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First of the Season: Crowd Forecast - Bolton (H) - Sat 3rd Aug 19 - Match 1

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Competition on - A link for the spreadsheet for the first game:

I start with a prediction:

Total 8049, with 1888 from Bolton. Don't forget I don't have a fabulous record in this competition.

The rules will be the same as last season, but perhaps subject to development, as they were last year.

There will be a low stress competitions to get closest to the attendance of each game ....

Closest prediction of the total attendance wins each individual game. To discourage turnstile hanging, no predictions less than an hour before the game starts will be counted. This will be defined as 14:03 for Saturday home games with a nominal 15:00 kick off.

In the event of a tie, the winner will be declared as the person who is closest with their away crowd prediction.

In the event of the home team for any game declaring a sell out, no more predictions will be taken after that point.

If there are special circumstances, allowance may be made for predictions to be changed. The one exception is that people will always be allowed to change predictions to increase the number of Wycombe supporters, so long as their total prediction remains the same.

I can make mistakes with the data entry and don't mind being told about them.

There will be respect for those who show the way by predicting early and plaudits for other achievements. I will keep a leaderboard of the top ten closest predictions for the whole season. Everyone will have a chance to appear on this leaderboard even up until the last game. Please enjoy.

There will also be a glorious 9 month long competition with added stress as last season. The winner will be the one has the best average for their best ten predictions. Two identical prediction averages (not likely but always possible) will be decided on the closest prediction and if they are the same it will go to penalties, I mean 2nd best predictions and so on.
@ForeverBlue has well organised for the club to have a signed shirt for the winner of this competition and @DevC's score prediction thread as many of you will have already read.
I will start that thread later. I am very minded to follow @DevC's example in this particular instance and ask that people competing for the shirt make a donation to Chiltern's MS Centre. I will organise this unless there is strong feeling against.

Happy forecasting.



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