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Corinthian Casuals

Just watched the brilliant Brothers in Football on
btsport about Corinthian Casuals and Corinthians Paulista, check it out its fantastic if you love the beautiful game.


  • Do they wear Farah or Tacchini?

  • Steve Peart & I went to watch Corinthian Casuals recently at their home game with Harlow Town to see how they are coming on as a club. They played at their own stadium now in Tolworth, Surrey which they share with Kingstonian, after they themselves were forced to leave Kingsmeadow.

    C-Casuals are one of the great old names of amateur football & it would be great to play them in a pre-season friendly. I’d also like to see us give a nod to our old Isthmian days and have a change kit of chocolate and pink quarters or halves, just like C-Casuals.

    I once remember seeing Wycombe play C-Casuals in a league game played on the outfield of the Oval (3-0 to Wycombe If my memory serves me well). I think Martin Tyler, the football commentator, was playing for them that day. I also saw them play Bristol City in the FA Cup at Dulwich Hamlet’s original Champion Hill ground (2-0 to Bristol City I think).

  • I'm trying to remember if I ever saw Casuals score against us? I guess they must have but I don't ever remember it in the 70's. It was always a minimum of 3-0 in the days before relegation. And I think we played them at Champion Hill though I may be getting confused.

  • Mainly at Sandy Lane, Tooting and Mitcham in the early 70s, with one game at The Oval. Champion Hill prior to that I think.

  • Yep I definitely saw us play Corinthian Casuals at Champion Hill in the early 70's,
    It was always quite strange to play against a team with literally no supporters.

  • I counted two at Loakes Park once. One even had a - presumably home made - scarf.

  • Barking and Croydon never seemed to bring any fans to Loakes Park, and not many more at home.

  • C-Casuals now have a hard-core support of around 2-300. Nice to see their β€œmegastore” is full of souvenirs too. It’s so much easier to build a supporter base when you own your own ground.

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