from his game is a shot. Wheeler was a handful as usual, too.

  • 12 points down, 40 to go...

  • Did well not to get bullied out of that. Weren't far from a winner either. A bit one dimensional at times but not bad.

  • @Shev said:
    I think Freeman showed he deserves to start too - the only thing missing from his game is a shot. Wheeler was a handful as usual, too.

    I hear you @Shev But disagree. He took on one too many defenders in the first half and gave the Wombles possession a promising position. A better team would have scored.

    I agree with GA that he is best against tiring defenders where he can skin them and create chances. Good point away but the whole team needs to practice their shooting, got to get more shots on target!

  • Fair point, @NorsQuarters - probably a case of respectfully agree to disagree. I thought he was a constant nuisance, creating a lot of dangerous situations that were let down by the end product. He is definitely better against a tired defence, but I would rather have his creativity in there for the 90, currently.

  • What’s happened to Smyth ?

  • Freeman was the only player I could think of to give man of the match. Maybe Allsop - though he wasn't particularly stretched and his kicking was poor today. Freeman tried to create a lot and always looked dangerous with the ball. He also got back and defended more than I've seen him do before.

    The problem is the system. Long balls to Bayo so rarely work. You had Wheeler and Kashket either side of him, both would benefit from balls threaded through to them. Instead they were lobbed up to the big man who just could not direct the ball out to either man. I think we won one second ball all afternoon, despite their willing running. It was all pretty dispiriting.

    I quite liked the 442 with Bayo and Parker up front for the last 15 or so minutes - but it would have been far more effective if both had been brought on at the same time.

    We really do play so much better as a whole with either Samuel or Kashket in the middle. We really need to stop hoping Bayo has it in him and start conserving him for when we need him late on.

  • Poor spectacle, poor weather, poor ref, decent point, still unbeaten. That's a pretty good return for us from a Kingsmeadow trip.

  • If Freeman could score, he'd absolutely outstanding

  • Not a great game. Although I thought we were marginally the better side a draw was probably fair. We should have taken one of a small handful of decent chances. Then again, they had a few openings too.

    Referee seemed to give most decisions at random and was poor for both sides.

    Solid away point and another clean sheet on the road. As a previous post notes, we could easily have been bullied out of it and come say with nothing.

  • Last 4 games as follows:

    Freeman starts we draw both games. (Fleetwood and Wimbledon). Off the bench against MK and Southend we win both.

    Clearly has more impact last 15 mins against tired defences.

  • Selected facts. Here’s another one for you - Fleetwood & Wimbledon, away. MK and Southend, home. Clearly.

  • @Stewie63 Acording to @glasshalffull he’s injured. I asked this during the week in case I’d missed any official announcement, especially given his international call-up.

  • Slight knock in training apparently.

  • He’s withdrawn from the Northern Ireland squad due to his injury.

  • @LeedsBlue - how does playing home or away impact your ability to play?

    For the record I’ve seen him play well off the bench away Forest Green 2 seasons ago being an example.

    Tactically Gaz sets up to be ultra competitive and press which Freeman can do, but impacts the other side of the game, which we see when he comes on and the game is stretched.

    Personally, as a fan I’d rather see him play a part in winning us a game than start and not.

  • edited August 2019

    Got back less than an hour ago from my first visit there - grotty journey both ways. Glad not to have to put up with London traffic daily.

    What a simply dreadful viewing experience that stand provides for so many people. Having been among the last in, our position prevented any sight whatsoever of one quarter of the pitch - it was simply impossible to see through the people between us and that area, and my son and I are over 6' 1" tall. We moved into the covered stand at half-time and it was less bad, and the atmosphere was really good, but, honestly, I won't go back again until they get their new stadium. It was really disappointingly unsatisfactory as a spectating experience.

    As for the game itself, I thought we absolutely bossed it after half-time and feel it to be two points lost rather than one gained because of that. I agree with previous posters who commented on our need for better finishing: the chances were there. Wheeler impressed me with his vim in the last twenty minutes after showing little before that (though he should have scored when through in the second half). Freeman I thought was decent and provides a threat the rest of the midfield does not. Stewart was great at the back, Charles looks less assured though did little wrong. Full-backs both good. Bayo was well-marshalled by their strong CBs. Wouldn't like to make too many judgements of Parker on one viewing but I didn't see anything to inspire great optimism today. I thought Fred's x-factor pace was missed today and, along with many around me, thought Samuel would have been a better bet in Bayo's position, at least for the last twenty minutes.

    At half-time, I messaged a Wimbledon supporting friend sitting elsewhere in the ground who agreed the football was of an appropriate level for the stadium it was being played in. That said, I've not seen us play a superior team yet this season and, as today, have seen us be the clearly better team at least three times. Joint fourth (unless alphabetical order is a thing now) and ten points clear of relegation after six matches will do me nicely, thanks. Am I wrong to think we might properly aspire to a playoff place, whether we want promotion or not?

  • @HCblue - I feel we are an Eze type midfielder and no serious injuries away from a promotion run.

  • @fame_46 - perhaps we might outbid Southampton in the January window...

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