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Fred Signs! McCarthy to Millwall also confirmed.

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Finally confirmed, via twitter.



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    Of the two I’d say McCarthy is the better player, but with the signing of Grimmer this suits Wycombe, Millwall and all of the players involved.

    Gutted not to be able to watch McCarthy play for Wycombe, but excited by the prospect of seeing Fred again.

  • Great news! No longer Fredless.

  • Fantastic news. I have to say I'm amazed we've been able to get him on a long-term deal. Fully expect him to flourish and this seems to be another signing made with the expectation that we can offer the player some stability, the opportunity to develop, and the win-win of a potential upside for both parties in a future sale. Same basis as McCarthy really.

    Sorry to see him leave but well deserved and best of luck to him. I'm sure Grimmer will be a fine replacement.

    I confess I haven't seen any of the pre season games and of course it will take time to see how the new signings fit in. Nonetheless, based on what I saw last season and where we were lacking, we seem to have plugged almost all the gaps with what appear on paper to be better players. Or at least players that can offer real competition to those already here.

    I still have reservations that we may be over-stretching (even more) in terms of what we can afford and it could come back to bite us on the bum. But for the moment at least I'm feeling very positive! COYB

  • Great news indeed and yet again we demonstrate to other up and coming players (and agents!) out there that we're very willing to allow upward career movement. Players signing for Wycombe are not entering a dead end and with Gareth and Dobbo's skills at development, many 'hung out to dry' players with ability will hopefully see us as an attractive route to improvement and progression. Well done to all.

  • Great news, and brilliant work from the Wycombe media team on Twitter.

    Gutted to see McCarthy move on but he has the quality to play Championship football so it can't be begrudged. I also have high hopes for Grimmer so less of a bitter pill to swallow.

    Pretty happy with how the squad has shaped up. Only two areas of concern for me now are in goal, and that despite Gape staying we may lack a bit of quality in the middle of the park, with Thompson still out for a while.

  • Excellent news

  • @DJWYC14 said:
    Only two areas of concern for me now are in goal, and that despite Gape staying we may lack a bit of quality in the middle of the park, with Thompson still out for a while.

    Agreed. Whilst highly unlikely, I'd still feel much better going into the season with a different goalkeeper between the sticks. Thompson & Gape are both excellent options but I'd like to see a more creative outlet alongside one of them.

    Fred obviously brings in the ability to unlock defences from the wing, something we really lacked in the second half of last season. McCarthy was one of the few others in the team that could do this too so we need to further bolster the creativity somewhere. I reserve judgement on Grimmer for the time being but maybe he can do the same.

  • Sorry to see McCarthy go but he deserves to play at a higher level. I’m sure a better Championship side would have come in for him if he had a bit of patience ,sometime in the season but no one has a crystal ball. Both club websites say undisclosed fees for both players. We will probably never know but I wonder who paid more or was it a straight swap? Still think we need a centre forward to complete squad.

  • Superb bit of business, Fred has the potential to become a real talisman for the club. And while McCarthy was clearly one of our better players last season, he had a surprisingly low level of assists, especially when compared to JJ. Hopefully Grimmer will be more willing to get balls into the box and onto the head of Fred over the coming season.

    Signing Fred does raise questions over whether it was truly sensible to sign Bayo for another year - I would like to see Fred played in the middle with Smyth / Kashket or Freeman either side of him. With CMS as an alternative to Fred I think we are very well stocked without Akinfenwa, who will probably be reduced to cameo roles now. Still, he does a great job of motivating and making young players feel welcome (Fred last season, Eze the year before both notably blossomed under his wings) and he'll play a big part in building squad morale - and hopefully provide a threat in the final minutes of the match as a late sub.

  • top quality loanee keeper and we're on our way to the championship

  • Now we just need to announce Eze's return...

  • @aloysius you sort of undermined your own argument there. I'm pleased bayo is ending his career with us myself

  • Also I think allsopp will improve. I was less worried about him staying than some

  • @DJWYC14 said:
    Only two areas of concern for me now are in goal, and that despite Gape staying we may lack a bit of quality in the middle of the park, with Thompson still out for a while.

    Agreed. A better keeper and a quality midfielder would complete the picture.

  • Grimmer looks a very decent right back so if we got some money (say £400K), as well as Fred, then this is a brilliant deal. With Smyth already on-board we now have real pace up front.

    With Stewart looking fit and ready to go and Sido to come back plus the acquisition of Phillips, who is a very good young CB, also good cover for JJ with the new left back, we look OK in the back 4.

    Like others on here, I feel we need more quality in the middle of midfield though and a good loanee keeper, then we will be flying. COYB!

  • Don’t forget JGS. Dark horse if ever there was one.

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  • Agree with every word @fame_46.

  • Confess I’d forgotten about Alex Matteson - oops, Pattison. So many new stars in waiting.

  • Sad to see Jason leave, but we can't stand in the way of payers moving onto a higher level. Seems like a good deal for both players, and depending on the cash involved, both clubs as well.

  • Fred is a good signing, but, given some of the estimates of the salary he was on at Millwall that I have seen stated on this forum over the past few days, I hope we haven't overstretched the budget to get him here.

  • Great to have Fred back. Millwall fans aren't too sad to see him leave though as the below post on their forum sums up. I'm not surprised Fred refused to play in front of their fans either, judging by the shocking comment on this post in reference to his squad number at Millwall. Actually the post is a sad indictment of the attidude of some Millwall supporters.

    Today at 9:54 AM


    Thank God, FRED Onyedinma’s six-season association with Millwall is over after the club offloaded him to Wycombe Wanderers for 20 Woodbines.

    Onyedinma, 22, joins Wycombe for a third time (will they never learn?), after two previous loan spells. He scored four goals in 16 league games for them last season (not bad for someone who can run, but not with a ball), before being recalled by the Lions in January.

    Onyedinma made his Millwall debut in 2014 under Neil Harris. But Harris, with a smile on his face, revealed earlier this year that the player didn’t want to play for the club again. He wasn’t given a squad number ( just known as 'Oi, you blk ct') and was always going to leave, with the Choirboys always looking the likely destination.

    The forward signed a three-year contract with Millwall in the summer of 2017 - a bad day for football.

  • I would imagine if you are not wanted...and no-one comes in for you...going to a place where you are wanted, liked and will be a regular in the shop window might make you lower your salary demands somewhat?

  • There must be some extra room in the budget. Depending on how much we’re paying Smyth I wouldn’t be surprised if this years wage bill is lower than last years.

  • Sad indictment of Neil Harris and his coaching staff, never mind the lovely supporters, if there is any truth in the description of the way Fred was regarded and addressed. This is the guy who Harris described as “virtually unplayable in training”. Thought at the time he was probably “bigging him up” (horrible expression) but I’m wondering now if he meant he was reluctant to play him at all.

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    And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why everyone hates Millwall.

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    @OxfordBlue said:
    And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why everyone hates Millwall.

    But they don't care. When they talk about 'the spirit' at the club you always know they really mean...

  • Hopefully we get them in the cup and he gets a hat-trick.

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