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Match day thread: Burton



  • No doubt most people who cannot be at the match this afternoon will be aware that they can watch on iFollow. We’re visiting friends for Boxing Day cold comestibles this afternoon and it might not be the height of good manners to be watching the game, especially as sporadic loud interjections would be inevitable. People are so rude.

  • Good to see 'The Old Alex Samuel' back in the lineup.

  • Five attacking players on the bench!

  • Anyone having trouble with iFollow?

  • yes paid my tenner, and nowt

  • Yes got know commentary

  • iFollow was stuttering terribly to begin with for me, seems to have settled down now

  • Awful stuff from Wycombe. They are walking through our defence at will. Number 10 and 16 are different class. They really should have scored 5 or 6 there. A horrible performance so far

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  • Bloody hell. From almost equalising to going in two goals down...

  • Unleash the beast!

  • Truly dreadful so far. Not sure where our performances of the last few weeks have gone but so this half we've been utter rubbish.

  • If your ifollow is not working you can count yourself very lucky.

    Utterly abject performance. Lack of effort from too many and completely ineffective tactics. Their number 4 is being allowed to run the show unchallenged and on the odd occasion we have the ball, there’s no outlet other than Fred.

    Big second half required.

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  • I’m not sure it is a lack of effort but we certainly look second best.

  • @Chris said:
    I’m not sure it is a lack of effort but we certainly look second best.

    That or too many mince pies. Midfield disorganised and just not getting to the ball or the man quickly enough.

  • Poor display. Never got to grips with their 10 & 16. Both had excellent games but we didn't do enough to stop them getting on the ball. Macca and Fred caused plenty of problems on the right wing but few other attacking players offered much.

  • Pretty abject.

    Very lucky for them to concede an own goal, after they'd been running through our defence at will, or otherwise slickly passing it around us.

    Instead of seizing the momentum of getting a lucky break and taking the lead... we then concede two goals.

    Tyson and in particular CMS both missed easy chances from low crosses, only for us to then concede a tap in from a low cross.

    3-1 more than a fair result. Easily could have been 5 or 6 to nil.

    Hopefully this is just a blip, we tie up some loose transfer business in early January and continue playing like we were before the holidays.

  • The real shame is the lack of response from Saturday's disappointment.

    Jacobson was so wildly off the pace, he and El-Abd turned over constantly by Akin. Could barely make a pass all game, let alone move the ball into the box smartly.

    Then when we chucked Akinfenwa on, we took off the only player who knows how to hit the ball to him!

    Two losses in a row doesn't require an inquest, but it needs a reaction.

  • @Chris said:
    I’m not sure it is a lack of effort but we certainly look second best.

    I would go with that. I actually thought we played some decent passing football at times but certainly no cutting edge, and not much being created up front.

    It was at least pleasing to see GA make a real change with the substitutions, and that we have the depth of bench to allow us to do that. Certainly hasn't always been that way in the past.

    Where the hell did they find 5 minutes stoppage time from though?

  • 433 didn't work for us at the start of the season and it's not working for us now. I don't understand why we've returned to it after playing so well in a 442 this autumn.

  • We only really played a straight 442 against Burnley to defend tightly, then played it against Wimbledon and offered little going forward.

    In the best games of the season, against Peterborough and Shrewsbury we played a quick 433.

  • Nothing down the left or middle at all today. All down the right - McCarthy and Fred worked their socks off. Not sure what is happening with Morris - he has totally gone off the boil recently. Thompson and Gape worked hard but were outbossed by an excellent midfield display. What does PCH need to do to get a start? Also credit to Kashket - worked very hard and needs a break.

  • Almost nothing good to say about that but I'll try:
    Easy to get away at the end
    Good to see Bayo and Rocky back
    Fred looked dangerous when we actually got the ball to him
    We are top half of League 1

  • Well, according to my calculations, in the last 225 minutes + 3 x injury time added on, we have scored one goal & conceded seven. In the last 180 we have rarely threatened the opposition goal & only taken one of the chances we have created. I honestly believe that it is time to bring Stewart back in to the starting eleven. Stewart for me, is the best all round centre back we have. At least if we stop the opposition from scoring we have a chance of winning. Back to basics and rebuild.

  • I think I'd give Stewart a run soon. We were torn a new one down our left today, El Abd and JJ usually such reliable performers but both had a mare.

  • JJ's usually so consistent corners have been woeful recently too, was up for a change until McCarthy chipped one straight to the first man, and then Tyson cut one through the grass.

  • @DJWYC14 said:
    I think I'd give Stewart a run soon. We were torn a new one down our left today, El Abd and JJ usually such reliable performers but both had a mare.

    Agree. Also, crosses coming in don't matter quite so much if the midfield track the runners into the box...

  • And Nick Freeman, Sam Saunders and Michael Harriman can’t even make the bench.

  • That McCarthy corner was one of the worst I’ve ever seen, a gentle loop straight to the first man.

  • Adam El-Abd made The Sun's League 1 team of the day with an 8/10 performance. Also in there was Burton's Akins with a 9/10. Fred got a 5. "Britain's favourite newspaper" surely couldn't have got it wrong could they?

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