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Can we do it?

edited April 2015 in Football

Got to think that this promotion race is going to go down to the wire. Need a draw on Tuesday to keep us in the driving seat. I cant make it to the last two matches but ill be around in spirit! COYB!

  1. Can we do it?70 votes
    1. Yes!
    2. Maybe
    3. No


  • 50% said no? too many pessimists about!

  • Can we do it is very much more positive than Will we do it?

    Of course we can get a top three spot. Will we? No idea but the journey is what supporting the team is all about. My fingers are crossed and I'm hopefully.

  • Bury deserve all the plaudits for putting such a run together and we have to face it we ran out of steam. It was always going to be likely with the squad size.
    HOWEVER we must not lose site that what has been achieved is fantastic and something none of us could have hoped for.
    IF the play-offs are to be our route so much has to happen to get us through it is barely worth considering. Our remaining three strikers are goal shy. Our defence has now gone almost entirely. Our midfield is all over the place as they are largely featuring in the back four.
    Its a hell of a ride.

  • 198 views and only 18 votes? Come on its only a bit of fun...have a go.

  • Should I be seeing a poll here? Not on iPhone.. But can we do it- yes we can. I'm hopefull for a draw tomorrow and a win on Saturday. Last game heroics as Gaz is forced to name himself on the bench, comes on on 80 minutes as players collapse with cramp and exhaustion and scores the winner a minute into stoppage time in a one-two move with Hayes. Cue mass hysteria and waving of believe signs. That's the romantic optimist scenario anyway.

    Should we go playoffs I'm not confident at all - too much hard work by the team with no chance of resting except through serious injury means we look knackered out there now. We might have two heroic performances left. I don't think we have five.

  • I detest Bury - it seems like it's always either us or them.

  • Agreed prufrock, I would rather see Southend go up if its not us.

  • The gods are with us this season. I just hope the players still have belief - agree it's been a monumental effort on the whole.

    When I look at Bury's bench they still have some quality players so I don't really see them slipping up but hopefully the spirit of Paul Sturrock's kilt will help Southend tonight.

  • @Manboobs .....agree 100% with your assessment. To see poll figures you have to vote - as I've just discovered. Afraid I'm a "maybe".

  • So two games left, 81 points apiece with Southend and now two clear of Buryโ€ฆ. can we do it? I now think we can. 4 points might even be enough if Luton turn up against Southend this weekend. Take each game as it comes though, Morecambe certainly won't be an easy ride - need a bumper AP crowd to cheer the boys on!

  • Does anyone have any info on our injury situation? Mostly with JJ, Holloway and Nico

  • Not sure about Holloway. Nico is young and, hopefully, resilient but I gather he got a hell of a battering against AFC. A lot can change in a week. But, on the basis of what someone said on here about JJ's own assessment of his prospects, he may have the best chance of returning. My guess is that Murphy will slot in alongside Mawson but they are both predominantly right footed I think so I'm not sure which of them would occupy Pierre's berth.

    I forgot about Blooms but would have thought, if there have been no delayed ill effects of his blow to the head, he will be OK.

    Suddenly, I feel more optimistic again and I'm switching from "maybe" to "yes".

  • We can defobdo it, such talented players as Hayes, Mawson and Saunders, we can win 2 games, its a 2 game season. Support for 90 mins, dream and BELIEVE

  • I wouldn't worry too much about Murphy and Mawson at the back - Murphy actually has height and a pretty decent leap on him. Alfie's probably the most two-footed CB I've seen at Wycombe.

  • That sounds good to me.

  • And Fred will have had a full weeks rest to get his mojo back - he certainly has looked jaded the last few weeks so hopefully he'll be back firing on all cylinders ready to rip the Morecambe defence to shreds.

  • Two wins will almost certainly be enough. Going to be a nail biter though.

  • We can do it! ... We only need to win our last 2 games by 1-0 each, that would leave Southend needing to win both their games by an average 4-0 each to better our goal difference, I can't really see that against Luton (H) or Morecambe (A) - BELIEVE!!!

  • I certainly don't want to be relying on Luton to do us a favour when their only wins in the last 10 games have been against Tranmere and Hartlepool. It's remarkable that they're still so close to the play-off places with that kind of form.

  • I am more worried about goals, we just have to score. been a little thin on the ground recently again.

  • Just going to leave this here from the official twitter page.


  • Can we? Will we? SHALL WE????

  • Looking forward to sat
    And yes we can do it coyb!

  • Put it this way, last year, i had no hope at all, and we did it. This year, i'm very hopeful, and that's what worries me the most.

  • Know the feeling. It's ageing an already old man!

  • I don't get all this "not being very hopeful at Torquay" stuff. I drove down full of hope, knowing the team could beat already relegated opponents and knowing that an early goal would send nerves around the Northampton and Rovers crowds, which would then transmit to the players and hey presto, they balls it up!

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