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Paul Smyth and Ilias Chair

What a pair! 5’1” and 5’2” respectively, these two diminutive goal scorers yesterday (against Sunderland and Lincoln respectively) and both just 21 are on loan from QPR to Accrington (can you believe it) and Stevenage.

Chair’s goals in particular were out of the Eze textbook and Smyth’s cleverness in the box reminiscent of Kashket. You’ll know what I mean if you’ve seen the highlights from yesterday’s games.



  • and we took a lad on loan who can't even get on the bench ..... well done GA !!

  • I say, steady on @rmjlondon !

  • and when I said bench I meant our bench !!

  • So do you think GA has a poor record when it comes to acquiring loanees?

  • That question for you @rmjlondon.

  • And... they're off! Easy fishing...

  • This season yes - Fred was a good signing but he has been here before - the rest have been dross !!

    @glasshalffull said:
    So do you think GA has a poor record when it comes to acquiring loanees?

  • Ingram and Stockdale both good. Fred, Williams and Morris all good.

    Charlies Owen & Fox likely to be here just to get wider experience of football and to give us some numbers if things go badly wrong in terms of injuries and suspensions.

    Bolton shows some promise but too soon to judge.

    Looks like a pretty good record even with your limitation to just this season.

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    Glassfull - you don't really recognise the more "subtle" form of trolling from Dev C, but surely you can see this other guy is pure troll - so just ignore it! There's even a button for it!

  • They're not quite that short Micra, relying on wikipedia has let you down again I'm afraid!

    Both are on the shorter side at 5'7 and 5'9 though. Paul Smyth caused Sunderland all sorts of trouble on Friday night, will be interesting to see how we deal with him in a couple of weeks.

  • How could we not sign someone called Chair.

  • Thanks for that @Croider. Incredible that Wikipedia could be so wrong with two players from the same club. What is your (presumably) more reliable source?

  • @Croider gone AWOL again?

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    There surely can't be any professional footballers 5ft 1 or 2.
    There cannot surely not be many adult men that size for starters?!

    Even Mathieu Valbuena, surely one of the smallest ever players is 5ft 4

  • Didn;t Bradford field Tyrion Lannister?

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    Had a look he's 5ft 4. Shorter than Leon Knight! I don't think I've seen anyone smaller on a football pitch who wasn't sat on a stool on the touchline or being told by JJ to slow it down...

  • Always enjoyed the sight of crouch and wright-phillips coming on at the same time for England, made for a good photo

  • Jose Dominguez is the smallest player I've ever seen

    Seeing him up against Terry Evans away at Birmingham was an utterly ridiculous sight

  • @eric_plant for some reason that makes me remember an end of season video in the O Neill days, with the commentator with the really distinctive voice.

    Made some comment about how it was near impossible to get past Evans and Crossley, mentioning how terrific they were in the air.
    But then said "not so clever on the floor".'d just said they were near impossible to get past, and then point a weakness out!

  • Martyn Lee must be up there (or should I say 'down there')

  • But harsh on Sir Matt. I always thought he was a very accomplished footballer and very comfortable with the ball at his feet

  • It was just at the start of my watching, so I can't remember him as well as Evans.
    But I do remember O Neill joking elsewhere on the video that he'd been "knocking it when he should be playing it all season", yet for whatever goal it was, he'd tried to play it.

    Joking Cousins missing a pen in about the 4th game of the season "cost us promotion" with a straight face before laughing was another highlight.

  • @LeedsBlue , I think him, Simmo, Bulman, Gape, Scowen are all surprisingly tall compared to the 5ft 1/2 height mentioned earlier!

  • Bloody Wikipedia. And to think that I’ve donated to them on a couple of occasions.
    Of course I’m also embarrassed at having been so gullible (on both counts).

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    @Malone I never imagined that Martyn Lee might one day be described as "surprisingly tall".

    But in general, I take your point.

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    Only compared to what would be an incredibly short 5ft 1/2 :)

    Bulman is listed as 5ft 10 on Wiki, and Michael Simpson 5ft 9.

    If those are correct I'm surprised, but I always wonder if some of these heights are "showbiz age" type situations.

  • If they take footballers' height measurements while they're stood on firm ground wearing their boots the studs will add a bit.

  • QPR’ s pitch was waterlogged when Smyth and Chair were measured in their stockinged feet.

  • When the aforementioned list of players stand out as small, I wonder how small 5ft 1 would look.
    Almost mascot-esque?

  • You can ask him how tall is in person now Micra!

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