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CMS off to Notts County

A film released by NCfc appear to shiw a new signing. A dark shadow that looks like CMS
He’s been a good servant that’s for sure



  • Is it the owner's penis?

  • That's definitely CMS. How long was left on his contract? Surely there won't be any fee involved?
  • (oh it's on loan, confirmed now)

  • Good luck to him, should probably have got a few more chances but if we aren't picking him then hopefully the freed wages will be useful

  • He might just save them.

  • Best of luck to him. Good move for all concerned if it means we can bring a couple in.

  • Good luck to him. But what a shame, he was a great player to watch and perhaps should have been on at least as a sub more times than he was (ahem! Gareth....)

  • In the position they're in, that's a bloody brilliant signing for Notts County. Craig has been excellent for us, but the emergence of Samuel this season has really worked against him. As @StrongestTeam points out, he was no doubt one of our larger earners too.

  • His recent lack of playing time has been principally due to the emergence of Samuel and Freeman. If he stays fit, I am sure he will be a big help in their relegation battle.

  • One of my very favourite players - loved watching him play for us.

    What a signing for Notts County

  • And the small print for last season's Curtis Thompson loan kicks in...

    Seriously though, I hope he does well there!

  • On loan until end of season but contracted for another 18 months.

    Not impossible it may be au revoir rather than goodbye.

  • A sadly under utilised player for me. I actually thought he would be more uses than Samuel in the run in.
    Hope he does well, stays fit and gets a run of games

  • Appreciate that we have a number of players in CMS playing position but to reduce the squad I do hope there is a loan signing imminent to bolster our ranks.

  • The game against Scunthorpe he was immense, and rightly got MoM... then Samuel gets a go to give him a rest and he never had another look in really... I'm a little bit gutted as I think he's great.

  • Class act. I hope we don’t regret that. !!! Good luck to him.

  • It feels weird having a big enough squad that we can send people out on loan.

  • Fine player, more likely to get goals than Samuel imv, has contributed a lot. Can't blame him if he wants to get some games elsewhere - hope we don't have cause to miss him in the run-up to the end of season.

  • Thank you and all the best CMS.

  • Ah that's a shame, easily my favourite player in the squad now Luke has gone. In the summer I was really looking forward to seeing a team featuring Sam Saunders in the heart of the midfield and CMS playing centrally - I assumed that was why both were given new contracts ahead of Gareth changing our playing style ready for League One. I guess I got that analysis wrong. Real shame he never got a run of matches playing central striker to cement his place in the team. Samuel really needs to step up a little and start scoring to justify us sending CMS out on loan - or we need to use some of the wages freed up to bring in a Josh Umerah-style back up to Bayo to play alongside Samuel/Kashket/PCH/Tyson when the big man is not available.

  • Hopefully it means we are about to sign a striker on loan who has a better goalscoring record than CMS,he did well for us last season but hasn't done much this season tbf but i wish him well in the future wherever he ends up.

  • We'll always have Scunthorpe, Craig. We'll always have Scunthorpe.

  • Do not all be sad. He is just finding it hard at the moment to get into the team. He still has another year on his contract. If the other forwards leave in the summer, he may play more next season.

  • I doubt we will be signing anyone else....but even if we do I doubt it would be a striker myself.

  • With Sammy Saunders also going what's the betting onus getting Fred on a free?

  • GA said yesterday that they were still working hard trying to get reinforcements, but his targets were disappearing in front of his eyes...

  • @HolmerBlue said:
    The game against Scunthorpe he was immense, and rightly got MoM... then Samuel gets a go to give him a rest and he never had another look in really... I'm a little bit gutted as I think he's great.

    Exactly this.
    He was doing well, so well in the centre that there was loads of talk about benching Bayo. And we were starting to wonder if we'd wasted him a bit last season playing him wide so often.

    Then Samuel goes from occasional bit part lesser game walk on player, to starting every week, and that was it.

    Cruel game at times.
    If Samuel can match the goalscoring element to CMS as well as the hold up and effort, we'll do very well.

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