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Wycombe Homeless Connection Prediction Contest 1920 Launch Thread

edited July 2019 in Football

In truth wasn't sure whether to do this this season but JFDI is always a good motto. Here goes.

The competition will run similarly to last season with the odd difference explained below. Rules are

1) The primary aim of the competition is to raise money to support homeless people in HW and the surrounding areas. A secondary aim is having a little fun.

2) The cost of the competition is £10 to be donated directly to WHC
Obviously if you wish to donate more, I am sure they will be very grateful. If you are eligible please tick the gift aid box to allow them to draw down more cash from government.

3) To enter please just add your name below and confirm (paid) or just predict on the first or later match threads confirming (paid).

4) I want this to be as inclusive as possible so if you wish to enter but genuinely cant afford to, that's fine. Just confirm (paid) below and drop me a PM message. I don't need to know why and promise not to reveal to anyone else. I just want to understand total raised. Of course you could just confirm (paid) and not do so and nobody will know but that would make you a bit of a c*nt IMHO.

5) Minimum number of entrants is 15 or the competition will not run

6) Prize to the winner (as last season winner @OxfordBlue will confirm ) is very likely to be precisely zero. If however those with better contacts than me ( @AlanCecil or @ForeverBlue ) could rustle up a prize for the winner (stadium tour say, or a couple of tickets to the end of season dinner etc), I would be very grateful.

6) The prize is a signed Wycombe shirt as confirmed by the twitter feed here:

Many thanks to everyone involved in arranging this.

7) Each week I will ask for predictions for a forthcoming league fixture on this site. you can if you wish predict match results as far ahead as you wish (eg if you are to be away on holiday). Just post them in a thread You can change predictions as often as you wish with a strict deadline of one minute before kickoff. Any predictions timed after kickoff will be ignored.

8) Scoring will be as follows

Predict home win correctly - 4pts - no change from previous season
Predict away win correctly - 5pts - no change from previous season
Predict 1-1 draw correctly - 6pts - no change from previous season 9either your prediction or result must be 1-1)
Predict any other draw correctly - 7pts - new (both your prediction and actual score must not be 1-1)
Bonus for getting score correct - 2pts - no change from previous season
Bonus for correctly predicting a 2 goal margin - 2pts - new (designed to remove incentive to always predict one goal results which are most common- both your prediction margin and actual score must be a 2 goal win to the team you predicted to win)
Bonus for correctly predicting a 3 goal margin - 4pts - new (designed to reward successfully predicting harder to predict results - see above)
Difference between your prediction and actual result - -1pt (so if you predict a 2-1 home win and actual result is a 2-1 away - you lose two points) No change
No prediction that week scores 0 points - New (removes penalty for no prediction removing disincentive for late entrants.)

So if you predict a 1-0 home win and score is 3-1 you score 4pts for home win and -1 point for margin total 3pts
If you predict a 3-1 win - score 4pts for home win, 2pt bonus for correct score plus 2pt bonus for getting 2 goal margin correct - total 8. If you had predicted a 2-0 win score 6pts.
If you predict a 4-1 win, score 4pts for home win, and -1 point for margin - total 3pts
If you predict a 1-3 away win, score -4 points for margin
if you predict a 0-0 draw and the result is 2-2 - score 7pts
if you predict a 0-0 draw and the result is 1-1 - score 6 pts
correctly predict a 2-2 draw - score 9pts
correctly predict a 1-1 draw - score 8 points

hope that is clear. Just predict and don't worry, I'll work out scoring

9) Publicity - anyone with contacts with WHC ( @Twizz ?) or club ( @AlanCecil or @ForeverBlue ) who could arrange this to be advertised this on say their twitter feeds would again earn my gratitude and hopefully more money raised for WHC.

10) I reserve the right to change any rules I don't think are working/introduce new ones. Especially if I am losing.......

Any other questions please ask......

Last season rough estimate is that we collected 3300. Would be great if we could beat it.



  • Thanks for setting this up again @DevC. I think we all appreciate the effort into doing this (likewise to @railwaysteve for his attendance prediction thread) and I’m sure it can be a thankless task. It did however add a little bit of fun to the watching Wycombe experience which can’t be bad. And all for a good cause too.

  • Thanks @DevC for setting this up again.
    I have made a slightly more generous donation than last time because I assume the 3300 you want to beat was £3300 in total donations.

  • Although that means there were 330 entrants @micra?

  • Yeah, I can’t make out what the 3300 refers to. And as for the points calculation...,!!

  • £10 was the bare minimum of course.

  • Ah. Oops. Sorry.

    The 3300 figure was a typo - obviously missed the upshift key and hit 3 instead of £. The correct figure was £300.

    Obviously it would be great to raise £3300 (and thanks for larger donation @micra ) but not convinced its realistic and boy 300 or so entrants would be a scary amount of work!

    So humble apologies due from my good self. As a slight atonement, here's what Nick Parker has to say about the british obsession with apologising. (to be honest the video works best if you know the band).

