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Fao @DevC

Due to the antiquated and unfair way the FA distribute FA Cup final tickets I have come into possession of two of the above.

Wishing these to only fall into the hands of true Watford supporters I can offer you these at face value if you are interested?


  • No interest thanks LX.

    If you do come across two tickets for Tavistock Town's potential championship decider at Plymouth Argyle B in a couple of weeks though, do let me know. Up the sexy lambs......

  • Assuming the final starts at 5.15 as last year, I suspect Dev would have difficulty finding a train back to Plymouth especially if game goes to penalties.

  • I have recently invested in a self driven mechanised chariot which I use for long trips. (I only have five months left on my train barring order though).

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  • Was that barring order self imposed, or by local train authorities due to previous behavour patterns ??

  • Oh dear!!

  • It was worth a try @DevC. Maybe

  • US punk rock band Teenage Bottlerocket have just released a song called Anti-Social Media.

    Perhaps we have some secret Chairboys fans and Gasroom regulars across the pond?

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