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Barnsley Home - Match 21 - Saturday 8th December 2018- Attendance Predictions

I know it is long time to wait: here is the link to the spreadsheet:

I went - 5037 total with 560 Tykes.

It is a good time to be a Wycombe fan. We are no longer the lowest placed promoted side and we are 4th in the ten game form table.



  • 5225 with 604 away

  • 4989 with 709 Barnsley please.

  • 5322 with 697 yorkies crying all the way home.

  • 6250 with 1430 from Barnsley

  • 5376 with 859 from Barnsley

  • 5757 with 811 Tykes

  • 5,897 with 883 from Barnsley watch a 2-2 draw.

  • 5120 with 589, thanks Steve!

  • Not able to be there myself but 5096 with 614 from Barnsley.

  • 5126 and 649 Tykes

  • Curious that it doesn't seem possible simply to purchase tickets for the Barnsley match on line, displaying the message: "Sorry, tickets for this event are available only to specific customers who have signed on and have a required status. Please sign on to your account and try again." This is displayed whether I am signed in or not, so presumably I don't have "required status."

    Could be just an error, but likely to put a few irregular or new potential attendees off coming.

  • I ring up for tickets. People speak unto you and then supply them. The internet is the devil's tool and as such is designed to get on your last nerve @Uncle_T

  • edited December 2018

    11 predictions already - welcome to @Major.

    So far we say:
    Average for Total Crowd: 5381
    Average for Light Dark Blue Army 4617
    Average for the Tykes 764

    At our last two games the home support was around 4375 against Peterborough and around 4150 against Shrewsbury.

    Our crowds so far this season are up by about 7% on the average for the whole of last season, we still have Sunderland, Portsmouth, Bradford, Barnsley, Coventry, Charlton and Plymouth to play at home yet and those are currently the top seven sides for their home gates - Luton are only average. Also, although we are winning and entertaining, the best could be still to come.

    Anyone looking to come for the first time - posting on here gains a lot of helpful advice.

    Happy predicting. Up the Blues.

  • @railwaysteve “Luton are only average”? Haha, be careful!!

    5,102 including 692 away.

  • 4550 Chairboys & 500 Tykes

  • 5469 (698 away)

  • 4923 including 681 let out of the SRoSY for the day

  • Going out on a limb again on the away crowd

    5568 but with 1152 making the long trip from Rio.

  • Careful @railwaysteve you'll have Richie apoplectic with comments like that.

  • I'm not able to attend the Barnsley game, but I assume as a Trust Legacy Season Ticket Holder I will still be counted.

  • 5201 with 703 Tykes

  • 5300 with 700 from Barnsley

  • 5225 including 899 Tykes

  • 5250 incl 650 from God's own...

  • edited December 2018

    @ForeverBlue, @EwanHoosaami:
    Poor Luton fans, although they are a very big club, the only attendance statistic with which they lead league one is the percentage of the ground which is filled for their home games. This season they have so far fillled a very similar of proportion of their home ground to AFC Wimbledon, both above 80%.

    However when you compare our Hertfordshire friends to the other big clubs in our fine division, the likes of Portsmouth, Bradford, Charlton, Sunderland and even poor old Argyle, Luton's crowds are really quite small and so this season they are very close to the mean for League One, so I reckon regarding attendance, it is very reasonable to describe Luton as distinctly average.

    Also it would be very funny if both Accrington and ourselves finished with more points than them.

  • 5000 to include 750 ayoopers.

  • @railwaysteve Hertfordshire? Luton is in Bedfordshire. Just saying...

  • Re wider attendance issues, here is another marginally interesting perspective (personally not sure it really works though)

  • 4460 cheering chairboys
    875 Tykes
    5335 total attendance
    2-2 Fred Jason

  • Highpowered predicting - 22 so far - spreadsheet just updated (link at the top of the thread)

    Average for Total Crowd: 5278
    Average for Barnsley: 759

    We are saying a home crowd of more than 4500 - that would be excellent.
    We should be sure of a good atmosphere, and I am pleased that I saw odds of 3/1 for us to win.
    Looks like an approach to Christmas where we fly in under the radar.

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