    ALL FURTHER ENTRANTS WELCOME - as, as I have demonstrated, I am increasingly old and easily confused, could I ask all to explicitly confirm that they wish to enter and have paid. (see rule 2,3,4)

  • Thanks for seeing if a prize is available Dev. I do appreciate it, but I'm also very happy to just bask in the glory of the win itself given the club's financial situation.

  • Donation made. Can I suggest as a prize you ask the club for a box of out of date crisps!

  • I'm in. With the rule changes I can see that predicting a score of 2-1 every week may not necessarily be successful this time ...

  • If we're predicting results in 1920s, I feel I might have an advantage by flicking through Chairboys on the Net at

  • Hi folks

    Still nearly three weeks before the start of the season, but currently way short of the minimum number required for this to run.

    Two possibilities

    1) that there isnt really the interest, in which case we'll just let this quietly die
    2) that I launched this way too early.

    regardless of posts you may have made above, if you wish to play please confirm below. If 15 or more have signed up by July27, we'll run.


  • @DevC I intend to play. Payment will be made to WHC prior to the first proper match of the season.

  • I have already paid Dev.

  • I’ll do it but I haven’t got around to making a donation yet!

  • I'll do it.... but it's still cricket season ! So hadn't even crossed my mind yet

  • I've paid already @DevC

  • Thanks for organising dev. I will be attempting mid table respectability once again to be sure. Too busy to donate at moment but my tenner will be in the hat crisps or no crisps by the end of the week.

  • Please sign me up - I missed out last season, and I'll transfer money over as soon as payday comes around, end of the month. Cheers.

  • Eureka! Two birds with one stone. PayPal (Rana in the Philippines) couldn’t explain the destination of a Virgin Giving payment on my June current account statement. I realise now that it was the WHC League donation which I doubled in memory as it were of all the good work that Michael and Amy Harriman did for that charity.

    The other bird? I finally fathomed what JFDI stood for in @DevC’s Launch post of 19 June. Very glad you did, Dev!

  • Thanks for doing this again @DevC. I’m in and have paid.

  • I've paid up now...although I have decided not to tick the box allowing Virgin Money to hunt me down and force me to hand over all my money. Hope that's okay.

  • LX1LX1
    edited July 2019

    I'm so confident I'm entering my predictions for 1920 all in advance:

    1-Sep-1919 St Albans City SpL A W 4-3
    13-Sep-1919 Great Eastern Railway SpL A D 1-1
    13-Sep-1919 Wycombe Trinity BCC 1 H W 2-0
    20-Sep-1919 Hoffman Athletic SpL H W 10-3
    27-Sep-1919 Reading United FAC P H W 6-2
    11-Oct-1919 Maidenhead FAC 1Q H W 2-1
    18-Oct-1919 Aylesbury United SpL A W 5-2
    25-Oct-1919 Slough FAC 2Q H D 3-3
    29-Oct-1919 Slough FAC 2Q R A W 5-4
    8-Nov-1919 Hampstead Town FAC 3Q A L 1-4
    15-Nov-1919 Great Western Railway SpL A W 8-3
    15-Nov-1919 Aylesbury United BCC S/F H D 2-2
    22-Nov-1919 Aylesbury United SpL H W 4-0
    29-Nov-1919 Maidenhead B&B 1 A L 2-3
    6-Dec-1919 Great Eastern Railway SpL H W 3-1
    20-Dec-1919 2nd Coldstream Guards SpL H W 7-1
    26-Dec-1919 Chesham United SpL H W 6-0
    27-Dec-1919 Chesham United SpL A L 2-3
    3-Jan-1920 Tufnell Park FAAC1 A L 2-6
    10-Jan-1920 2nd Coldstream Guards SpL A W 14-0
    17-Jan-1920 Sutton Court SpL A W 4-0
    24-Jan-1920 St Albans City SpL H W 4-1
    14-Feb-1920 Aylesbury United BCC S/FR A W 4-0
    21-Feb-1920 Newportonians SpL H W 5-1
    28-Feb-1920 Tufnell Spartans SpL H W 9-2
    6-Mar-1920 Polytechnic SpL H W 8-2
    13-Mar-1920 Newportonians SpL H W 6-0
    20-Mar-1920 Chesham United BCC F N L 0-1
    27-Mar-1920 Great Western Railway SpL H W 4-0
    2-Apr-1920 Polytechnic SpL H W 5-0
    3-Apr-1920 Sutton Court SpL H W 7-1
    21-Apr-1920 Tufnell Spartans SpL H W 8-3

    (In, Paid)

    Edit..sorry just seen @ReadingMarginalista beat me to this

    👍 👎 ( 1 )
  • I'm sure I remember seeing us play Hemel that season!

  • I’ve now paid.

  • Thanks Dev, in and paid...

  • That Hoffmann Athletic lot were a dirty bunch...

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