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Saw this on Shrewsbury site.
Midfielder Bryn Morris, who played 30 games for Shrewsbury last term, has returned from a successful loan at Wycombe, who were not able to strike a permanent deal for the midfielder.



  • I'm reading that as not yet.

  • On the plus side, the fact they were willing to explore a permanent move suggests he's not part of Sam Ricketts' plans and (according to Wikipedia at least) he's out of contract in the summer, so even if we can't get a new loan deal, maybe he'll be back in a few months on a free transfer?

  • Curtis, Dom, Fred and Bryn. If no more than those four could be secured (plus a few departures perhaps), I for one would be a very happy man. The news yesterday about Curtis plus GA’s shift in mood from uncharacteristically β€œdown” following the fourth defeat to his usual upbeat self yesterday certainly raised the spirits.

  • I know the club have ruled out doing another 500 Club this year, but part of me thinks why not just run some kind of crowdfunding thing anyway? I haven't got a spare Β£150 right now, but I'd chuck in Β£20 or so if something was set up.

    Takes little time and costs nothing to set up (no need for a badge or a dinner at the end of the season) and even if it only made a couple of grand, that's better than nothing and could make all the difference between us being able to afford Player A instead of settling for Player B.

  • I too would put a bit in when the next pay day arrives. Like @Jonny_King haven't got bundles especially post Christmas but every little helps as they say.

  • I paid in to the last 500 club, when I asked about this season was told they are not doing it. Can’t understand why, it’s money for nothing as far as the club is concerned

  • I paid in both the 500 clubs. I can only assume that this wasn't continued this season in view of the proposed takeover.

  • Same, I asked the guys at the table as I got an email saying the direct debit was stopping , i was assured I could email the trust if I wished to keep paying money to them , although as they seem keen to sell the club I'm not sure why anyone would want to do that right now.

  • I can't remember who, but someone told me earlier this season (or possibly at the end of the last one) that the 500 Club wasn't going to run again as the Trust felt they couldn't keep asking the fans for money.

    I appreciate the sentiment, but I say run it anyway and it's up to the individual if they want to/feel they can contribute.

    I guess even if the club don't want to run it, we could potentially set up a Crowdfunding page ourselves and have some trustworthy Gasroomer arrange for the proceeds to go to the club on the understanding it's strictly for the transfer budget.

    I have the IT skills of a pissed monkey, but if I can I'd be happy to set up the page myself if there's an appetite for it.

  • What @Jonny_King said - last paragraph.

  • Thanks @micra, sorry I was a couple of glasses into a bottle of wine and didn’t quite get @Jonny_King s gist.
    Yes that’s a great idea

  • @Jonny_King I can confirm the club are happy to accept small and regular donations similar to the arrangement you suggest. Drop @AlanCecil a message.

  • Cheers @bookertease. I might drop Alan an email and gauge his opinion.

  • I see Morris wasn't in the Shrews squad yesterday.

  • If he now played for his own club I'm not sure he could be loaned out to play for a third club this season. No doubt our expert from the west country will be able to give a conclusive interpretation on the current regulations

  • edited January 2019

    I believe the FIFA regulations allow for a player to be registered to three club in the 1st July to 30th June calender year period but to play official matches for only 2.
    Can't find the relevant section in EFL rules but the FIFA rules are widely quoted on the internet.
    Interestingly the rules are slightly different if a player plays for teams in e.g. South America and Europe with different overlapping season start/end periods. In this case they are allowed to play for 3 teams as was the case with Javier Mascherano (according to the internet).

  • Rumours of Bryn signing an 18 month deal with Luton Town

  • A real shame, although I don't think any of us really expected him to come back. Shrewsbury's decision not to cup-tie him at the weekend suddenly makes perfect sense.

  • Personally feel of all the loanees Bryn is the most replaceable. Creative players with pace like Fred and Williams are not ten a penny. Gaz will unearth another LON, Saunders, Morris or Scowen from somewhere.

  • Pretty gutted about that i still held hope we would sign him up....

  • He was terrific when he first came in, but dropped off a bit in the latter spell, and when we played a midfield 2 it was Gape - Thompson all the way

  • Would be awful if he signed for Luton.

  • I agree with Malone, started well. He hadn’t made first 11 in a while. He’ll also struggle to get into Luton’s first 11 as they are quite solid. So bench at best

  • I don't see where he gets in Luton's side to be honest, so I'd be surprised

    But also, I agree, very disappointed

  • Be interesting to get the thoughtful view of our resident Hatter/club shop employee!

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