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Match day thread: Bristol Rovers



  • Good luck to everybody making the journey today i hope you bring 3points back...... i must apologise for my trolling last week, ive been under a lot of stress in my personal life and seem to act like complete and utter moron at certain times (normally after football) to deal with my part of my issue i shall be taking an extended break from watching live football. I would also like to add gaz has made some superb recruitment recently and this is an exciting time to be chairboy and we are lucky to have him....

    Bigreds final thought.. i hope to return a relaxed man in the near future until then i hope you guys and girls have a wonderful time supporting our great club your a credit to efl x.

  • @bigred87 Hope things work out for you soon.

  • Thank you @bigred87, that certainly clarifies things. I have suffered in a similar way in the past and I can empathise with you. Certainly it takes a little time to fix and you seem to be tackling it in the right way. All the best and COYB!

  • All the best @bigred87. Hope things pick up for you mate.

  • Do whatever makes you chill @bigred87, and good luck.

  • Height of frustration today. Am in Bristol on business but due to family commitments, will have to leave at 15.00. Plenty of horse punches in the city centre so far, so would expect a good crowd, though weather is not good so don't expect a footballing fiesta.

  • Knew that wasn’t the real you last week and it’s great that you are able to be open about the issues that you’ve been grappling with. Wishing you all the best for the future and hope you feel up to returning to Adams Park before too long.

  • Anyone struggling with iplayer video? Only commentary working

  • No but either Phil Catchpole has intermittent laryngitis or there are gremlins in his mic. Only for a few minutes on each occasion so nothing too serious.

  • good start 4 points and 2 clean sheets !!

  • Yeah, can't complain about that.

  • And for those who thought we had a 'bye' last week, I'd ask Coventry how their afternoon's just gone...

  • The stats look very similar to our game last week but they couldn't get it in the net.

    Makes our win look a bit better. Pleased for Bolton today.

    Good game today, anyone who was there? Bolton fans on their site suggesting a poor game all round and disappointed both with their starting selection and their performance.

  • Senior players refused to play goalkeeper was 17 I believe !!!

  • Perfectly decent result, especially with some of the others in L1

  • Watched the 90 minutes on ifollow. Very difficult for either side to get anything going given the windy conditions. For me, we shaded the goalmouth action and looked far more likely to score and we had good spells in the first and second halves.

    Although the best chance fell to him, and he certainly should have scored, Pattison was our best player and what a diamond we seem to have found. The lad looks like a better version of O9 and wins everything in the air. Worth mentioning how good his engine is too, and how well he finishes matches, almost Roy Keaneesque in his early Premier League years. I can’t wait to see a Thompson, Gape (excellent again today) and Pattison combo. I was glad to see on twitter Tom Hancock wasn’t attending the match, because he like others would be rather frustrated with Bloomfield’s performance, particularly given Freeman’s fantastic cameo. In fairness with the windy conditions Bloomfield does add slightly more defensive consistency in those situations.

    Bayo was once again superb, giving a masterclass in hold up play. Without a doubt a key reason why Fred and Smyth get so much joy. I honestly think β€œThe Beast” has improved since we signed him three years ago.

    Allsop although much improved from last year was still the pantomime villain for both sets of supporters with his playacting.

    Grimmer looks like a 8/10 compared to McCarthy and he really should have scored with his tame effort. Certainly not a weak link though.

    JJ’s delivery from set pieces and early crosses when under pressure was great again today. Maybe the competition will improve his performances, like previously.

    If staying in this division is really the target, we look more than capable.

  • Ugly game in poor conditions, not helped by a dreadful referee.

    Rovers had the better of the first half, while we ended the game better and could easily have pinched a 1-0.

    Gape and Stewart have made particularly good starts to the season. Pattison also looking very lively. 4 points and two clean sheets is a very healthy start.

  • One thing I am not happy about is the balance of players on the bench. It is too attacking. Ideally a suitable bench for us should be something like this if we played 4-3-3


    Other then that today could have gone either way so a point and a clean sheet is deserved.

  • On past experience, I think the attacking nature of our bench is because we like to grind teams down before attacking with vigour, and there’s been at least a couple of games under Gaz where we’ve finished with 6 forwards on the pitch.

  • edited August 10

    @Bacon_Sandwich good to read your review. I've only seen Pattison once, and he definitely got stronger as the game went on v Bolton, but I wondered if that was more due to the men v boys nature of the game. Good to hear maybe it's not.

    Haven't clocked him as particularly good in the air yet - but I'll go off your seen him more judgement and look forward to it. Hopefully he can add that first goal - as he could have filled his boots v Bolton.

    FB lot seem to be targeting El Abd as their early doors whipping boy. Always has to be one!

    A few changes for midweek presumably - Bayo surely needs a rest - probably the time for Parker to come in.

  • @thedieharder said:
    One thing I am not happy about is the balance of players on the bench. It is too attacking. Ideally a suitable bench for us should be something like this if we played 4-3-3


    Other then that today could have gone either way so a point and a clean sheet is deserved.

    Surely the reason a bench is loaded with attacking players is that they are players most likely to be swapped our?

  • @Malone I’m watching games predominantly from abroad this year, but if Pattison avoids injury and doesn’t get a minimum of 5 league goals I’d be surprised. I felt the same way given Bolton’s preparations, but the lad has got something. The disappointing thing is that his chance today fell on his favoured right foot.

    El Abd is everything I like in a β€œmature” centre half: slow, dirty and excellent at reading situations. His battle with Read (who again is a throw back) up in Lincoln in our promotion season completely optimises him. When you add his leadership skills, it’s no surprise we have two clean sheets with him playing alongside a rejuvenated Stewart. Sometimes change isn’t always the best answer.

  • β€œSlow and dirty”. I like that.

  • @Bacon_Sandwich I saw Sido out and about in the local area the other day, and after the shock of just seeing a Wycombe player so close to home, briefly spoke. Seems he's pretty close to a return - which is excellent news - he was terrific last year.

    I'm hopeful Stewart breaks his recent few season run of one major lay off a season, but at least Sido is there when needed.

  • Ain’t he tall @Malone. Mainly hair of course.

  • @Malone I’ve always rated Sido at centre back and after seeing him there a few years ago, it’s oddly his best position. I can’t remember a player who has turned around a manager’s opinion on him more than Sido, with the added gloss that Ainsworth and Dobbo are probably the best judges of players outside (and perhaps including) the Premier League.

  • Fair play to everyone who braved the conditions today too, I’d be interested to hear how it compared to Gillingham last season?

  • It wasnt cold for a start so no comparison !!

  • Shit game shit ref shit weather good point

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