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Morning All

Just a passing observation from Saturday, though that experience was in line with many away trips.


Is it me or is the frisking process experienced before entering grounds no more than the most cursory of pats in random areas, almost none of which are likely to be harbouring proscribed items? On Saturday, the fellow charged with the duty did very well to avoid even touching my incredibly voluminously-stacked pockets as he lightly skimmed his hands over the areas just above and below same. I'd like to flatter myself that it's because I'm such an obviously honest and non-violent citizen (which I am, and much, much more) but I see the same process with others.

It bothers me not one jot: I have no meaningful fear of someone doing something silly in a Wycombe end, except for turning up in the first place. It just occurred to me to mention it while it was in my head. Certainly, I could have smuggled in any sort of nonsense to the ground on Saturday without needing to take any precautions other than to put the stuff in my pockets. Ho hum.


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