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Match day thread: Barnsley



  • Sitting by the pool in the morning sun in Englewood, Florida but wishing I could be there. COYB!

  • Are you going to be able to join the iFollow brigade as you are stateside, @ValleyWanderer? Hope you are having a good vacation!

  • Hi @Shev, I'll be able to catch the first 10 minutes or so on iFollow but we're going to head out and I'll lose the wifi then. Certainly enjoying ourselves here thank you, it's packed with wildlife and blue skies at present.

  • Glad you are enjoying it, @ValleyWanderer!

  • You just got a shout out on iFollow too!

  • What a win! Oh my heart.

  • What a team performance that was, did anyone stop running at all during the game? Proud to have witnessed that display.
    It's clear that to play for GA you have to work, work, work. And we have some talent too, Alex Samuel and Thompson the pick for me - although everyone was exceptional today I thought.

  • Fantastic result. Really good performance today. Right in the mix for the play offs now...

  • Fully agree @twizz. A wonderful Team effort

  • Anyone who has said that Gareth Ainsworth is tactically naive has to be feeling a bit stupid.

  • I trust you are not suggesting Richie is stupid @OakwoodExile!

  • Taking everything into account I think that is as good a performance as I have seen for a long time. Apart from the first few minutes when Barnsley looked ominous, we were far the better team until we scored the goal our dominance deserved. The balance of play shifted and they had an awful lot of the ball after that but apart from that skied effort right at the end we didn’t really let them have a sniff of a chance.

    A proper team performance from front to back and it’s really hard to single anyone out. Great to see Tyson back doing what he does so well though.

    And to support @OakwoodExile’s point. GA was absolutely spot on with his tactics today. No subs but none needed when we were so much in control.

    Barnsley are in my opinion genuine contenders for promotion. Today, we looked like we should be too.

  • Another home win missed as I sit by the pool and the wildlife in nottingham handing out seasonal greetings. Great result. Well done all round. Gareth top of league one or bottom of the championship for you mate?

  • @ValleyWanderer for one ugly moment, I thought everything I'd ever known about rap was wrong, and I'd been wrongly thinking it was "Inglewood".
    A quick googling and I'm re-assured that Inglewood and Englewood are two different places.

    The game? I thought we were brilliant in spells, and but for some heavy crossing on a whizzy pitch could and should have scored more.
    They had one massive chance in about the 90th min that was fired over, but apart from that we were well worth the win.

  • This season just keeps getting better and better and better. Making Peterborough, Sunderland and now Barnsley look ordinary... it beggars belief.

    The 10 minutes at the start of the second half leading up to the goal was as rampant as I can remember us being this season.

  • Puts a bit more distance between us and conference south

  • Puts us closer to Reading who have just lost.

  • 14pts clear of the bottom four. Not only should we not be afraid of in this division, they should be afraid of us!
    Superb game plan, perfectly executed by every single player. Absolutely superb display.

  • Anyone in this division

  • Sky Sports report says we were β€˜dominant throughout’...

    It’s a game of opinions, I guess

  • All round great performance, I wouldn't want to pick out any players, a team performance, helped by an opposition team who focused on their game plan of retaining the ball, and trying to play out from the back. Fortunately for WW Barnsley couldn't find the killer ball to Moore who looked a quality player (a replacement for Bayo)
    I actually thought the ref had a great game, hardly noticed him. I need to negotiate a pass out for Gillingham. COYC

  • Do you think we weren’t then @prufrock_91? I know we let them have a lot of the ball after we scored but I think we were always in control and chose to let them and hit them on the break.

    As an aside I do like this quote from their forum:

    β€œThat was next level shitgibbonry.”

    That’s proper criticism.

  • Post match Gaz interview:

    β€œMoney can buy good players, but it can’t buy the spirit and culture we have"

  • Just back home from the match. I can’t remember an all round better performance for some time. A great result and a grand game of football between two cracking sides. Well refereed as well.

  • No yellow cards and only four fouls conceded, against their 12. Remarkable for tactics based on a press.

    The club tweeted that six home wins in a row is "a new club record". It's not of course, but I forgive them for not adding "in the Football League" in the excitement. Our non-league history should not be trivialised.

    I reckon the club record is 22 consecutive home wins from 1914-21, that's 3 in 13-14 (Great Western Suburban), all 13 in 19-20 (Spartan), including 3 played as 'away' games, and 6 in 20-21 (Spartan).

    More recently we had 20 from 1991-92 in the Conference, 12 in 91-92 and 8 in 92-93.

    Interesting to hear Gareth praise club analyst Josh Hart in the post-match interview, for making a big difference in the way they see things. He was recruited from Chelsea Ladies.

  • My first match watching was against Bradford (that dean windass goal) i remember us playing Walsall and us winning 3-1 with andy rambo scoring twice, sanchez described it as a top of the table clash at the time.... have we been higher than today in the league? We looked completely in control today what a squad!!!!!!

  • edited December 2018

    When you look at the players not in the starting X1, we surely can't have had a stronger squad in the league days.

    The way Samuel has kept CMS out , who himself was in good form is sensational, and there's no rush to get Bayo back in at the moment, which can only help him be 100% when we need him.

    I hope Gaz has some Christmas presents with news on the 3 loanees and Thompson, as well as keeping a keeper for more than a week! A Gape extension would be marvellous too!

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