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First of the Season: Crowd Forecast - Bolton (H) - Sat 3rd Aug 19 - Match 1



  • 6145 including 845 from Bolton

  • It is only Tuesday and we already have 28 predictions. This includes one from @Guppys_Left_Leg, which although eminently sensible when it was made, hopefully will be heading for the Argyle Award for not meeting expectations by biggest margin.

    Welcome to those who are forecasting for the first time, welcome back to those who feel like old friends and welcome also to anyone who is forecasting with a new name.

    So: it is good to be writing this with so much now to look forward to. I was surprised how much my mood lifted when I knew the game was on. Now Fred's song has been in my head most of this afternoon.

    At the moment we are saying -

    Average for Total Crowd: 6411
    Average for Away Crowd 1301

    Which would be a very tasty start to the season. Weather forecast is warm, but little sunshine. We are reckoning that we will outnumber the Bolton fans by around 4 to 1. Sounds good for a cracking atmosphere

    The spreadsheet has the link at the top of the page as standard - but I will put one here as well.
    It contains all 64 gasroomers who have predicted on threads over the last two seasons.

    The Tour de Season thread will be up sometime after this game, same or similar operating rules to last year, only this year the winner will receive a signed shirt - thanks to @Cecil and the club.

    Happy predicting all.

  • 7268 (1668 away)

  • Looks possible that Bolton will sell out the 1800 with over 1000 sold in the first 24 hours.

    At the risk of derailing my own thread - would anyone who normally watches franchise be welcome on Saturday, seems like an opportunity to give them a chance to see a real club. Can we do some "Game On" Posters in say Aylesbury.

  • 6711 with 1709 from the bolton girls and boys

  • 6295 total 1492 Bolton

  • Come on @Guppys_Left_Leg. You’ve left the ground empty.

  • 6,743 with 1,613 from Bolton

  • 5981 - with 1623 northern Wanderers.

  • 6,950 with 1,750 Bolton plz

  • 5887 including 1568 from Bolton

  • 5999 including 1555 Trotters

  • Bolton have sold out.

  • @LX1 said:
    Bolton have sold out.

    Will we get the money though?

  • @mooneyman said:

    @LX1 said:
    Bolton have sold out.

    Will we get the money though?

    • We know their owners sold out long ago
    • We made my heir fans buy from us so we have the money already
  • Spreadsheet updated!
    The excitement and anticipation builds for the match.

    36 predictions at 18:30 on Friday. High numbers predicting indicating lots of interest.
    If you haven't forecast the attendance and you fancy your skills, have a go you have nothing to lose.

    We say so far:

    Average for Total Crowd: 6426
    Average for Away Crowd 1372

    I am fairly sure the away crowd has been underestimated.
    Could be a season to savour - should be a game to savour.
    Let's turn up in numbers.

    I will post before I set off for the game at around 12:00. Most important rule is that no prediction counts after 14:03, even if the game doesn't start until 15:15 because a) the Bolton bus broke down or b) the car park queue stretched all the way through Sands at 14:50.

    Happy predicting and Up the Blues.

  • 6239 including 1736 Trotters trotting up Hillbottom Road.

  • 6542, with 1789 from Bolton.

  • 7002 including 1762 from Bolton.

  • 1750 away, 5000 home, 6750 total.

  • Wycombe Wanderers fans: 4,500
    Bolton Wanderers fans: 1,800
    Total fans: 6,300

  • Before I leave for the game

    41 predictions: (which is a record) - anyone reading and not yet predicting has until 14:03

    Average for Total Crowd: 6443
    Average for Away Crowd 1420

    Up the Blues

  • 5885 (1755 Bolton)

  • Crowd given as 6,454 with 1,660 Bolton.

  • Bladdy ell @Shev 2away!

  • edited August 2019

    @NorsQuarters - I thought I was set for a season of struggle, but a late boost of American cash has me confident again.

  • Congratulations to @Shev - winner of the season competition 3 months ago, starts with heading straight to his first win of this season - just 2 away from the actual crowd of 6454, with his forecast of 6456 - most excellent predicting.

    Honourable mentions for those who were within 100 of the total crowd:
    @crabbie - 27 away with 6427
    @NorsQuarters 54 away with 6400
    @BlueBoy 88 away 6542.

    Also a mention for our average which was just 24 away with 6430. Collectively we are at least as good as every individual, @Shev excepted. Should be able to acquire accurate crisp stocks for home games based on the data we can provide.

    Closest forecast for the away crowd of 1660 was @bookertease who was 6 away with 1666.

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